Jordan’s(Katie Price) new single

17 07 2010

So bad I actually kinda like it.

Gossip, porn star gives free blow jobs for Holland, Real Housewife almost let kids drown

9 07 2010

Porn Star Bobbi Eden, who every week writes a very amusing column in a dutch weekly magazine promised something quite special to her fans. She has 49.000 of them on Twitter and she and some fellow porn stars are giving out free blow jobs if the Netherlands wins the World Cup this coming sunday. That is some patriotic shit.

Real Housewife of Orange County Alexis Bellino and husband Jim(the religious ones) almost let their children drown. Alexis and Jim were off doing other things while the stroller with the 2 toddlers rolled into a pool in Newport Beach at the 4th of July. A lifeguard pulled the stroller out of the water with 1 kid in it and Jim jumped in to save the other one. What great parents!!

Caster Semenya, the South African athlete, who became World Champion on the 800 meters last year is cleared to race again. She has been the subject of gender identity tests for a year and negotiations about her between her lawyers and  the IAAF took 1 months. Pretty ridiculously long imo. Good for her she can run again though.

Whoopi Goldberg will star in the musical Sister Act produced by her and dutch musical giant Joop Van den Ende this summer. First in august it will be in London’s West End and then later in the Netherlands, Germany and the U.S . Should be fun to watch.

Katie Price, aka Jordan, got married for the second time this weekend to pro-wrestler and drag queen Alex Reid ,aka Roxanne. She was married before in a super lavish over-the-top ceremony back in 2o05 to singer Peter Andre. This wedding was more low-key but turned into a chaotic mess when a fight erupted between Jordan’s bodyguards and paparazzi. I like Katie but this marriage is destined to end in a chaotic mess as well.

Gossip; Jordan already divorcing after 4 days? Housewife Tamra already a new man, Kirstie’s new show, Perez calls Levi doughy

9 02 2010

Apparently already 4 days after marrying, her cage fighter/drag queen Alex Reid aka Roxanne is already thinking about divorcing Jordan. I love Jordan but this marriage seems like a huge mistake. They have only been together for short while and have broken up before as well. Maybe they wanna be the next Dennis Rodman/Carmen Electra or Britney and wanna be married less than a week.

Real Housewives’ Tamra Barney already seems to be having a new man. Her ex husband Simon’s  best friend Eddy. Simon saw them together in Vegas holding hands and dropped to his knees from the shock. Those trashy bitches are just so entertaining. I have caught up on episodes from when he was in the Netherlands the last few days and all of them are so lovely fucked up. Horrible mother and pilled up Lynne, slutty/bitchy Tamra, fun/slutty Gretchen, horrible Alexis and crazy Vicky. What a bunch!

Kirstie Alley will have her own reality show on A&E and it will be about her losing weight and her “interesting” life in general. I will probably watch an episode or 2. She can never do wrong for me after reading in her autobiography that she once needed to take a dump while driving,  took a diaper from her kids and did it in there!!!

Pot. Kettle. Black. Perez Hilton’s reaction to the cover of Playgirl magazine with Levi Johnston, saying that Levi was a little doughy for his taste. That coming from such a blubbery pudding is just ridiculous.

Gossip; Katie Price 4th autobiography in 5y boycotted,Anna Nicole involved in murder plot??, Liz Taylor heart surgery

7 10 2009

Katie Price, aka Jordan has written 4 autobiographies in 5 years and the British bookstores are fed-up and wanna boycott the release of her newest one. I think they are stupid because people still buy the books and the customer is king. I only read the first and it was a good read but even I think 4 in 5 is a little ridiculous. Has anybody ever written that many period? According to some tabloid her new bf, a macho cagefighter, is a secret cross-dresser under the name Roxanne. Time for bio 6!

According to FBI reports authorities had reason to believe Anna Nicole Smith was involved in a plot to kill the son of her beloved sugar papa Howard Marshall III. The son, Pierce Marshall was in a big battle with Anna over the multi-million dollar fortune of Howard. In 2001 the FBI close to case because they believed there was not enough reason to investigate further. Anna always denied and I don’t really see Anna seriously wanting to kill someone either, but maybe sending a naked Kimmie or Bobby Trendy over would have done the trick.

Liz Taylor used her Twitter(how youthful of her) to tell her fans that she will undergo heart surgery to repair a leaking valve through a clip device and without open heart surgery. An uncle of mine had 7 operations on leaking valves unfortunately back then there was no clip device, he survived 6 of them but not the 7th. This all happened during my puberty and we were all very close, so this was something that made a huge impact on me back then. Hope Liz is luckier, that woman has been through so much and still survives all, so I hope and think this will go ok as well.

