Gay Pride Toronto

6 07 2010

With all the previous bitching and talk about pro-Palestina and anti-Israel groups and what not, it seemed like a pretty normal Pride to me after viewing this clip. Funny, a little raunchy and happy.

Gay news,ref. daily and me part 2, anti-Israel group crashing Toronto Pride, youngest mayor in U.K gay, Daniel Craig/porn star

2 06 2010

So I waited for the new article from the Ref. Daily and I cannot say I was pleased with it. The magazine did say that they thought maybe the sentence that the President of Malawi should not have lifted the jail of 14 years for the gay man was too much, but…. They also thought it was so hard to be a bible-following christian these days in the true sense of the word and the intolerance against them was so bad(are they going to jail/or they beaten up) They also say they accept gays just not the gay lifestyle. I called them and asked how they can be pissed they cannot be true bible-followers and fully live to christian lifestyle and on the other hand deny gays the homosexual lifestyle. Saying you accept gays as long as they do not act out on it is the crock of shit. That is just not fair. They had never thought of it that way, they said but still could not accept the gay lifestyle. End of conversation!

A group called Queers against Israeli Apartheid was banned from Toronto Pride 2010 but have vowed to crash to parade regardless. They were allowed to march under a different name like Queers for  Free Palestine but they wanted to keep their name and Pride does not like hate and I agree with them. This has nothing to do with Gay Pride. Pride has lost 300K in sponsorships over the affair.

Britain’s youngest mayor is 23. And he is also gay. Ian Campbell from Retford won as a Labour in a very conservative ex-mining town. He was thrown out of his house for being gay and became a gay rights activist before running for mayor. Pretty inspiring.

Daniel Craig(James Bond) has the gay rumors following him for the last year. First the fun on the beach with Bravo’s Andy Cohen, then a few weeks ago his kissing a guy outside of a gay bar after being in it and now he bought a condo in TriBeCa from gay porn star Tag Erikson, now a realtor. I saw that guy a few times in my gym and he certainly has a great body, curious if Craig had a taste of it. First I thought the rumors were untrue, but now he is either a male fag-hag or bisexual.

Gay news, outrage Malawi sentence(Madonna/White House, Aussi news(Gay MP and football, gays in military does work, Backstreet boys at gay pride SF

21 05 2010

It seems that everyone is upset with the sentence of the Malawian gay couple yesterday. They got 14 years in jail and hard labour for being in love. First our minister for foreign affairs, christian democrat Maxime Verhagen called it terrible and says Malawi does not get any money from the Netherlands.He also calls for EU sanctions against Malawi. Madonna who is building a school there  also says she is shocked and saddened and thinks Malawi took a giant step backwards. The White House send out a statement strongly condemning it.

An Australian Labor MP(strong family values!) has resigned yesterday after being filmed leaving a gay sex sauna and club. He even used the ministerial car to go there. He is married with 2 children. Why are it always the “family values” guys.

Australian footballer leagues Jason Akermanis had the message for gay players to stay in the closet. He told in a column in the Herald Tribune that AFL footy is not ready for it. Using the showering together as the biggest reason while saying he is not homophobic. Why always she showering. Guys look at each other’s cocks anyway, gay or not. And what man does not look at a women’s tits?? Is that such a big deal?? His own club as well as others have distanced themselves from his comments as have other athletes.

Gays in the military are a non-issue in the Netherlands, Israel, England, Canada and Australia, officers of those countries have told at a DADT hearing. There are even benefits like better retention of qualified soldiers. Gays often do not have children and that is the main reason for many soldiers to leave the army in their 20’s/30’s.

And some light news to end this post. The Backstreet Boys will be performing at this year’s Gay pride in SF on june 27. They must be the most popular male band ever in the world to have performed at Pride. I have never been a fan at all, but good for them.

