Gay news, Fred Phelps awarded money from Court ,McCain on NSFW website, Michael Lucas wins court case ,English Patient gay

6 04 2010

Unbelievable but true. The family of a dead soldier have to pay the Westboro Baptist Church from Fred Phelps 16500 dollars in lawyer costs. The church protested the funeral of the death straight soldier because “America accepts gays and that is why he deserved to die” Multiple people have come forward to help out the family who wants to take the case to the Supreme Court. The Court decided this way because of freedom of speech. I have a hard time with this, in general I do believe in freedom of speech but in cases like this it is hard to believe in that. Where to draw a line with these things is hard though.

John McCain thought he was all cool by putting a picture on Twitter but he did not know where it would end up. On the nude-website. GuyswithIphones. Very NSFW and pretty funny. Not so much for people wanting to look at hot guys though that all of a sudden see his face.

The porn company of mogul Michael Lucas won a court-case brought up by the copyright holders of the Fellini movie “La Dolce Vita”. Lucas’ porn version of the movie was one of the most expensive in porn history. The judge said the alleged copyright holders could not show that they were indeed the copyright owners and that the Fellini movie could just as well be public domain. I thought 90 % of porn is a parody of a regular movie!

The highly successful oscar-winning movie ” The English Patient,” was based on a spy that was in actually gay. The Hungarian de Almasy was in love with a young nazi soldier called Hans. Letter that surfaced in Germany found this out he also not died of an overdose but of amoebic dysentery in 1951 after never having slept with a woman.

Hungarian priest in gay sex scandal with porn star

31 10 2009

Father L. slept with a male escort and gay porn star but refused to pay later on. The escort enticed the priest into a revealing conversation that he secretly recorded on his cell phone and sold to the tabloids which caused a minor media scandal. One of the magazines contacted the church but they refused to comment. The thing that pissed off many people in Hungary is that he paid the escort for previous sessions 300 euro. That is the monthly pay for priests in Hungary!! Probably the church people paid for him to go and see prostitutes.

US open day 2

2 09 2009


Agnes Szavay

Agnes Szavay

Day 2 had the same amount of seeds falling as day 1. Hungarian Agnes Szavay lost to Shahar Peer from Israel with 2-6 2-6. 2 years ago Szavay was a quarter finalist but since then a lot has changed. Peer is also a former quarter finalist, had 2 bad seasons and has found a little form this hard-court season. The fact that she beat Szavay was not a big upset, the easy score-line was though. Another woman desperately looking for her form is Ana Ivanovic. She lost yesterday against Katerina Bondarenko 6-2 3-6 6-7. Last year she was still the number 1 in the world at the US Open, this year she was not able to reach even 1 quarter final at a slam. Bondarenko is a tricky first round opponent but an Ivanovic in good form should win this in straight sets. Number 1 seed Dinara Safina played a horrible match in her first round against young Australian Olivia Rogowska. She won 6-7 6-2 6-4. Combined these ladies made 113 unforced errors against 38 winners. That says a lot about the quality. Rogowska was close to a 4-0 lead in the third set but crumbled under the pressure. Safina needs to pick it up against German Kristina Barrois, a woman with great hands and a unique technique in the next round if she wants to keep going.

Gay news; Hubby Hubby ice-cream, Whoopi and crazy Fred Phelps church members

1 09 2009

In Vermont since yesterday gay couples can get married and what better way to celebrate this then with some tasty ice-cream. Ice-cream maker Ben&Jerry’s changed their popular flavor Chubby Hubby into Hubby Hubby for a month.

Whoopi Goldberg showed again what a true supporter she is for the gay community. Earlier this year she was at the big anti prop-8 demonstration in New York and now she recorded a message for the citizens of Hungary to make sure the gay pride there will be free of violence. Last year 10 people were injured and people threw eggs and feces at Pride participants. Also a big congrats for Whoopi and the cast of the View for finally winning that Emmy as an ensemble for best day-time talk show hosts. I went to the View once, without reservation, got in, was placed on the first row and saw all the gals from close-by. That was a fun morning. The Netherlands now has their own ” the View” since a week  called  “the table of 5” and even though it’s fun, it’s not as good as the original.

Members of Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church, basically a church devoted to hating Jews, soldiers, Sweden, America, but mostly gays were at it again. This time they protested at an American Idol concert against gay Adam Lambert. With their God hates Fags signs and protests at dead soldiers funeral (according to them they deserve to die because America is pro-gay) what they do is actually helping the gay community. Even not pro-gay people want to distance themselves from such crazy hate speech.