GLBT news; Top 5 Gay destinations, BearForce1 split, India creates third gender for voters

14 11 2009

Top 5 gay leisure destinations in the U.S according to a recent survey by the LGBT-focused Community Marketing Inc. are:     1 New York,  2 Las Vegas, 3 SF, 4 LA, 5 Chicago. Seems to be mostly the biggest cities otherwise Fort Lauderdale, Key West and Provincetown should have been higher. With lesbians Las Vegas is number 1, also not surprising. The survey also mentioned the most popular countries for American LGBT travelers in Europe. Number 1 is England, 2 France,3 Germany, 4 Italy 5 Spain. I do not understand England being number 1, I think it should have been Spain. Maybe because it is closest to the U.S.?? Italy is great but not so much for specific gay destinations. And where is the Netherlands???

Gay boy-band with hairy fatties BearForce 1 no longer exists. Well I guess for some it was fun as long as it lasted. Basically 2 years I guess with 2 minor hits. The producer of the band was on dutch TV a while back(he is a famous dutch actor) and he said they were mostly popular in the U.S where the bear community is the biggest. But since a year they have had more changes in members then the Sugababes and they were basically a one-trick-pony anyway. It will not cost me a minute of sleep that is for sure.

Indian election authorities have granted what they call an independent identity for transsexuals on the country’s voter lists. They have the change to pick O for “Other” instead of male or female from now on when indicating their gender. Wow after first legalizing gay sex not this. They are getting very progressive in India lately.

Newborn falls through train toilet

10 10 2009

A 28-year old woman in New Delhi suddenly had to give birth to her baby in the toilet of a train. The baby fell through it and right on the railway track. The panicked mother jumped off the train and other people thought it was a suicide attempt and pulled the emergency brake. Mother and daughter were found later on at the railway track and brought to the nearest hospital. They were doing fine luckily!

Judge in India rules homosexuality allowed

2 07 2009

He ruled that sex between 2 people of the same gender should not be illegal. The New Delhi courthouse goes against an old colonial law that calls it illegal and punished people up to 10 years in prison. The rule only applies in New Delhi, but still lots of religious groups oppose the new law. After the second gay pride in Delhi last Sunday this is the next historic event in a short time in India.

Update: the rule now does seem to apply for the whole country, but legal pundits are still divided over that.