Gay news, Havana/Minsk-pride, big difference conservatives in GB and US, Burial bill likely vetoed in Minnesota, retarded DADT statement

16 05 2010

Gay pride in Havana, Cuba was a huge success, hundreds paraded violent-free in drag and with flags. One of them was the daughter of the president Raul Castro, Mariela a long-time LGBT advocate. The Slavic Pride in Minsk was anything but a success though. The 40 brave participants saw some journalist and TV crew but did not get any further then 300 meters after which riot police arrested the gay men violently. There were also tons of counter-protesters, mostly skinheads who were throwing eggs.

It is interesting that the conservative party in Great Britain, the Tories have eleven openly gay members in parliament and nine in the glass closet. One is a lesbian and 2 are even ministers, the party is proud of that. Compare that to the US where there are zero . U.S has a long way to go in that regard.

A bill that passed the senate in Minnesota giving gays the same end of life rights as straights will likely be vetoes by the Republican governor Tim Pawlenty. According to him the bill in unnecessary and will stoke up the fire on a hot button issue. Unbelievable people believe gays have not the same rights hen it comes to burying their partner.

According to James Inhofe, Oklahoma Senator and Armed Service Committee member soldiers are unwilling to fight for lesbians and gay soldiers also in the line of fire. According to him soldiers are doing it for the man in the next foxhole and if that man is gays they would not want to anymore. How bigoted and foolish. Why does it work OK in Britain, the Netherlands and Israel then???

US open day 2

2 09 2009


Agnes Szavay

Agnes Szavay

Day 2 had the same amount of seeds falling as day 1. Hungarian Agnes Szavay lost to Shahar Peer from Israel with 2-6 2-6. 2 years ago Szavay was a quarter finalist but since then a lot has changed. Peer is also a former quarter finalist, had 2 bad seasons and has found a little form this hard-court season. The fact that she beat Szavay was not a big upset, the easy score-line was though. Another woman desperately looking for her form is Ana Ivanovic. She lost yesterday against Katerina Bondarenko 6-2 3-6 6-7. Last year she was still the number 1 in the world at the US Open, this year she was not able to reach even 1 quarter final at a slam. Bondarenko is a tricky first round opponent but an Ivanovic in good form should win this in straight sets. Number 1 seed Dinara Safina played a horrible match in her first round against young Australian Olivia Rogowska. She won 6-7 6-2 6-4. Combined these ladies made 113 unforced errors against 38 winners. That says a lot about the quality. Rogowska was close to a 4-0 lead in the third set but crumbled under the pressure. Safina needs to pick it up against German Kristina Barrois, a woman with great hands and a unique technique in the next round if she wants to keep going.

Gossip: DJ beaten up, McSteamy nude/drug tape, Anna Nicole Smith

18 08 2009

I personally love the Pet Shop Boys but apparently some men in Israel do not. A Dj started playing a song from the Pet Shop Boys at a Bedouin wedding after initially just having played Arabic tunes. The sight of their women dancing to western music made some men so angry that they beat up the DJ. How ridiculous is that?

Dr. McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy, Erik Dane, has a nude tape out with his wife Rebecca Gayheart and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche. They talk in the tape about what their porn names would be, they have cocaine and Gayheart has a crack pipe in her hand. The tape was apparently stolen by former country star turned crazy druggie Mandy Mccready who lived with Peniche after their stint in Celebrity Rehab. I saw it and can only say, wow!!

A Vegas escort agency is handing out flyers promising sex for $25 with a woman named Mandy. The real naked woman on the flyer though is no Mandy but the late Anna Nicole Smith and her reps are obviously not happy with this total lack of taste. 

Some real Housewives of Orange County drama the last few days. First there was the arrest of Matt Keough ,ex husband of Jeana. He is a former baseball star turned crazy and dead-beat dad. Matt rolled a stop sign and did not wanna halt for the police until he was home. He was taken into custody after failing a breathalyzer test. He had a previous DUI in 2005 and was in jail in 2008 after violating his probation.

