Gay news, gay couple holds kiss-in at restaurant, Mark Kirk outed, first gay marriage Portugal, nude transgenders in Delaware

7 06 2010

A gay couple from Chicago were discriminated at restaurant La Fiesta Azteca last month for holding hands and kissing a few times. The owner asked them to leave citing his religious beliefs and the fact the restaurant was family friendly. They did not wanna pay because they did not finish their food but the owner demanded their money. Yesterday 100 people had a kiss-in at the restaurant to protest this. While I think it is not necessary to be super affectionate in a family restaurant for anyone,gay or straight this had solely to do with the fact these man were gay and then it is something to protest against indeed.

Mike Rogers is an outing blogger that has a 100% success rate in his outings so far. This time he is going after Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican. Kirk has voted numerous times against gay right and denied he is gay himself, saying people only think so because he got divorced. No mr Kirk, people think so because a purse falls out of your mouth every time you open it and because 2 men have claimed to have had sex with you and Rogers met you and saw you interact with gay men on a specific way. Even though I could not understand a life in the closet I think it is fine as long as you are not a closeted homophobe.

Today the first gay marriage in Portugal was sealed. Two divorced women in their 30’s that have been together since 2003 tied the knot in Lisbon. As a result of a decision in April by the president and parliament Portugal follows the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, South Africa and Canada in making same-sex marriages legal. And lives have not changed that much in those countries since.

At Rehoboth Beach in Delaware several transgender women in the process of becoming full women removed their tops while sunbathing. After complaints patrol came and asked them to cover up and after first refusing eventually they agreed, but they were pissed.Women are not allowed to show their breast which I think is stupid but that is the rule. So the transgenders should follow suit and act like ladies and cover up. I mean you wanna become a woman or not??

Gay news

29 07 2009

In 15 cities in the U.S. the 15th of august will be kiss-in day. It’s for gay people to be able to express their affection. A great idea, if I am in New York that day I will kiss my sweetie as well outside!!

No “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in Britain where a decorated Iraq veteran who happens to be gay was on the front page of the official British soldier magazine. Soldier James Wharton is the first openly gay man ever to feature on the front of that magazine. Just 10 years ago it was still illegal to be gay in the British Army but they have come a long way since.

Gay cops Steven Ponder and Ivan Sigston became the first couple in the UK to get a child through a related surrogate. The sister of 28- year old Ponder( a mother of three) volunteered to have their baby when they showed the desire to start a family. Sigston donated the sperm but both he and Ponder have to legally adopt little William Cameron Ponder-Sigston. 

Governor Schwarzenegger has dramatically slashed down the aids funding in California. The cuts include : an 80% reduction in funding for Education & Prevention, a 70% cut in HIV Counseling and Testing, a 50% cut for Early Intervention (that provides primary medical care), a 100% cut in Therapeutic Monitoring Program (the program that monitors the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS drugs administered through the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program), a 20% cut in Housing and more than a 50% cut in funding for Home and Community-Based Care. A very sad day for people with hiv/aids in California and people caring for them.

Gay kissing in the US ends in handcuffs again

13 07 2009

And not in a good way… Two men were handcuffed and briefed last Thursday in Salt Lake City after kissing on a plaza owned by the Mormon church. WTF and why this happening in America. Of course the police and a church spokesperson act say it wasn’t because they were gay. I think everyone that knows the Mormon church knows better then that by now. The LGBT community held a kiss-in as a protest today at the Mormon owned Main Street Plaza.