Transgender chicken??

11 05 2010

The Italian rooster Gianni from Tuscany started his life as a stallion, crowing at his farm surrounded  by his hens. When a fox raided the farm though and all the hens died, Gianni thought it was time for a change. A sex-change. Very shortly after the raid, Gianni started laying eggs and tying to hatch them. This has baffled scientist and they are studying his DNA to see what causes the change. They think it may be a primitive species survival gene, Gianni wanted his line ensured and that meant he had to become a hen. Very interesting.

Gossip; Travolta and Cruise playing butch??, Carrie Prejean fun, Celine Dion sadness

12 11 2009

Scientology buddies John Travolta and Tom Cruise will do a remake of the cowboy movie (with gay undertones) “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or in their case Bitch Cassidy and the Prancing Kid. John Travolta playing butch, that must be a stretch!! haha. I dislike both as you can hear so that truly is a movie I do not wanna see.

Carrie Prejean, aka Miss Sticky Ladyfingers, is promoting her book at all the major TV-shows this week. She better stick to FOX where I saw Sean Hannity(who wrote the prequel in her book) being still so in awe with her he could barely ask a normal question. He so wants to fuck her, it’s getting a bit sad. At the View she was already getting a few more serious questions, but at Larry King all went wrong last night. He was asking her about the lawsuit hearings a few times and all the bitch could say was” You are being inappropriate Larry”, making Larry call his show Inappropriate King Live. After a gay caller wanted to ask a question, Prejean stopped the interview immediately and removed her microphone. Who does she think she is, the Queen of England?? It was also made clear yesterday that she begged her ex-boyfriend ,who gave the sex-tape to TMZ, to tell everyone that she was underage during the filming of the tape. A lie she already tried to use with her nude photos. I don’t care that the girl does dirty things, but people in glass houses should not throw stones. That is why this is funny.

Celine Dion who I mentioned as pregnant with her second kid unfortunately got a miscarriage. Celine was due in May. The baby was conceived through in vitro which apparently makes the chance of a miscarriage a lot higher. Very sad.



Bill O’Reilly versus Amsterdam 2-2

23 08 2009

Last year December Bill O’ Reilly, Fox idiot, had called Amsterdam a corruption and criminality hole full of anarchy where you would not go on vacation with your family. It was 5 minutes of ridiculous scare tactics. I am not the only one strongly disagreeing about this, 2 guys made a YouTube clip, “The Truth About Amsterdam” consisting of fun and great views of Amsterdam with some official statistics underneath. 40% of Americans have used cannabis and only 22% of the Dutch people. Often when I was in the U.S people asked my if my whole family smoked pot. Uhmmm No!!  And even more shocking the amount of drug deaths per million people is 38 in the U.S against 2.4 in the Netherlands. 1 all.

O’Reilly  then showed parts of the YouTube clip in his show and said the statistics weren’t correct because the Netherlands is much smaller(he is wrong there because the statistics keep that in mind) and kept repeating that Amsterdam is a Disney World for criminals. The film makers now have created a website to create the real and fair image of Amsterdam. It’s much more then the red-light district and coffee shops full of marijuana. Not that here is anything bad with it, ask all the American tourists, haha. It might be 2 all, but I think Amsterdam is the moral winner here!!