Ticked off tranny and the bomb squad

13 07 2010

A transgender woman in Idaho was pissed off police kept identifying her as male and rigged 4 pipe bombs, set her car on fire and ran nude down a highway. 50 houses had to be evacuated because the 53-year-old Catherine Carlson put the bombs on her front porch. She is held on suspicion of arson, use of weapons of mass destruction and indecent exposure. Carlson said she only did this to bring attention to her plight as a transgender woman. Well, she certainly got attention. Don’t mess with her!!

Woman survives being impaled by 13-inch tree branch in neck

21 09 2009

Fox news reported about this last Wednesday and the pictures look horrible. 22-year -old Michelle Childers went on a trip through the forests in Northern Idaho when a tree branch came crashing through their window in her neck. She did not even realize what happened and asked her husband where the tree branch went. An hour later they found a lodge where a helicopter picked her up and brought her to the nearest hospital where a 6 hour operation removed the branch. It looks so horrible and painful, it’s almost unbelievable.