Man watches porno in McDonalds

2 07 2010

A 38-year-old guy from Wisconsin was arrested because he was masturbating at Micky D’s .He was watching porn in the children’s play area while being surrounded by 15-20 kids. Parents became suspicious when they saw only 1 hand typing and the other was under the table. What a gross freak-show.

Man dead in house with others for 4 years!!

26 06 2010

A man from Minnertsga in the north of the Netherlands was found laying dead on his bed, already laying there for 4 years!! And he did not even live alone in the house. He lived there with 2 brothers(61, 67) and 2 sisters( 44,71). 4 years ago the man, who was 50, then told them he wanted to be left alone and went to his room. They certainly did that!! Because there needed to be reparations on the house they eventually did go into his room and found him dead. Police is stunned that the people, who are described as mentally not 100%, did not smell the dead body. I am surprised that they never even thought about not seeing him going out to get food or not hearing any noises from the room. Super freaky.

I’d rather stay lean

2 06 2010

Some extra muscle is nice and I like a muscled man, but this seems like silicone in the pecs, shoulders and arms. Bizarre

Gayest man on TV

31 05 2010

This guy(Louis Spence) has a successful dance studio in Britain and also has his own reality show on TV there. I read an interview with him in gay magazine Attitude and just seeing his pics he looked fairly normal. But after reading the whole thing I assumed he must be quite campy. Well…. that was an understatement. The lisp, the moves, the everything!! I think something is not quite 100% there.

Fattest man

23 05 2010

Wow, good for everyone that thinks he/she might have to shed a few extra pounds before summer.

Man throws baby on busy highway

21 04 2010

A 23-year-old lunatic from Santa Cruz, California(normally such a laid-back great place) was driving in his car with his wife and 9-month old baby when they got into a fight. The dad stopped the car and threw the baby on the busy highway. The mom quickly got it off the road so it only had small injuries. At home the man abused his wife to make sure she would not report to police. Luckily a witness saw it all and cops came to get the guy to prison.Hope he stays in there for the rest of his life!!