Gay news; Elton no dad, Islamic militias use internet to kill gays, Jamaican government delusional

15 09 2009

Elton John will not be able to adopt baby Lev from the Ukraine. The country’s minister for ¬†Family, Youth and Sports said that. Adoptive parents need to be married and gay marriage does not count in the Ukraine. Single people cannot adopt children from the Ukraine either. And Elton is too old as well, the age difference between parents and baby can only be 45 years. They do like Elton John’s charity work over there though but basically prefer kids to sit in an orphanage, then having the change of a happy childhood with an old queen

Islamic militias in Iraq use internet chat room for gays to target and locate their victims. According to them animals deserve more pity then gays and they torture them before the killing. A mother found her son with cut off genitals and an anus filled with glue. This apparently is not rare either but happens quite often. Just terrible.

Even though the murdered British Honorary Consul John Terry had a letter on his body saying he was a “batty man” and “this will happen to all gays”, something I wrote about this weekend, the Jamaican government says it was not a hate crime. According to them gay people can live open and free in Jamaica. Whatever!!! Gay people are getting beat up in that country all the time and sex between two men is still punishable for up to ten year over there. Jamaica is one of those countries that is easy to get to from New York, but some place I will never ever visit.