Joran Van der Sloot

6 06 2010

Finally this psycho is getting what he deserves. Only after killing a girl unfortunately. It seems almost 100% sure now that he killed her after being seen on camera going to her room together and leaving alone. While I do not think he purposely killed Natalee Holloway, I do think that he knows where her body is. She probably overdosesĀ on something but who knows… This guy seems to be capable of anything, also trying to blackmail Holloway’s mother. So low. And now he does not have his judge father to get him out of trouble anymore either. It sickens me to read on yahoo about a dutch killer etc. I know he is dutch but he is such bad publicity for the Netherlands and Aruba. And the system has kept him out of prison for all these years, that is the worst thing. Well, he will not get off that easy in Peru. I bet the rich father of the murdered girl will make sure some prisoners will get him good every now and then. What a rant!!!