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19 05 2010

The 2 Malawi men that where jailed last december for celebrating their engagement with plans of marrying this year were found guilty and might be sentenced to 14 years in jail and hard labor. According to the court they are guilty of rude obscenities and unnatural acts. The courts and people of Malawi do not want to be like western counties they say. Maybe the western countries should stop sending them millions of dollars, see how that goes then.

Donna Milo, formerly Ed would like to be the next Congresswoman for Fort Lauderdale. To do that she has to win the Republican primary in August first, yep she is a Republican!. She is anti-government, pro small business and thinks the oil spill is just a mishap. She is also a total believer in America. Hope for her the people of Florida believe in her….

Johnny Galecki, mostly known as Darlene’s boyfriend on Roseanne David denied being gay on the View, but also said he never responded to rumors about it before because he believes it is not something offensive. Good thinking.

Daniel Craig, aka James Bond was seen in a gay bar in LA called Roosterfish. Of course some media have said they saw him kiss a guy outside on a street corner, but I think he is just a straight men very comfortably with his sexuality. He is european not american…

Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter is the Ambassador for the Trevor Group, an organization trying to prevent LGBT teen suicide. He made a nice little clip for them

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1 03 2010

Vicky Gunvalson macked with a 25-year old college student in Puerto Vallarta last month. Mike Pullin said they made out the whole night. Why anyone would wanna tongue Vicky is beyond me, but V needs assurance from everyone so bad that this does not surprise me. Poor Don. He is too good and nice for her.

I hear the rumors before but now it is official, Kim Zolciak from the Atlanta wives is dating a woman. It is circuit party DJ Tracy Young who left her girlfriend for Kim. They are an item for 3 months now.

Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter) has donated a huge amount of money this summer to a hotline that helps suicidal gay youth, The Trevor Project, something I blogged about a while ago. Now he has also shot a commercial for the group that will air this spring. Great that a young straight succesful actor does a thing like this.

I personally cannot get enough from Janice Dickinson, so I was happy to read that she will star in another reality show where she wants to find love with a much younger guy. Cougar alert!! And good for her.

And I end with the by far most important news of this year, Britney is back to being a blonde!! Looks much better than the ugly dark hair.

Gay news

11 08 2009

Shmuel Preimark, a soldier in the ultra-Othrodox Nahal Haredi Unit, was arrested for making anti-gay threats on a gay forum for three days prior to Saturday’s rally in honor of the shooting in Tel Aviv the previous weekend. He admitted to saying more killing would happen soon and police is now looking into what his involvement might have been in other crimes. How can anyone do something like that after such a horrible shooting. Hope he rots away in jail for a while.

In Ireland 5.000 people protested this weekend in opposition to the civil partnerships bill being introduced soon. They say they want full marriage equality and not something. I think sometimes in religious countries like Ireland, gay people should be happy with little steps so maybe first civil partnerships and then marriage. That is the route taken in the Netherlands before and it helps people warm up to the idea of gays marrying instead of alienating them. On the other hands civil partnerships are not the same as marriage, so still no equality and that is not a good thing either. I go back on forth on this issue.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe showed once more what a great guy he is by donating a major amount of money to the Trevor Project, a non-profit organization that operates the only nationwide suicide prevention helpline for gay, lesbian and transgendered youth. Gay teens are up to 4 times more likely to commit suicide so this organization does great things.

Showbizz news

16 07 2009

Renee Zellweger is gonna star in a new Bridget Jones movie. I don’t like Renee Zellweger but she is really good as Bridget Jones. I loved to books and liked the movies as well. The first 2 were based upon the books and that’s what made them good. Without another book I have my doubts this one will be that great. Curious to see if Zellweger will pack on the pounds again or just will wear a fat suit.

The movie Bruno is forbidden in the Ukraine for being to raunchy. There is too much gay sex and obscene nudity. Borat was also forbidden there. what a bunch of prudes.

I think the Gosselins with their Jon & Kate plus 8 are in general to boring to report about. I can’t really care about them breaking up .What I do think is funny though is that fat boring Jon is having a new girlfriend, 22 years old and much better looking and apparently everyone knows she is in it for the fame except Jon. Wonder how long they will last.

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter thinks it’s awesome that people think he is gay. He is surrounded by gays since he was young and thinks it’s a compliment. The world needs more straight guys like that!


7 07 2009

Perez Hilton shows of his slimmed down body on his website. It might have been slimmed down, but still not worth showing in my opinion. At all.

Kelly Osbourne calls Lady Gaga ugly in an interview. Cat.Kettle.Black. At least Lady Gaga has a good body and lots of talent.

Alex Rodriquez and Kate Hudson are a steady couple now, haha. Wonder how long Kate stay in this relationship?? A month, maybe two.

First famous person catching the swine flu is Rupert Grind, Ron in the Harry Potter movies.