3 clips of hate against gays, American Evangelicals, Polish priest and Hitler bullshit

27 05 2010

Current TV has made a documentary about American Evangelical leaders going to african countries to stir up hate against gays. One of the reason for the “Kill the Gays-bill” in Uganda.Repulsive.

A polish priest in Krakow has some very harsh words for gays and homosexuality. He hopes they are burned at the stake, like in the good ‘ole days. How priest-like…

American Family ASSociation’s Bryan Fisher says Hitler’s army was full of masculine gay soldiers because only gays could be so savage and vicious to follow his orders. How rude and repulsive to the families of all the gay holocaust victims who certainly were not all effeminate. People like this make me want to be savage and brutal. That is right, don’t fuck with us gays because we have no limits except if it messes up our hair and nails….. . Normally all gays have to be butch and not femmy, now all of a sudden a butch gay is a savage.. Pretty sick fuck that Fisher.

Gossip; Renee Zellweger no real Bridget Jones, Mike Seaver a bit crazy and fights on the Sex and the City-set

26 09 2009

I am not at all a big fan of Renee Zellweger but as Bridget Jones she did a good job in the past. For the new Bridget Jones movie though she does not wanna gain weight again like she did the other 2 times. She will be wearing a fat suit, how lame!!!. As a reason her publicist says that losing the weight was hard the second time and it’s bad for the body. Well, at least she already has a bloated puffy face so that makes it easier to believe. 

Kirk Cameron, aka Mike Seaver from “Growing Pains” used to melt many girls and guys’ hearts during his sitcom days. My boyfriend actually had a big crush on him back in the day. As cute as he was then, now everything that comes out of his mouth is a lot less hot. I knew he was a christian fanatic but the things he said the past week where just ridiculous. First he wants to go and  crusade at schools that teach evolution because it’s wrong and he calls Darwin a vagina-hater and a racist. He also says Hitler’s actions were inspired by Darwin. Somebody sure looks a lot better with his mouth closed.

Apparently the Sex and the City set is not all fun and games. According to reports Sarah Jessica Parker(Carrie) and Kim Cattrall(Samantha) still dislike each other and so much that they refuse to talk to each other on the set leaving everyone uncomfortable. Both are really stressed, SJP because of her young son and baby twins at home. It’s always hard to believe that people playing best friends in a show hate each other that much.

Hitler and safe-sex

9 09 2009

There has been a lot of commotion in the Netherlands about a safe-sex ad where two people are making love in a soft-core setting and focus and in the end the face of the man having sex turns into that of Hitler with the message ‘Aids is mass-murderer’. There are also posters with the face of Hitler and the same message. I thought it was a very powerful and great ad but most people(80%) at my parents’ local radio station thought it was inappropriate and so did my parents. Too many people here have been in some way badly harmed by Hitler’s politics and it brings back negative thoughts for many dutch people. Seeing Hitler pop up like that is for them to much. But they can’t avoid seeing Hitler period at certain TV-shows or magazines is my thought and why is this so much different. But the bigger issue for me is even though it’s a powerful ad, does it really make people have more safe-sex??

gay news; Rush Limbaugh, Barney Frank, sit-in, sexual assault

21 08 2009

Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio host and possible Republican candidate in 2012,  shows what a big baby he is on his show this week. During a town hall meeting this insane woman compared Obama with Adolf Hitler to which Barney Frank asks her on what planet she lives? Of course the only way Limbaugh can react is by making fun of Frank’s sexuality ,saying Barney Frank lives on Uranus. I am not a big Barney Frank fan, but this is just pathetic and childish.

A lesbian couple organized a sit-in Wednesday after expulsion from a Maryland diner. The women say they were just holding each other at the family restaurant  Tastee Diner in Silverspring, but the female owner says they were touching each other inappropriately and that it does not matter if you are gay or straight. I dunno about this one, sit-in’s are fine if there is really something bad going on. But if they were really touching each other inappropriately then I think the restaurant was right. Hope we will find out the truth about what really happened here.

Charles Perez the fired Miami newsman that I reported about earlier, has won a 2-year restraining order against his ex-boyfriend Dennis Ricardo Pena. Pena an unemployed paralegal has 30 days to appeal. According to Perez, Pena was the one that sent all the private emails between Perez and his shrink to everyone in Perez’s electronic address book and he also physically threatened him and sexually assaulted him. Pena looks and seems like a nasty man!!!