Gay news, oldest US gay bar to close, Belgium gay Prime Minister, gay house burned down in Iraq

19 06 2010

A gay bar in Fairfield ,Connecticut that has been open for 71 years will be closing shop. The owner, 57, said the new landlords have doubled the rent and it is just not profitable anymore. He bought it in 1989 after going there since he was 21. Before the 70’s it was a refuge for gays and in the 70’s it was the center of gay life in the area. In the 80’s it was there during the AIDS crisis and also open to women and brought gays and lesbians closer together. For many young people it was the first gay bar they visited and it is a real shame it will be closing.

Belgium might get its first gay Prime Minister ,socialist di Rupo. The biggest Party though in the elections were not the socialists but the New Flemish Alliance, a party that wants to separate Flanders from Wallonia. They do wanna make a coalition with the socialists and that leader is french-speaking Di Rupo. Does not seem to make sense but the reasoning might be that making someone President that most Flemish people do not like makes the chance of a separation even bigger.Sort of a trap. I can kind of understand Flanders though. They are much richer and have to basically support the poor Walloniers. I mean who would you pick, Dutch people or French. That is basically the question.

Police has set fire on a house in Iraq where 2 gay men, a lesbian woman and 2 transgender people lived. The people living there were arrested and one might suspect that they are being tortured as we speak. Since the arrest of Saddam Hussein 720 LGBT were arrested and/or killed. Horrible.

Some fun to end the day. Every year there is a 7-day AIDS cycle ride through California to raise money for HIV/AIDS. I once saw a documentary about this and it is touching to see people with HIV, volunteer and other people work together to achieve fantastic goals. For a few guys the biking was not tiring enough and they made a very sweet clip for Katy Perry’s song “California Gurls.”

Why doesn’t Pat Robertson just die and go to hell already

14 01 2010

The religious freak TV-host has done and said many ridiculous things in the past blaming everything bad on gays and everything good on God but now he really has crossed the line. He said yesterday that the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti this week was because Haiti swore a pact to the devil back in the days. When the French were still ruling over them they would serve the devil if they would get them free from the French. According to Robertson the devil did just that and since then they are having bad times over and over. Robertson says they should turn to God and then something good might come out of this earthquake. What an ass, using such a terrible tragedy to promote his God-talk.

Key West

13 12 2009

My bf and I left for Key West 2 weeks ago and even though we are back for a week already it is still hard to get adjusted to the New York life. Key West is simply awesome. We went there last year and had ¬†great and active time. We saw a lot of the old houses that are restored into mini-museums now, like the Hemingway house. We went on a dolphin tour and saw cute young dolphins swimming right next to our boat, we para-sailed( scary but lots of fun) and visited the small butterfly conservatory where there is just an explosion of color and movement. This year though we took it easy at our great rental house Viva on Duval, a huge white 2-story house with 3 bedrooms and private pool. It’s an old cuban house with great wooden floors and antiques. If you have the money and it’s available, this place is a huge recommendation. Bring your earplugs though because in Key West, chickens en roosters walk around free and are not afraid to go into your private garden at 5.45 in the morning to wake you up. The weather was perfect for most of the time, sunny and warm(mid 80’s) but not humid like it is in the Netherlands or New York with that temperature. Our two favorite things about Key West are the open-mindedness of the people shown for example in the piano-bars and the many drag-cabaret bars across town.. And number one the fantastic food. We ate at great people watching spots with delicious food like Martin’s( with lots of german-inspired fare, like the irresistable apple strudel) and 915(try the tuna dome!!). For great outdoor seating right next to the ocean bring a visit to Louie’s Backyard in a monumental renovated old house. One of the best lamb-dishes we ever had was at Cafe Marquesa where they also have the nicest staff on the Island. At Pisces they have great french cuisine with a modern twist. Key West has really stolen our hearts and will remain there for a long time, together with Provincetown it is my favorite place in the world.

Amelie Mauresmo retires from professional tennis

3 12 2009

Today during a press conference in Paris the 30-year old French woman said goodbye to tennis in tears. I loved her attitude and wonderful style of play and will never forget the slams she won at the Australian Open en Wimbledon both against Justine Henin. She will truly be missed by many but her results in the last 2 years showed that the fire for tennis was not there anymore and then I do think it is wise to retire. Good luck in the life after tennis!