Dutch Elections, Libertarians and Wilders’ win, Christian Democrats lose big time.

10 06 2010

At the last-minute I changed my vote from Libertarian to Democrats’66 ,also dubbed Libertarian light. This party is the second favorite for most dutch people but I like their non-ideology, their views on healthcare best and  they have always done a lot for gay people. I voted for their number 2 of the list Boris v.d Ham, an openly gay man. The winner of the elections was the Libertarian Party(VVD) who will get 31 seats in parliament. Socialists(PVDA) got 30 seats, PVV(Wilders) got 24, Christian Democrats(CDA) went from 41 to 21, almost lost half. The other christian parties, that are way stricter, Christian Union and SGP lost 1 and came to 4 and 2 seats. Super socialists(SP) came to 15, Green to 10, D’66 to 10 as well and tragic “party for animals” stayed at 2.

So it was a good day for the right in the Netherlands and the left lost a lot. Christians lost enormously and Wilders’ PVV is the big winner of the day. Coalitions will be hard to form, most likely is Purple Plus(VVD, PVDA,Green, D66) or right-wing(VVD, CD, PVV, SGP) I do not like the last one because that would mean christians have too much to say after being slaughtered. Not a lot of parties want to co-operate with Wilders though, so that makes it very hard to form a steady coalition. Personally I am very happy with the outcome though.

Gay news, dutch elections, lesbian moms better, Oklahoma city councilman compares gays with pedophiles and wife-beaters

8 06 2010

Tomorrow is election-day in the Netherlands and because I never got my voter’s permit, I had to get one yesterday. It was a hassle but necessary. I read on the biggest gay website in the Netherlands that Libertarians(VVD) were number 1 with gays(also with me) followed by Geert Wilders’ PVV. Maybe if I would be gay and living in Amsterdam or Rotterdam and face all the discrimination and abuse by Moroccan guys I would be doing the same thing. Third is D’66, kinda left of the middle. I voted that my first 2 times. I think the Netherlands needs a strong economic party though to face the crisis and that is why VVD is good imo. I would never vote christian, green of left so there is not much else left to vote for anyway!!

According to a just published study from over 20 years, lesbian moms seem to raise better kids! On measurement of development and social behavior their kids scored similar to the kids of straight parents. But on self-esteem and confidence they scored higher, were better academically and had less behavioral problems. Wow!! Curious what the bigots say about this.

Oklahoma City approved a gay pride parade with 8-1 votes. The sole person against it was Brian Walters, who is a born-again christian that does not believe in the gay lifestyle. He said he would also not support wife-beaters or pedophiles to assemble. Cause that is the same thing, you know. What an idiot.

Sao Paulo Gay pride 2010 was a huge success. In Brazil, 3.2 million people celebrated and there were hardly any incidents. Pride is financed by the government and brings in millions of dollars to the city in revenue. I saw some footage and it looked pretty fabulous.

Gay news, soccer for gays?? Ellen ruined Idol, U.N blocked gay rights, anti-gay violence in Amsterdam

5 06 2010

Football.co.uk had an article on why America hates soccer. Reasons are the sport is too multi-cultural, not enough points are scored and it is too “gay”. This last part is because in the U.S the sport is mostly for girls, the fake diving to get a free ball is not manly and the screaming noises made by some players are emasculation. WTF?? I think soccer is not gay at all. There is not even an out top player. But some soccer players do come out in favor of gay men, like Beckham and Ronaldo recently. Maybe that is it??

According to the Christian Newswire Director American Idol was a bit of a flop this year because of good’ old gay Ellen. According to them you cannot make family oriented entertainment with gay people. Parents with good morals will not let their children watch gays. Ok that is why “Finding Nemo” with Ellen was a huge children’s hit. The show just sucked this year and apparently Ellen is not a great judge. But not because she is a lesbian.

The UN proved once more what a useless organization they are by having a Gay Human Rights Commission officially blocked from accreditation. The group was in limbo for years because conservative countries like Egypt, Qatar and Sudan blocked it because other gay groups criticised their anti-gay laws. Apparently the Middle-East and Africa is more important the U.S  and Europe.

Once again there was anti-gay violence against a gay man in Amsterdam last thursday. A man was spit on by 3 foreign(of course!!) teens and when he said something about it, he was called a dirty queer and got punched in the face. Anti-gay violence in Amsterdam got up with 23% in 2009. That is why Geert Wilders’ Party is popular by gays in the Netherlands.

Gay man beating by Moroccans at gay memorial

8 05 2010

I read this disturbing news in my national paper today. At memorial day nonetheless last Wednesday 2 dutch Moroccans beat up a gay man who was making a tribute at the gay memorial for WWII victims in Amsterdam. The nerve to do that on that day and such a spot… The 38-year-old man was beaten, being kicked and hit and even lost consciousness. A girlfriend tried to help him and got punched as well and also needed assistance in the hospital. The 2 Moroccans left on a scooter. And then people wonder why Geert Wilders has such a big following. Sent those bastards to prison and then back to Morocco.