Gossip, Larry king,Priscilla Queen of the Desert/Wizard of Oz, Taylor Lautner gay?, Mel Gibson split, Nicole Ritchie/Coco in camel-toe war

18 04 2010

What a fool Larry King is. Fucking with his sister-in-law. And then buying her expensive gifts so his wife can find out. Well, he is a sex-symbol in his own eyes so obviously all women are throwing themselves on him. Now he and his wife say they wanna try to work it out though, if she deserves him.

The movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert is one of my all-time favorites. You can understand my joy with hearing it will come to Broadway as a musical. It has been in the theaters in Sydney and London and is a huge hit there. I also heard they will make a prequel to the movie the Wizard of Oz with Johnny Depp as Scarecrow.I dunno about that idea, that is such an iconic movie.

Rumors about actor Taylor Lautner’s sexuality haven been very strong since he became famous with the movie Twilight. His legions of girl fans are probably not happy to hear that he attended a party of a well-known gay socialite last weekend. The party was almost entirely attended by gay man so he is either a fag hag or…

Mel Gibson portraying that loving religious person that he likes to be is becoming more and more ridiculous. First the anti-semitic tirades, then the cheating on his wife and now he has allegedly already split with his new wife Oksana Grigorieva. They have a 5-month old baby together. Joan Rivers said in a reply that Gibson should just die. Love me some Joan!

Nicole Ritchie and rapper Ice-T’s wife Coco are in a war on Twitter. She typed her friend said that Coco’s famous camel-toe will swallow you up and after Ice and Coco acted a little pissed, Nicole got scared and begged for forgiveness. I like Coco and her camel-toe. It is fun to watch and she is not afraid to show her assets.

News bites

26 07 2009

Buckingham Palace has ordered a copy of the movie Bruno! They will show it to the Queen and Prince Philip at a private screening at their Balmoral house. Wow, the Queen likes her queens!

EyeWorks production, the company of dutch former actor Reinout Oerlemans(who is married to Lance Armstrong’s ex girlfriend) is gonna make a reality show with Octomom Nadya Suleman and her kids.The kids will make 250K a person in the next three years because of this. I will certainly not watch it but the show might become a big hit.

Madonna will have a news single out on august 3. It’s part of her new greatest hits collection. I heard snippets of it and it sounds pretty cool.

Johnny Depp told media his dream role would be playing Carol Channing in a biopic of her life. She was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and mentioned men have imitated her since the beginning of her career. He can pull everybody so why not Carol Channing.

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Dean Sheremet are separated. Not a surprise for those who have seen LeAnn slutting it up with actor Eddy Cibrian in recent months. Her ex-husband was her former back-up dancer and has always seemed gay to me. Maybe that has to do with it.