School for boys who want to be girls

9 07 2010

New York has its own Vera’s finishing school for boys who want to be girls. Jesse Archer went over there and transformed into Mildred Fierce. For a boy who used to want to be a girl until he was 8(played with My Little Pony’s etc), I have surprisingly enough never been in drag. I think I will probably look like Jesse, not too pretty.

Gay news, Soccer world cup star on gay rumors, new movie about fag hag, dutch evangelical TV boss wants gay job, gay-bashing in Vancouver

15 06 2010

Freddie Ljungberg is the impossibly handsome world cup soccer star of Sweden. He is also a model for Calvin Klein. When asked about the gay rumors that have haunted him for years he says the following.” I don’t mind it at all, I am proud of it. I think gay people have amazing style so it is a compliment for me. Could any straight man give a better answer??

Jesse Archer has a new movie out in which he stars and also wrote part of the screenplay. It looks really good and is the follow-up of the equally great a Four Letter Word. It is about the oldest living fag-hag. I love the line: “Do you want my 8 inches??” ” What, are you gonna fuck me twice?”

Bert Dorenbos, former boss of Evangelical Broadcasting in the Netherlands, sent his resume to the COC(the biggest dutch gay organization) Not because he is so open-minded, but to protest a new law that would make it illegal for christian schools to NOT hire a gay teacher that is qualified for a job. Of course there is a huge difference between hiring a homophobe at a gay organization and hiring a gay christian teacher at a christian school. But I say hire him and let host leather parties or clean the darkrooms.

A gay couple in normally gay-friendly Vancouver saw 2 thugs peeing against their house last saturday night and when they confronted the men and asked them to leave they were given 5 punches to the head, called names and bitten like a dog.  Both men had to go to the hospital and have terrible scars. Hope the police catches those monsters.

Gossip, Sex and the City, Gary Coleman, Speidi Break-up, Kendra sex-tape, 50 Cent’s shocking transformation

29 05 2010

I have not seen SATC 2 yet but even though the critics are very negative ,the fans seem to love it and even think it is better than the first. My favorite author Jesse Archer had a small part in the movie and said Liza was “special”. It took her 300 takes and 3 days to get it right and she was so needy for the love of her “audience” that you cannot help but pull for her. Johnny Weir answered the question everyone has before, who of the 4 are you. He was mostly a Carrie and a Charlotte. I used to be a total Samantha but now I am a nagging whiney Carrie, I think. My boyfriend is a Miranda with a bit of Charlotte. Can’t wait to see it.

Gary Coleman, the tiny black child star, died yesterday of brain bleeding, at age 42. He became famous in Diff’rent Strokes and had roles in Married… With Children ,The A-Team and “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”  Gary was so small because of a kidney disease and was in the last years of his life more the butt of jokes because of his failed career and public fights. Sad. We had a guy in the Netherlands with the same sort of disease, Bart de Graaff. He also died young but was the host of several great TV-shows and even started his own TV/Radio Broadcasting Network.

I hope it is true this time, I definitely read it in multiple media sources!! Speidi has broken up. Apparently Heidi Montag got a little fed up with Spencer Pratt’s behavior, him generating bad press and family feuds. The funny part is that she says she wants to focus on an acting career!! In porn I guess.

Kendra Wilkinson has a sex-tape out made prior to her becoming famous. The former playmate and “girlfriend” of Hugh Hefner is getting $680.000 and profits from the video released by Vivid entertainment. She made a statement that is breaks her heart and is afraid people will judge her. Well, she could have picked a better partner to do it with, but please she is no royalty or in politics. This is not exactly a shock! I mean I do like her and her show Kendra on E but this is a little much.

Wow, has everyone seen the shocking pics of 50 Cent??  If not look it up.He lost 50 pounds for a movie role in which he plays a football player dying of cancer. It is so scary to look at. He looks like someone dying of AIDS or a person from Africa starving. Cannot say he does not try his best for this role.

Being called “a girl” by kids

28 04 2010

I laughed so hard when I read the newest blog article of one of my favorite writers Jesse Archer about him baby-sitting the 3 kids of his friends. The article is really funny and you can read it on said it was funny that with young kids gender roles are already so defined. He was called a girl by 4 and 5-year-old girls. I had the same experience yesterday. I took some kids of my nephew’s class to the museum because parents did not have time and even though it was a lot of fun I was called a girl by the 2 Muslim kids( boy and girl) in my car. I dunno if that is because I am so gay or because the role models in their culture are so masculine. The other kids did not say that so…. Still thought it was funny though. Until I was 12 I was never called a girl at school even though I was really girly. Later on at school I was, even though I was not nearly as girly anymore. Maybe kids pick up on that earlier now.

Funny parody;masculine costumes for your effeminate son

29 10 2009

I took this from Jesse Archer’s website but I have seen the clip on many blogs. It’s from the Onion News Network where they interview the author of the book; “Actually he’s a boy” and she gives tips on how to dress you girly son because you don’t want the little lady boy sneaking out of his own as a ballerina. And don’t use a male profession that’s co-opted by the gay community to avoid the kid looking like a stripper, haha. Robots are great for little prancers!!! Pretty damn funny! All those kids are like me as a boy.

Actor arrested after doing cartwheels in Grand Central Station

6 10 2009

Gay actor, my favorite author and overall fabulous personality Jesse Archer had some serious trouble with the cops. At 1.30 am he did a cartwheel in an empty Grand Central Station and got a ticket from the police for “disorderly conduct” . WTF. He waited for the citation, walked back to this friend and used an expletive to his friend about the cops. Next thing he knows several cops are on his back, throwing him in the floor and pushing his head several time in the cold cement without him resisting(basically teaching the little faggot a lesson) and acting like he is a terrorist. After that he is put in jail in his underwear until 3.30 and left with cuts on his face and bruises. So gay man who are being called names or are being smashed into cars are basically being ignored by the cops as I wrote last week. But they do have time to give people tickets for doing a cartwheel!!!. The police is truly your best friend!!


31 07 2009

Police chiefs Barry Carpenter and Chad Dojack were arrested for trying to break into the home of Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate last month. A third man, the son of a major in Ohio was also booked. What a bunch of idiots. Hope they go to jail for a long time.

I wish I was in New York right now because there will be an open casting for the next Sex and the City movie Tuesday august 4 between 1.30-4 for non-actors. First the casting for the gay movie from my favorite blogger/author Jesse Archer and now this. Why are there never great castings like this when I am in New York?

According to Joe Jackson Omer Bhatti, a Norwegian dancer,is indeed the son of Michael. Omer has denied it himself and Joe Jackson does not seem really reliable, but he does look a bit like a Jackson and he was seated at the front row at the funeral.

After the first rumors that Abba was gonna make a comeback in London to fill up the concert spaces left after Michael Jackson’s passing, now the rumors go that it will be both Robbie Williams and Whitney Houston. I doubt they can fill 50 days and Whitney is not really a big concert singer but we will see. It’s a nice combo.

Carry Prejean is suing the Miss California organization as well as Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler(pageant organizers) for slander, religious discrimination, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress. I think the bitch just wants money and publicity.

And Britney Spears is spotted back behind the wheels. She hasn’t been seen driving in over a year. With some Starbucks in hand, rough looking dark weave and the crazies back in her eyes, this is looking not too well. Why is she drinking caffeine period??; not the best thing while having mental issues.