Olympics day 9,openly lesbian Ireen Wust wins 1500m, another gold for Holland, biathlon

22 02 2010

After the beginning of this week for the speed skater at the Olympics were a little disappointing, since thursday everything changed majorly. 2 Gold, silver and bronze. Wust is a former olympic winner, world and european champion and came out last year. Her form the last 2 season was not always great but she brought it when it mattered most. I was hoping for a medal for her but did not expect gold. The favorite for me was Kristina Groves from Canada and she took home the silver. Martina Sablikova had a phenomenal last round and won the bronze. Wust’s race was perfection, fast opening and also a great last round. Margot Boer from the Netherlands was the number 4 and is pretty unlucky with a 4th, 6th, and 4th place. Both Canadian and Dutch TV pointed out her girlfriend and showed them hugging, NBC of course did not.

At the biathlon it was a great day for the German Girls at the Mass Start, my favorite race. Magdalena Neuner won her second gold medal and Simone Hauswald Denkinger won the bronze. In between them was Russia’s Olga Zaitseva.

Olympics day 6, Silver and Bronze

18 02 2010

Today was a much better day for team Holland. At the 100m ladies there was silver and bronze. Unfortunately it was not live on TV so I was biting my nails seeing the lap times on the internet. Winner was a deserved Christine Nesbitt from Canada, she was the best for most of the season also today. The difference with number 2 Annette Gerritsen was only 0.02 though, so we almost had gold. Gerritsen took revenge for the unlucky fall on the 500m that probably cost her a medal. The surprising number 3 was Laurine van Riessen, right before Canada’s Kristina Groves. Margot Boer looked to win the whole thing after having a great 600 meter┬átime but had to pay for her quick start in the end. Ireen Wust started badly and ended in 8th place, with the best last round though so good for the upcoming 1500m. Skate speed Anni Friesinger Postma, German married to a Dutch guy and winner on many olympic gold and world championships medals strongly disappointed in 14th place