Showbizz and sports news

13 07 2009

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist Klein has refused in the past to turn over Jackson’s medical records to authorities. Right now he hasn’t given up all records either. Sounds fishy to me. And Latoya Jackson thinks her brother is killed.

Joan Rivers was one of the first famous comedians to make a joke about Jackson after he passed away. She said that now it was safe for her grandson to walk over the streets alone again. Some say it’s too soon but I think a comedian can get away with almost anything.

Duncan James, actor and singer from the boy band Blue came out of the closet as bisexual this weekend. He is really popular in Britain and because I keep up-to-date with all the British tabloids I have seen him in there and on TV multiple times. He is really, really hot so good for him to keep all options open!!

Katy Price aka Jordan, glamour model, talk show-host, reality star, singer and author(wow that is a whole list) is one of Britain’s richest self made business woman. She made 40 million mostly with her books and endorsement deals. I love her style, very over the top and she seems like a great person.I was sad to hear her marriage with former teen heartthrob Peter Andre broke up after 3.5 years. Now she told the media she had a miscarriage just weeks before they split up. It would have been her 4thchild and the third with Peter Andre. The way she deals with her first child that is both mentally and physically handicapped is really a great example.

Dutch world champion gymnastics from the Netherlands nicknamed Lord of the Rings was tested positive for cocaine use at the dutch championships. He had used it a couple days before the tournament at a party. Sounds very similar to Martina Hingis who tested positive on cocaine use during Wimbledon in 2007. She denied even taking it(the blood showed a very very small amount) and said she must have gotten it inside her somehow at a party . She was banned from the WTATour. I believe both of them, because why would you use cocaine for sports like this. It needs a very high skilled technique so being coked up is not an advantage at all.


11 07 2009

Rachel Ray just had a surgery on her vocal cords to remove a benign cyst. At first she tried intense vocal therapy but that did not work and last week she had her noninvasive treatment.Now she has to be quiet for a week, wish it would be for a year. I love the food network and many of their female hosts, like Paula, Ina and Giada. Rachel though…

ABC News paid Joe Jackson 200.000 dollar for interviews, he is trying to make even more money from his dead son. He thinks he should raise the kids with his wife. ????? Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein has admitted to have given Demerol to Jackson and after being asked if he was the biological father of Jackson’s kids he did not say either yes or no and mentioned Jackson was as a father to his kids(meaning he wasn’t their biological dad)

Kathy Griffin is gonna roast Joan Rivers for Comedy Central. Two of my favorite comediennes together must be good! According to Kathy she is gonna roast Joan with more gentleness and tenderness then her latest chemical peel!!

Levi Johnston says he thinks Sarah Palin resigned because she can make more money with her books and tv appearances then as a Governor. She had already mentioned something to him last year. Levi might be trailer-trash, I do think he might be right here.