Gay news, no civil partnership Hawaii,Kylie wins gay prize, end to EU gay blood ban? Gay Pride Jerusalem, She’s back!!!

7 07 2010

Republican Governor Linda Lingle from Hawaii vetoed a bill yesterday that would have allowed same-sex civil unions in that state. Because Lingle invited Justice Steven Levinson, who back in 1993 found that the law banning gay marriage was unconstitutional, people expected she would sign the bill in favor of the civil unions. She thinks the bill is too similar to marriage though and that is only allowed for twice-divorced bitches like Lingle herself. Bigots were happy.

During Gay Pride in Madrid, Kylie Minogue was awarded a gay prize for her devotion to the gay community. She said it was a great honor and praised Spain for allowing gay marriage. Kylie sure deserves this prize, no big artist has been so supportive on gay issues for so many years. Except maybe for Madonna back in the day. Kylie is a lot more likeable though and that translates better to straight people.

Ministers from Health in several countries from the EU are planning to file a motion that in the EU gays should no longer be denied to donate blood. Just like in the U.S gays that have had sex since 1977 are not allowed to donate. Sweden is the only country that allows gay men to donate blood as long as they did not have sex in the last year. I think the whole rule is ridiculous, the only thing that matters is if people are safe, gay or straight. Definitely in these times.

District police of Jerusalem have changed their minds and granted permission for this year’s parade(end of the month) to terminate at the Knesset building. It is the one-year anniversary of the shootings in Tel Aviv at a gay center and getting to the Knesset is a proper way to symbolize what the parade is about. Full equal rights and an end to violence. Totally agree with that.

She is back. PhatGayKid is now lisping though Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.”

Cuba claims to have oldest woman in the world

3 02 2010

Juana Batista is according to Cuban authorities 125 years old. She was born February 2 1885 and lives on the east side of the island. She has 3 kids and is in good health. She says good nutrition and clean air are her secrets.Last year Turkey claimed to have the oldest living woman, from 1884 but for neither of these women there is a birth certificate so who knows if it is true for sure. Seems awfully old. I would sign up to be 85 now if I could.

Poppers not a drink!!!

12 01 2010

In several deli stores in NY they have poppers laying next to the miniature energy drinks(saw it on several blogs and myself as well a few weeks ago). Yes, they say Rush on them but that does not mean you can drink it!!. Poppers is amyl nitrite, a light drug that is legal in the U.S.. You can sniff it and then that opens you vagina or anus for sexual intercourse and gives you a light high that lasts just a few minutes. It is not legal in the Netherlands anymore but 10 yeas ago it still was. I was working in a garden centre at the time and now and then me and some others were using it when the boss came in to show him our red flushed faces( a side effect) and prove we were working very hard in the 110 degrees glass houses in the hopes being moved somewhere else. The fact it probably was not very smart to use it with those temps was not on our mind I guess. Using it under normal circumstances is fine though but drinking could sent you to the hospital if not worse!!! Wonder when the health inspection does something about this.

Ex-gay penguin contracts life-threatening disease

5 01 2010

Harry, the San Francisco penguin who first became famous for having a monogamous relationship with another male called Pepper and after two years moved on to female Linda, is severely sick. Since two weeks he has been coughing and has a small appetite. He contracted aspergillosis, a potentially fatal respiratory infection. Linda is by his side while Pepper is at a totally different area of the zoo after Linda and Harry attacked Pepper a while back. Maybe he needs his Pepper though to pepper him back to good health.

Penis size matters to man due to locker room syndrome

1 10 2009

According to a study from the Victoria University in Perth men are way more likely to worry about penis size surrounded by other males, then alone or with females.  In the latter they are mostly satisfied. The study followed 500 men between ages 18 and 76, in 42 different countries. Flaccid the average length is 3.4 and hard it’s 6.3. Men who measure above average had higher body satisfaction and overall health. They were also less likely to use Viagra or online dating. Not surprising but interesting nonetheless.

Heart arrythmia’s

14 06 2009

Just after having posted about them a couple weeks ago and not having had them for months suddenly since last Wednesday they have come back. And very bad. Not just a few times a day but 40 times or something my heart skips a beat. Very scary and it ruins my life right now. Sometimes they are gone for a few hours and then they come back 3 times in 5 minutes or something. I hate it!!! My doctor said they are not really dangerous, gave me beta-blockers if it would be too bad, but I don;t know if I should take them since i have a slow heart rate and they are for people with a fast one and with high blood pressure. I hope they clear up from itself so I don;t have to take heart medication. And maybe see a cardiologist next week. I am just so scared for my life that i don;t feel like posting that much.


7 06 2009

I was raised as a catholic boy, went to a catholic school and was even an altar boy. While I am glad i was raised that way, right now i don;t consider myself religious anymore. I do hope that there is a God and when I feel scared or bad i do pray every now and then but that doesn;t make me a real true believer, i guess.

