Gossip,Housewives-DWI/lies, Fergie, Brooke Shields, Jan Brewer a liar

3 06 2010

Newest New York Housewife Sonja Morgan was arrested early monday morning for DWI. She refused to take tests after police stopped for a traffic violation and was then taken to the police station. Apparently she had been partying all night. Bethenny Frenkel(who I detest) was in US Weekly showing her post-baby body. She could slip into a size-4 swimsuit 3 weeks after giving birth!!. She contributes this to a healthy diet and heavy exercise during pregnancy. Now come the lies. She tells she gained 35 pounds of weight during pregnancy. What a lie, the baby was an emaciated 4 lbs and she only showed at her belly. How great to starve yourself to make sure your body stays lean during pregnancy!!

The Globe gossip magazine say they have more dirt on Sarah Ferguson. Not only did she try to exploit her ex-husband but according to them she also slept with 2 oil tycoons for money. I am not surprised she did, I am surprised people wanna pay to have sex with Fergie.

Brooke Shields did something awful in the eyes of PETA. Pictures of her surfaced while she was in Denmark living out her girl’s dream of making a fur coat. PETA is furious and think she is crazy for having that as a dream and diss her for not having a career. While I am not anti-fur, with the second thing they said, I agree. She should just make a fur-coat from her eyebrows though, plenty material there.

I think 99% of politicians are liars but Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona is quite something. She is the one that signed the racist anti-immigration law, is against ethnic classes at school and is anti-gay. People called her a Nazi and she was SO offended by that because her dad died fighting against the German’s. Not only did he die 10 year after the war ended, he never even was stationed outside the U.S.. Now she claims he died while inhaling the fumes in the factory to make munition. Yeah, a war-hero.

PETA should back off a little

3 02 2010

I am getting a little sick of PETA’s aggressive and ridiculous behavior. Every celebrity that wears fur should decide that for themselves and not have to be scared for attacks by PETA. First there was the issue around singer Kelis who was so fed-up with critique from PETA that she wrote a letter to them saying she is pro-carnivore and pro-fur in a very elaborate way. She says she loves to feel of real fur and hates fake and points out that fur is not made from endangered species(totally agree with her on that) To rub them the wrong way even more she says she salivates while writing about eating a steak. Love my steak as well.

Another victim of PETA was figure skater Johnny Weir who had fox fur in his little outfit for the Olympics. After the U.S trials PETA promised to disturb his Olympic games and fired threats to Weir’s designer. They decided not to have their lives ruined and will change to fake fur. Not because they agree with PETA though. So by bullying people and threats PETA sometimes get what they want. Weir said that people should pick their battles. Over a hundred thousand dead people in Haiti, people dying from hunger all over the world but a little bit of fur on an outfit is too much. I agree with him on that.

So as a conclusion I like to say I am against animal cruelty(people like Michael Vick should still be in prison), love my dogs but also love meat and think people should have the right to wear fur if they want without getting death threats.