Gay news, drug against lesbianism, Johnny Weir’s closet, homophobic chants in rugby punished

30 06 2010

It is hard to believe this is true , but pediatric oncologist Maria New of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Florida International University is trying to prevent lesbianism in unborn babies by given to pregnant moms an experimental hormone dexamethasone. She also uses it to prevent girls that do not like playing with girl toys and girls that have manly interests in jobs. Crazy right?? The drug is risky and experimental so what woman would take this?? The kind of woman who does, deserves some health problems, she sure already has mental problems!!

Johnny Weir’s closet is about the gayest thing ever.

The British Rugby Football league has issued a 40K pound penalty to the Castleford team because their fans hurled homophobic chants at openly gay rugby star Gareth Thomas. Great news!!

Arch homophobe Ruben Diaz is at it again. The senate member from the Bronx held anti-gay rallies in New York, was against the Gay Games back in the 90’s in NY and has voted down every pro-gay law ever in New York. While he says he has 2 gay brothers that he loves very much, this time he voted against a law that would allow gay couples to file their state income tax returns jointly. Because the democrats needed all their votes, it has been blown off now. Asshole.

Living on “Eat Ass” street

22 05 2010

Renewing your driver’s license should be easy in the U.S but for a woman in Englewood it was not. After paying 48 dollars she got her new license but under street name it said Eat Ass. She went to the Florida DMV but there at first they only laughed and asked her for another 48 dollars to change it. (the nerve!!)Of course she protested against this and eventually got apologies and a free new license.

Grandma drowns grandchild

19 05 2010

A 71-year old grandma drowned her grandchild(Camden) in Florida. The woman is german and only visited her daughter and Camden for a short period. She put her grandson in bath and killed him. Her daughter was recently divorced and she did not want her grandson raised in a divorced home. She is up for the death penalty. Sick woman.

Gay news, Malai gay couple sentence, Tranny Republican congress candidate!, celebrities(James Bond/Harry Potter

19 05 2010

The 2 Malawi men that where jailed last december for celebrating their engagement with plans of marrying this year were found guilty and might be sentenced to 14 years in jail and hard labor. According to the court they are guilty of rude obscenities and unnatural acts. The courts and people of Malawi do not want to be like western counties they say. Maybe the western countries should stop sending them millions of dollars, see how that goes then.

Donna Milo, formerly Ed would like to be the next Congresswoman for Fort Lauderdale. To do that she has to win the Republican primary in August first, yep she is a Republican!. She is anti-government, pro small business and thinks the oil spill is just a mishap. She is also a total believer in America. Hope for her the people of Florida believe in her….

Johnny Galecki, mostly known as Darlene’s boyfriend on Roseanne David denied being gay on the View, but also said he never responded to rumors about it before because he believes it is not something offensive. Good thinking.

Daniel Craig, aka James Bond was seen in a gay bar in LA called Roosterfish. Of course some media have said they saw him kiss a guy outside on a street corner, but I think he is just a straight men very comfortably with his sexuality. He is european not american…

Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter is the Ambassador for the Trevor Group, an organization trying to prevent LGBT teen suicide. He made a nice little clip for them

Gay news, Elton John, Rekers/Attorney General McCollum, kid refused because of lesbian moms

13 05 2010

Elton John is not allowed to sing at a music festival in Egypt may 18 because they do not want people who are gay and anti-religion there. Elton has been critical of the middle east and said people were still unsafe while being out as gay there(true). In Morocco they also wanted him banned. The Islamic Party said he would encourage homosexuality there but the organizers say he is there not because of his sexuality but for his singing qualities. If I would be him I would not even go there in the first place.

George Rekers,( of the rentboy scandal) was paid $120K to testify against gay adoption in Florida back in 2009. The person that recommended him(urged to hire him) in a letter is the Attorney General of the state Bill McCollum. He was paid with tax-payers money and now the people from Florida demand the $120K be paid back, either by McCollum himself or his campaign fund. McCollum is running for Governor now and of course wants this scandal to go away as quick as possible.

The Massachusetts elementary school St Paul has refused to accept a little boy because he has 2 mommies. On of the moms says she is accustomed to discrimination because of her being a lesbian of a certain age but did not expect this against her child. The school said her relationship is against the teachings of the catholic church and teachers would not be prepared to answer question about sexuality. How pity is this, 2 days in a row I have to report about kids being the victim of bigots. Just tell children some kids have 2 moms or 2 dads, done. Kids do not care as long as their parents tell them that it is ok. There might be some teasing but that also happens about kids with red hair and fat kids. You do not forbid those people to get kids either.