And then pea-sized brain Lynne Curtis and her man( last years newest edition the the Housewives) received a 3-day notification of eviction from their Laguna Beach house. The couple owns the home owner $10.000 security deposit, late fees and other expenses. and their real-estate agent said they never even forked over the commission fee for the house. Lynne probably just forgot because she is so high on downers all the time.

Gay news

9 08 2009

Between 25.000 and 70.000 people gathered in Tel Aviv to show their support for the LGBT community of Israel after last weekend’s shooting that killed two. Under attendance was the major of Tel Aviv and president Simon Peres who gave a wonderful speech. Unfortunately the killer is still on the run.

The new version of Melrose Place will have a gay character as well played by hottie Victor Webster. Caleb Brewer will be a cigar-smoking, scotch-drinking man who happens to be gay. Well I hope he will have a bit more sex then poor Matt in the original but that is not hard to beat.

In Glasgow at the gay and lesbian arts festival there will be a play called Jesus, Queen of Heaven that will portray Jesus as a transsexual woman. Christian organizations are up in arms and I can’t really blame them. This is just the same kind of  provocative nonsense like the gay Nativity in Amsterdam last December.

Gay news

4 08 2009

In Wisconsin on monday gay couples can take advantage of the new domestic partnerships registry. It will afford same-sex couples about 40 legal protections previously extended to married couples only. It’s not total equality yet, but better then nothing.

On Joe My God  I read that the founder of Mission America, Linda Harvey, said some really despicable things about the gay murders in Tel Aviv. She first really shortly says the murders are bad(just to cover her ass for the rest of the hate she is gonna be spewing), but right after that complains that the gays blame religious people for the murders and says everybody has to right to oppose homosexuality also people in Israel. And if those children would not be going to those centers they would not have been dead, blaming the centers for luring the children in. First of all these were young people between 16-mid 20’s and no little children,at that age they know how they are! And how terrible are you to use the death of those people to advance your own sick message.

GAY NEWS, Tel Aviv hate-crime,Canal Parade and more

2 08 2009

Three people got killed and multiple injured in Tel Aviv Israel caused by a shooting in a center that holds meetings for gay teens. A man dressed in black carrying a handgun walked in and started shooting indiscriminately. Police consider it a hate-crime and not caused by the Palestinians. So extremely sad.

The suspect in the murder case of gay sailor August Provost has killed himself by asphyxiation with toilet paper. Now probably nobody will ever know for sure why Provost got killed. Was it a hate-crime and did it have to do with DADT? Or did the murderer have other motives?.

I end this post with something positive after all that bad news. The Gay pride in Amsterdam, aka Canal Parade was a huge success. At least 560.000 people( a record)were watching the politician-boat,military-boat, famous athletes-boat, famous dutch people-boat  and boats with dutch gay people from all over the country. This year the weather was fantastic, causing an increase of people with 15% from last year.


25 07 2009

Michael Jackson’s death is now officially seen as a homicide(death at the hands of another) with Dr. Conrad Murray being the main target in the manslaughter case. He has been holding back files and police has raided his office and interrogates his employees. People also question the time of death he has given for Jackson. 

David Beckham has to pay a $1000 fine for challenging some L.A. Galaxy fans for a fight after they had been booing and insulting him at his own stadium. I think Beckham is right here, the fans should be happy he is back in the U.S. Any soccer player would prefer playing for A.C Milan instead of the L.A. Galaxy, and fans should understand this.

Obama scores a less then 50% approval rate for the first time since he started. Curious what he will end up after 4 years. Probably in the same league as Bush Jr. if he keeps working like this. The opinion about the U.S. in other countries is much higher though since Obama became president, except Israel.

Roger Federer and his wife Mirka got twins yesterday, 2 girls Charlene and Myla. The guy seriously gets everything(except a hot wife). I have a twin brother as well and know how special that is.

And Jude Law is being investigated by authorities for hitting a female paparazzi. He says it was an accident. I can understand famous people every now and then getting so pissed off at the paps that they flip out, but hitting is never the right answer.