British women have biggest tits

26 05 2010

DD is mostly used in Great Britain. Dutch have the second biggest with an average of C. Japan, France and Germany are B. With all the fat woman in Germany I am surprised by that. Being fat is the main reason Britain has such a big size bra as well, obviously.

Global warming???

10 01 2010

In the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain there is more snow and colder temperatures than we have seen in years. Airports being closed, weather alarms almost every day, not enough salt to make the roads less slippery. Combined with the extreme weather in the U.S where such as in Key West there were temperatures in the 40’s, colder than in 150 year you got to wonder how bad the global warming is. The earth overall might get a little warmer but there is no proof that the cause is man-made. With the economic crisis and the terrorism threat there are a lot more important things too worry about then the Al Gore bullshit. Wonder if more people disagree with all this or agree.