Gossip, Michael Jackson’s gay lover?/Brit. Murphy’s husband dates her mom, Halle Berry break-up, Real Housewives news

3 05 2010

Jackson’s friend and dermatologist dr Arnold Klein claimed that his former office manager Jason Pfeiffer had a gay relationship with Michael. They were both featured in an interview with Extra during which they talked about this. Michael Jackson being gay is not a surprise but I do not believe he was into Pfeiffer. The guy is huge almost obese and not attractive and we all know at type Michael liked, so this is highly unlikely. They both already got death threats after the interview.

Rumor has it that the husband of the late actress Brittany Murphy is not only living together with but also dating her mother. That would be freaky. They are also shopping around a book-deal about her. It can be crazier though. I just read a 72-year old grandma from Indiana is having a surrogate baby with her grandson!!!

One of the prettiest couples in the world have broken up. Actress Halle Berry and model husband Gabriel Aubrey have ended their 5-year old relationship. Together they have an absolutely gorgeous little girl Nahla. Apparently Halle was getting too old for him!!, Gabriel is 9 years younger. Ouch.

And to end the weekly gossip there is some Real Housewives news. Gretchen from OC was almost in prison for not showing up in court for a face-off with her ex lover  Jay who is suing her for slander. Then Josh Waring, son of Lauri from OC is in prison again. This time not for drug issues but domestic violence. Lauri did such a great job as a mom. And the Countess, from New York has a single out called “Money can’t buy you class” It’s rappy and housy and I unfortunately have to admit it’s so bad I like it. Similar to Kim Zolciak’s Tardy for the Party in that way.


17 07 2009

Actress Mischa Barton is involuntary held at a psychiatric ward in Cedars Sinai. It’s under the same code Britney Spears was held last year. She is rumored to have a huge drug problem so it’s not a surprise. The way her weight fluctuates in short periods of time was already a strong indication and had cranked out behavior of course.

Tito Jackson claims Michael’s kids are his biological kids. Who still believes that?? They look nothing like him and have not an inch of African American blood in them.

Amy Winehouse got officially divorced from her terrible husband Blake. He was such a terrible influence on her so good it’s definitely over now.

Two people got killed and several injured during the build up of a show from Madonna in Marseille, because the podium crashed. Of course the concert was cancelled.

Josh Waring, son of Lauri from the real Housewives of Orange County got arrested again from drug dealing. He was on probation from his last arrest so will go to jail for a long time now. Lauri did such a good job on her kids, bitch was too busy getting botox and going to playboy parties.