Gossip, Lindsay Lohan in jail, George Michael arrested, Cheryl Cole has malaria, Melissa Etheridge being mean!?

7 07 2010

Lindsay Lohan is sentenced for 90 days in jail. Judge Revel said it was obvious Lindsay was cheating and did not take her probation serious. After jail(which will probably only a few days) she has to go to rehab for 3 months. That is where she belongs and not in jail. The problems when an actress is testifying and crying you wonder what is real and what is just some good acting. I do believe she was devastated after the verdict and did not expect this. The judge did clearly have it out her as well. Good thing she is already a lezzie and might meet some hot chick behind bars and she will get plenty of action!!

George Michael is rich enough to not drive anymore and that is exactly what he needs to do. He got into another accident this weekend after going to London Pride. he drove his car in the front of a shop at 3.30 in the morning. He was not allowed to drive further because he seemed incapable, probably drugs or alcohol. He was released on bail but that man needs some rehab. He has done worse than Lohan.

Girl’s Aloud singer and TV-host Cheryl Cole has malaria. She collapsed at a photo-shoot saturday and while people first suspected dehydration, she only got worse in the hospital and then the doctors found out she had malaria. She did take her malaria-pills before going on a vacation with her friend DWTS dancer Derek Hough, but obviously they did not work. The ex of soccer star Ashley Cole needs to take it easy for at least a month.

According to her ex-wife Tammy, Melissa Etheridge is being a mean bitch. The woman were together for 9 years and now ended their domestic partnership. Melissa blindsided Tammy with that and now she also wants joint custody of their children but does not want to pay Tammy any spousal support. Pretty ridiculous, Tammy apparently has nothing and always raised the kids. Melissa is kinda nasty in her splits from other women so far and I am starting to think she is a mean person.

Gossip, Marge Simpson in Playboy, Rihanna or Prince, George Michael split

9 10 2009

The November issue of Playboy will have a very interesting model. Marge Simpson will pose on the cover and have a three-page spread in sexy cartoon-lingerie!! Will the carpet match the drapes ?? Pity it´s not Selma or Patty, haha. Wow, Levi Johnston for Playgirl and Marge for Playboy, interesting choices.

Is it me or does Rihanna slowly morph into Prince?. I thought she was hot a year back but now with the shaved sides, the pompadour on top and her ridiculous slightly masculine outfits not so much anymore.

George Michael and his partner of 13-years Kenny Goss have split up according to many tabloids. Last Christmas, haha, Kenny had enough of George but they managed to keep it a secret until now. All the cruising and drugging that were made public were apparently too much for Kenny. George denies they broke up.

Gossip; Madonna, George Michael, Anna Nicole Smith

16 08 2009

Madonna always upsets the catholics. This time not by strapping herself on a cross(something I also find a little too provocative) but Madonna’s concert of august 15 in Poland is on the same date as the Assumption of Mary feast. Catholics honor the virgin Mary that day and they don’t think Madonna should be singing and dancing then as well. A little silly.

Apparently Michael Jackson has not been buried yet but is above ground in a freezer. His family is feuding over where Michael should be burned. Jermaine wants him buried at his ranch Neverland but the rest of the family does not like that idea because Michael hated Neverland after his molestation trial

George Michael is in deep shit again. He was arrested Friday morning after hitting a truck with his Range Rover. He was taken to a police station and released hours later. he just got his license back after his 2 year suspension for driving high. Why doesn’t he get a chauffeur?? He certainly has enough money for it.

Howard K Stern, the ex lawyer and husband of Anna Nicole Smith has lost his lawsuit against journalist Rita Crosby who mentioned in a book that Anna loved watching a videotape of Howard doing the dirty-dirty with Anna’s baby daddy Larry Birkhead. According to a federal judge calling someone gay is no longer defamatory. Good ruling, calling someone faggot is abusive, gay certainly not. Besides I watched some old tapes of the Anna Nicole Smith show a while back(I know, my taste is bad!!))and I would not be surprised that with a little booze Howard would have a little man on man action.