On days like yesterday when i read a news/personal story on the blog of Jesse Archer, fabulous gay writer, actor and more I wonder why if there is a God, why would he let a thing like the following happen.

Australian Chris O’Brien was a cancer expert and one of the world’s top brain cancer surgeons. 2.5 years ago he developed a very lethal type of brain cancer himself and this past week he died. Why do such terrible and very unfair things happen with a good and caring God. This is of course an example and most people can come up with a story similar to this one. When i ask religious people about that they say God can;t do everything and some things just happen, but that is too me not a sufficient answer. Maybe someone else can give me a better answer to this burning question.

Health, Heart Attacks, Panic Attacks

2 06 2009

Every now and then when i feel a pinch or some chest pressure I worry for a while that I might get a heart attack. To make that fear a little less I decided to do some real research on the subject to see who are the risk factors and what to do when having a heart attack.


The classic symptoms of a heart attack include intense, sometimes squeezing, chest pressure or pain, often radiating to the jaw or left arm, and frequently accompanied by profuse sweating.

Unfortunately, many patients with heart attacks do not have this classic presentation. Their discomfort may be relatively mild, and may be localized to the back, abdomen, shoulders, or either or both arms. Nausea and vomiting, or merely a feeling of heartburn, may be the only symptom. These less classic symptoms may not make patients think of a heart problem, and may keep them from seeking medical help. Indeed, up to 30% of heart attacks are diagnosed by taking a routine ECG long after the fact.

This is why people with one or more risk factors for coronary artery disease need to pay close attention to any unusual symptoms involving the upper half of the body. This warning would apply, for instance, for any middle-aged or older person who is obese, sedentary, a smoker, a diabetic, overweight, has high cholesterol, or has a family history of heart disease. Luckily i am not in any one of the risk categories so that makes me feel a bit more secure. And I have had ECG’s a few times and all seemed normal there. Those were taken when I had  high heart rate that was caused by nerves, so a sinus tachycardia. I do not that there are more people that have panic attacks and are afraid it;s a heart attack because of the palpititions. I looked up what the differences were in feeling,

In a real heart attack, sufferers will experience a crushing sensation inside the chest and this pain is continuous for 5 to 10 minutes, with a panic attack it usually comes and goes.In fact, you DO NOT hear your heart beating during a heart attack, nor do you care – the crushing pain is the only thing you can feel. For panic attacks, you can actually feel the rapid heartbeat, in addition to other worrying symptoms. People having a heart attack usually don;t hyperventilate and their tingling is more confined to the left arm and jaw and not the whole body You are never in any real danger during a panic attack, you are just panicking.The thing about heart attack is that you CANNOT have one without an existing heart condition or disease – it is a fact. Panic attacks CANNOT and WILL NOT cause a heart disease or heart attack. That is good to know!!

When you do have a heart attack though what is the best way to handle

Every minute is important so call 911(or 112 in the Netherlands) for an ambulance, but if someone driving you is quicker then do that. Chew one adults-strength aspirin(325mg) right away cause that thins the blood against clots( I keep 2 in my wallet all the time). Stop what you;’re doing right away and sit down or lay down.The first priorities of the medical personnel are a) to make sure your vital signs (pulse and blood pressure) are stable, b) to prepare to deal with life-threatening conditions that may appear (such as ventricular fibrillation), and c) to decide whether or not you’re actually having a heart attack.

The first 24 hours after a heart attack is critical. Early intervention, using aggressive measures to open the occluded coronary artery, can radically improve the patient’s prognosis. The main limitations to successfully opening an occluded artery are a) the patient’s delay in getting medical care, and b) medical facilities that are poorly organized to deal rapidly and efficiently with patients who are having heart attacks. While “b” was a major problem 5 or 10 years ago, most hospitals and emergency rooms have now adopted procedures that allow them to rapidly assess and treat heart attack patients.

By far, the most important delay in delivering effective therapy for acute heart attacks today is the delay caused by patients failing to seek medical help in a timely fashion.

While my fear might still come up every now and then, thing are more clear for me now what to do and how to recognize. Hope it helps others as well




1 06 2009

Like probably millions of other people in the world I have a slow hear-rate of 40’s and every now and then my heart skips a beat. It sometimes worries me because the skipping a beat feels really strange and the normal heart rate from a human being is in between 60 and 80. I did some research and found some positive answers. A slow heart-rate is a sign of a strong heart and a good reaction from the body to that. The heart pumps very efficient because it gets all the time to fill and empty itself. Because the circulation is so good, then nervous system gives signals that the heart can beat a little slower. Those same signals cause the heart so skip a beat every now and then. That can be the cause of a heart-problem but it almost never is according to my doctor.If if skips more then 6 times a minute or if you feel weird or even go down, then it;s time to see a cardiologist. Try not to worry about it too much, I have done that a lot, got an ECG and nothing was wrong. It;s easier said then done, but a waste of your time and life.