Gossip, straight celebrities&gay kisses, Celebrity Rehab, Chace Crawford

5 06 2010

Yesterday was apparently a good day for straight celebs to kiss with same-sex partners. For Miley Cyrus to do it at Britain’s Got Talents was not a huge surprise. But for Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman to do it while all the camera’s where on them at a Laker’s Game . Pretty damn cool.

Production on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew was halted because they could not get any real celebrities. Last year they had Dennis Rodman and Mackenzie Philipps as “stars” but this year so far it is Jason Wahler, Gummi Bear, the Empress of Lucite(Shauna Sand) and one of the Pointer Sisters. Who?? Yeah!! But the d-list stars are funnier anyway and less guarded, like Kari Ann Peniche last season. Love that show.

Chace Crawford, heart-throb that does nothing for me, and star of Gossip Girl was arrested yesterday for possession of marijuana somewhere in Texas. He got out with bail. When do they just make pot legal over there?? Nice mug shot though.

Poor Gay Coleman, seems like now that he is dead people care more about him than hen he was alive. His moron ex-wife and parents fight over his remains, his ex-wife cannot afford his funeral but makes all these TV appearances and the 911 call after his fall was released and it is pretty shocking. She says she cannot help him because she is sick and afraid of blood. And also cannot drive him to the hospital because she might get a seizure and cannot have stress. WTF. She must have really loved him!!!

Gossip; Anna Nicole Smith, Mackenzie Phillips, Amy Winehouse

23 09 2009

Anna Nicole Smith’s former psychiatrist and Khristine Eroshevich and internist Sandeep Kapoor are in deep trouble. Both were having extremely unprofessional relationships with Anna Nicole. Khristine was seen naked in a tub with Anna and Kapoor shirtless and kissing with her. Both had also asked so many drugs for her that three pharmacists refused to fill their prescriptions for Anna because they thought it might kill her. It’s a pity Anna did not get the professional help she needed, those two people failed on all accounts. The difference between Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson is that I think Anna would have been able to lead a fairly normal life with the right people around her at a later age and Michael was probably already too screwed up from his youth.

Wow, MacKenzie Phillips from “One day at a time” and daughter of the founder of The Mamas and the Papas, John Phillips, toldĀ some shocking details of her youth to Oprah. She and her father had an incestuous relationship and he was also the first one to inject heroin into her arm. No wonder she is still so screwed up and a druggie, girl never had chance in hell to a normal life.

Amy Winehouse has been terrorizing school kids in Camden!! She stormed into a school in South London yesterday and confronted the bully of god-daughter. She cursed the girl out and later spat in her face. She then started screaming at some of the other kids at the school before cooling down and signing some autographs. Perez Hilton called her a bad role model and she is but I can kind of understand her. If one of my nephews would have been teased at school I might have done the same, except for the spitting/signing autographs!! that is.