Beenie Man family-friendlier than Snoop Dog?

21 06 2010

A music festival in the Hague, the Netherlands this coming sunday has cancelled Snoop Dog because he was not open and family friendly enough?? His replacement in Beenie Man, the homophobic reggae artist from Jamaica. In his lyrics he talked about executing gays and gay sex being disgusting. Sounds better than Snoop Dog right??? WTF. I just called the organization and they told me the city council of the Hague is against Snoop Dog performing and they think Beenie Man is OK now because he wrote an agreement last year that he would not ever sing about such things again. Something he only did because otherwise he did not get any gigs anymore,I said but the guy on the phone told me (very nicely) I cannot look in his brain and that is true. Hope the city council will do something about this, I sent them a digital complaint and am probably not the only one.

Gay news, Day against Homophobia/kiss-in/marriage anniv. in Massachusetts, Rekers’ evil past, proud homophobe cut from oil spill team, gay love-story soldier in Iraq

18 05 2010

Yesterday was the international day against homophobia. Around the world activists, groups and others were campaigning for more tolerance. There was a (surprisingly) violent-free demonstration in Kingston, Jamaica and kiss-ins all over the world. It was also the sixth anniversary of gay marriage in Massachusetts. And the world still exists..

The self-hating George Rekers is now just basically known as a joke but he did some pretty evil things in the past. Back in 1974 he already had ex-gay programs in which parents were instructed to “spank away the gay” in their kids. As young as 4 years old the mothers were instructed to look away from the child when it was playing with girly things, until the kid started crying. At home the kids received red chips for feminine behavior and blue chips for masculine. The blue chips meant candy and TV, the red chips meant a spanking. In one instance a kid “manned up” after 2 years and Rekers used this as an example for his theory. At 18 the boy committed suicide…

The Energy Department did not waste any time in dumping Jonathan Katz from the panel to deal with the oil spill. Katz said in an article he is a proud homophobe and blames gay people for the death of other people who contracted AIDS, “they died so the sodomites could feel good about themselves.” Good news, I know his views on homosexuality have nothing to do with the oil spill, but extreme bigots like that do not deserve anything imo.

The brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski, creators of the hit-movie series The Matrix, just finished writing a script about a gay relationship between a U.S soldiers and an Iraqi. Seems very interesting..

Gay news; Elton no dad, Islamic militias use internet to kill gays, Jamaican government delusional

15 09 2009

Elton John will not be able to adopt baby Lev from the Ukraine. The country’s minister for  Family, Youth and Sports said that. Adoptive parents need to be married and gay marriage does not count in the Ukraine. Single people cannot adopt children from the Ukraine either. And Elton is too old as well, the age difference between parents and baby can only be 45 years. They do like Elton John’s charity work over there though but basically prefer kids to sit in an orphanage, then having the change of a happy childhood with an old queen

Islamic militias in Iraq use internet chat room for gays to target and locate their victims. According to them animals deserve more pity then gays and they torture them before the killing. A mother found her son with cut off genitals and an anus filled with glue. This apparently is not rare either but happens quite often. Just terrible.

Even though the murdered British Honorary Consul John Terry had a letter on his body saying he was a “batty man” and “this will happen to all gays”, something I wrote about this weekend, the Jamaican government says it was not a hate crime. According to them gay people can live open and free in Jamaica. Whatever!!! Gay people are getting beat up in that country all the time and sex between two men is still punishable for up to ten year over there. Jamaica is one of those countries that is easy to get to from New York, but some place I will never ever visit.

Gay news; banning divorce, anti-gay killing in Jamaica, gay bar raided in Atlanta

13 09 2009

A man from Sacramento came up with something really good. A ban on divorce!!He is gonna stand in front of Wal-Mart’s in the area to ask people to sign a petition for traditional marriage. He is gonna interview people on why they think marriage is important and then say he wants to ban divorce. If people who were voting against prop 8 really don’t do it to take right away from gays then they should sign this petition as well. He wants to have it on the ballot in 2010.

An honorary consul for the British queen in Jamaica has been killed in a brutal anti-gay killing. The man was married but lived separated and  as a bi-sexual. He was an escort for the queen a few times while she was in Jamaica. John Terry was strangled and robbed in his own house. Police found a letter on the body calling him a “batty” man(slang for homosexual) and  “this will happen to all gays”. I knew Jamaica was anti-gay, but this is really getting out of hand. Hope something will be done about this now, unfortunately too late for the poor man.

What the fuck is up with the police forces lately. After the much talked about raid of a gay bar in Texas a few weeks back, now the same sorta thing happened in Atlanta. Both patrons and staff was arrested and handcuffed and the way it happened was very derogatory and insulting. Cops were looking for drugs while people were forced to lay on the ground and were searched in a very aggressive manner.  A rally was held yesterday-night in protest to the raid. Do cops get any diversity training at all in the U.S???

gay news; gay bashers gets 75y, Buju Banton cancelled and Hurrah for Uruquay

30 08 2009

A man who kicked and stomped gay musician Jimmy Lee Dean back in 2008 in Dallas was sentenced to 75 years in prison. Dean was left unconscious, disfigured and mentally forever changed. On the Internet on several websites you can see pictures of the victim and the whole thing is just horrible, it made me cry. The attacker, Bobby Singleton,  got 15 years more than the original request by prosecutors and he deserves every minute of it. Hope this will be a lesson for gay bashers.

Uruquay will become the first South American country to legalize gay adoption. This came despite opposition from the influential Roman Catholic Church and some political parties. Last year they got civil unions there. Clearly steps ahead from other counties in that region!!

Anti -gay singer Buju Banton was supposed to have multiple concerts in the U.S. in October.After complaints from human rights groups, Live Nation and AEG have cancelled on him. In one of his songs, “Boom Bye Bye” the Jamaican singer calls for the torture and murder of gay men. It already seemed strange to me that Live Nation, the concert promoter of Madonna, would go along with this man’s hate speech.

A Washington State commission has decided that the names of people who donated to the anti-gay marriage Referendum 71 should be made public. The anti-gay group Protect Marriage did not want this to happen because they are afraid for repercussions. Well if you wanna be a bigot, you have to stand up and take the consequences. I for one would not spent my money at a store or restaurant that does not see me as equal.