Gay news, Lesbian killed by dad-in-law/girls try to kill lesbian schoolmate, marriage equality around the globe, celebrity coming out on May 5

27 04 2010

A father in Lakeland, Florida allegedly killed the girlfriend of his daughter and was arrested. Friends of the victim say he was unhappy that the girl “pulled his daughter into the lesbian lifestyle and on the wrong path.” This comes days after 3 teens kidnapped and tried to kill a lesbian schoolmate by throwing her off a cliff, on the Day of Silence(to promote against intolerance at schools) nonetheless. You hear more about gay men being killed/abused normally but now it seems to hit women pretty hard as well.

While the proposed marriage equality in Portugal will be vetoed by the president on the day the Pope visits Portugal there is still hope the parliament can overrule this veto with a third voting round. In Finland meanwhile the parliament will consider marriage equality and adoption no matter what the outcome of the upcoming election will be. Good news!

A celebrity will come out of the closet on May 5. PR powerhouse Howard Bragman will orchestrate it and the star will have an interview with Larry King that day. I think it is either Johnny Weir or Queen Latifah.

Snow in 49 of 50 U.S states

13 02 2010

Almost all U.S states have snow this weekend. Only in tropical Hawaii there is none. It is so rare that all states have snow that experts can’t see this ever happened before. Even in Florida there was enough snow to make a snowball and that was enough to make it the 49th white state. Weirdly enough the northern parts of the U.S actually have less snow than normal(Canada as well) It is possible that there will be snow in all states, on the top of Hawaii’s highest volcano there has been snow in the past. That would be something!

Gay news;church removes Pepsi, Missouri, dirty Republican

10 09 2009

A christian mega-church in Florida had all it’s 10 Pepsi vending machines removed of the premises because Pepsi supports the homosexual lifestyle. The reason for that is Pepsi’s donation to fight prop 8. Now they have changed to Coca-Cola, but apparently they do not know Coca Cola also supports full-equality.

My sister-in-law lives in Missouri so when I read something about there I always am extra interested. Well, the city council of Springfield(her favorite shopping city) is gonna remove a gay sex solicitation law of 1976. Until now it was unlawful for any person in a public place to invite or entice a person of the same gender for sex. Even though this law was not really enforced anymore it was time to have it removed, it was just too ridiculous for words in the year 2009. 

Republican’s like to talk dirty. California Assembly man Michael Duvall, who is against gay marriage and portrayed himself as a “family values’ guy has resigned after a rather embarrassing  incident. The married father of two did not know he was talking in an open mic when speaking about affairs with female lobbyists. He told one of the girls was wearing eye-patch underwear and she told him when she walked down the stairs he was “leaking out of her”. What a great family man this is, I bet his kids and wife are super proud.

Gay news; education leads to gay tolerance, Lil Mama, gay&Muslims

3 09 2009

In Florida a study that was done after the passing of the anti-gay marriage Amendment showed that education was 5 times as important then race in support of gay marriage. It found that each additional one percent increase in bachelor’s degrees in a county correlated with one percent increase in support of gay marriage. Meaning education leads to greater tolerance. Not a surprise here, most anti-gay people are just dumb idiots. And now that is even factual.

Rapper and judge of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV, rapper Lil Mama has issued an apology for grilling a transgender dancer from the fabulous groups Vogue Evolution a bit too much. She told Leiomy ,who was acting like a real bitch/diva behind the scenes that her behavior was unacceptable and is she was gonna become a woman she should behave like a lady. Lil Mama said her comments were never meant to be disrespectful to the transgender community and I totally believe her. I mean I love Vogue Evolution(can’t wait every week to see on YouTube what they have come up with) but Lil Mama was right here in the first place. Some gay groups want an apology for everything. She even said in a previous episode that it takes a transgender woman to bring to femininity of Beyonce. 

At a conference on Islam held in Indonesia, moderate Muslim scholars issued a statement calling homosexuality normal  and created by God. They say there is no reason to reject gays homosexuals under Islam and that the condemnation of homosexuality by Muslims is based on narrow-minded interpretations of the Koran. A small step in the right direction but right away 2 conservative Islamic groups responded by condemning gays. Still a very long if impossible way to go there.

Gay News; another hate crime during Outgames, bigots in Washington and more

30 07 2009

Another hate crime happened in the normally so easy-going Denmark during the Outgames. After the attack on three men last weekend, now a few explosive devices were thrown at athletes during the track& field events. Nobody got seriously injured and it was more extreme fireworks then real bombs, but in any event things like this really should not be happening at all. The cops handled it well though in finding and arresting the 31-year old idiot.

Oh the poor bigots that signed the petition against domestic partnerships in Washington do not wanna have their names be made public fearing a public backlash. They are suing the state to prevent publication. Hope they lose, if you wanna be a hater you have to stand up for it. People are allowed to know who spends money and energy against gays so they can stop giving to them.

Caroline Leto and Venera Magazzu from Florida are a lesbian couple and have been domestic partners since 1996. so far nothing special. But these ladies have met in 1939 and are a couple for over 70!! years. They still bicker and love each other like any other couple. The picture of them made me smile and believe in getting older, gay and being happily coupled a bit more.