Gossip, Madonna, Jordan, Susan Boyle, Bon Jovi, Belgian baby dies after coke

29 09 2009

Madonna is apparently getting hitched to her boyfriend Baby Jesus in a lavish Kabbalah ceremony. Madonna thinks he is soo sweet and checks in on her all the time. He thinks she is so fantastic and well-rounded. And he accepts her self-involvement as well. I think and hope it´s just a rumor. I would definitely lose respect for her if she marries him, just to make herself look younger. Sad

Footballer Dwight Yorke has a book coming out and now after 7 years of wanting nothing to do with his baby with Katie Price, aka Jordan now he apparently wants to be the full-time father. He is mad that Jordan keeps referring to ex Peter Andre as the baby’s  dad. What an ass that Dwight, Katie has been such a great mom for little Harvey who is severely autistic and now all of a sudden he wants to be a father, WTF.

Susan Boyle might have a very interesting singing partner soon. John Bon Jovi wants to duet with her, he thinks she is fantastic! Wow, Susan turns into a real rock chick. First covering a Rolling Stone hit and now this. I would love to see this duo together.

A Belgian baby, a 22 month year old girl, died this weekend after her mother, a drug addict, had methadone and coke lying around the house and the baby ingested it. The mother was a known case with police forces because of her addiction. So tragic!

Showbizz; reality star dead, Miss Universe, Lindsay Lohan and more

24 08 2009

Lindsay Lohan was back in the news twice the last few days. Yesterday her house got broken in for the second time  and a couple days before she had an incident at a New York deli. She left her blackberry on the counter and when the deli guy ran out and found her he wanted to know if it was hers and asked for her number. Lohan is not that stupid and tried to grab it out of the guy’s hands. She was too slow, started sobbing and then called 911. Police verified it was hers and gave it back. The deli guy said he did not know who she was!! With all the magazines they are selling there??? 

Reality “star”Ryan Jenkins, from “Megan wants a Millionaire”and the cancelled before it was shown, “I love Money” was found dead in a hotel in Canada. The main suspect in the killing of his wife, model Jasmine Fiore committed suicide. Cops could only recognize his wife last week on her breast implants because the murderer had removed her teeth and fingers. Everyone was already convinced he killed her(he had abused a woman before) and now it’s about 100%. What an animal, probably best off dead.

British tabloid star Jordan is in the news almost every day lately. First the constant back and forth bickering between her and ex Peter Andre on who is to blame for their break-up. Then she upped her security because the mafia had plans to kidnap her. And now her new boyfriend cage-fighter Alex Reid is apparently shooting some hard-core porn. Several media outlets including Perez Hilton think that this makes him a bad person to be around Jordan’s kids, but I have seen clips and pics of him interacting with the kids and they seem to love him. That is more important then him doing porn.

Two big pageants were held this weekend and they could not have been more different. First the Mister Gay Europe pageant with Spain being the winner. The winner was pretty hot but most guys were really mediocre looking, especially the one from the Netherlands. 75% of the people in my gym in New York David Barton are better looking then this lot. No then the Miss Universe pageant with too many hot ladies to count. Miss Netherlands is really good-looking and seemed to be a big title candidate in the polls, but the real winner was for the second year in a row Miss Venezuela. Ps. why was Heidi Montag performing?? she can’t sing or dance and is good-looking but nothing compared to most ladies in the pageant. Is she even famous outside of the U.S.???


23 07 2009

Katie Price(aka Jordan) and Victoria Beckham(aka Posh Spice) have both auditioned for a role in the new Sex and the City movie. I think they both fit perfectly in a movie like that. Fashion icon Patricia Field has already told media Carrie Bradshaw will not become a recessionista. Thank god!!

Rupert Everett needed some attention again and told the media that Michael Jackson looked like Shrek. That is funny coming from a once handsome man whose tight face now resembles the Madame puppet.

New pictures surfaced from Patrick Swayze looking a lot better then he did a few months ago. Hope he can beat out the cancer or at least have a few more years.

Not Janet or Arnold Klein will be raising Michael’s kids but his oldest sister Rebbie will, several news outlets have mentioned yesterday. She already lived with Michael’s mom now at her estate.

 Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stanger might finally get married herself soon. After almost 6 years of being a couple her real estate hubby proposed to the 48 year old Patty. Happy for her, she seems like a great and smart lady. and I love that show of hers on Bravo.

And Kiefer Sutherland will not be prosecuted against in the head-butting incident by the Manhattan district attorney. He broke the nose of a friend of Brooke Shields, fashion designer Jack McCullough, after he bumped into her without apologizing. Lucky for the 24’s Jack Bauer. He has been in prison enough the last few years.