GLBT(and I) news; Caster Semenya suicidal, gay-basher a hero, gays get public lashings in Indonesia

17 09 2009

Poor athlete Caster Semenya. After the whole found out she wasn’t 100% woman, the poor girl has been on suicide watch. She feels like a raped person, is afraid of herself and does not want anybody near her. So much drama after such a great achievement. It probably wasn’t worth it at all. I think she really had no idea what was going on inside her body and that she was intersex. Hope she learns to accept herself, this is just super sad .

Alex Myros, a former football player from Canada, got a Red Cross Rescuer Award a few months ago for assisting two other players in pulling two children from a burning car wreck. He is now wanted for the aggravated assault  and attack with a weapon and two death threats on a young gay man from Ontario last week. The gay man is a model manager and after he turned Myros down for not being the model-type, Myros started hitting the man and caused a dislocated shoulder, deep gashes in scalp and neck and ruptured blood vessels in his eyes. He said the man deserved this because he was a faggot. Amazing, from hero to devil in a few months. 

Lawmakers in the Indonesian province of Aceh have made some new laws for gays. Gays are being lashed in public and are subject to 8 years in prison. How horrible that sounds adulterers have it even worse, they are stoned to death.

Gossip; Caster Semenya intersex with testes, Kathy Griffin and Jodie Foster

11 09 2009

World Champion on the women’s 800m athletics, Caster Semenya did not cheat with hormones but she does have a medical issue. She is intersex, has no uterus, no ovaries but internal male testes that produce the high levels of testosterone. Because this is not considered cheating, she can keep her gold medal but the number 2 gets one as well. No word yet if she can keep competing.

Kathy Griffin showed both her serious and her funny side in some interviews this week while promoting her new autobiography. I knew Kathy had a troubled brother , but she now tells everyone how trouble he was. He was a drug addict pedophile that died in prison in the arms of their mother. Wow that sure is personal. In Jimmy Kimmel’s show she did a hilarious spoof on Jon&Kate+8 called Kate is enough together with Star Trek’s George Takei as Jon Gosselin. Check it out on

Jodie Foster got a “cookie of her own dough” as they say in the Netherlands. After dumping her girlfriend Cydney ( the two had kids together and a really long relationship) for someone younger and hotter, she got dumped herself for a younger and hotter creature. And an ex of Lindsay Lohan!! That must hurt for Jodie.

GLBT news

8 08 2009

Gay Miami news anchor Charles Perez(who had his own nationally syndicated talk-show years ago) has been fired after filing a discrimination complaint. He was demoted to the weekend slot because he was becoming too “gay” for mainstream. He was smiling too much and giggling with his co-anchors like girlfriend. This happened a week after an ex of Perez forwarded an email to his bosses where Perez told his shrink he had gender identity issues. Perez thinks that is the reason he got demoted and filed the complaint. His boss is a gay man himself so i dunno what to believe here.

British professional boxer Rob Newbiggin says he was born intersexed and plans to transition to a woman and after that fight as woman professionally. He says he has high levels of oestrogen in his body but has more man characteristics. He started boxing because his step-dad wanted him to butch up. Of course it is fine that he wants to become a woman, but I think it would be unfair if he would actually compete at the ladies, he really really looks like a big manly man. This is totally different from tennis player Sarah Gronert who plays with the ladies but also really looks like a woman.

Sarah Gronert,born intersex, wins tennis tournament

20 07 2009

At the $25.000 in Darmstadt she won as a wild card. Sarah(22) was born with both male and female genitals and is since 3 years medically all woman after removing her male genitals. She has been under huge scrutiny from other players(mostly Russian bitches) on the ITF tour and from coaches and other people as well. Last year she stopped playing for a while because the stress got too much. This year she came back and her results have been better and better. If she keeps playing like this next year’s Australian Open will be a possibility. If you look at her you would never believe she was not born 100% woman and I think it’s fair she participates with other woman!