Some people take their McNuggets serious

10 08 2010

This woman was pissed they only served breakfast at 5 in the morning at Micky D’s and wanted McNuggets. She tried her best to get them…

Man watches porno in McDonalds

2 07 2010

A 38-year-old guy from Wisconsin was arrested because he was masturbating at Micky D’s .He was watching porn in the children’s play area while being surrounded by 15-20 kids. Parents became suspicious when they saw only 1 hand typing and the other was under the table. What a gross freak-show.

Gay news, McDonald’s COO bigot, Sesame’s Bert comes out(sort of), heavier penalties on gay hate in Amsterdam, more anti-gay violence in Canada

16 06 2010

The french McDonald’s ad that was so cute and nice about gays has sparkled a lot of media attention. The Chief Operating Officer of McDonald’s USA, the african american Donald Thompson, says such commercials will never run in the US. Why??Because the U.S is a christian county and he himself a good christian man who has his own beliefs in that regard. Aka bigot.

Bert from Sesame Street said on his Twitter that he has the same hair as mr T, except his is a little more (ho)mo and a little less hawk. I dunno if this account was hacked or not, silly but pretty funny anyway.. They are either gay or non-sexual, Bert and Ernie. But no kid cares!! Surprised the right-wing has not attacked them the same way as one of the Teletubbies.

The justice department of Amsterdam is gonna punish anti-gay violence with an extra 50 % on top of the standard law. Anti-gay violence in Amsterdam is on the rise and police wants to use camera’s and fake-gays(police men(out of uniform) walking hand in hand) to find gay bashers. Great ideas!

Just like in Amsterdam, also in Canada anti-gay hate has increased significantly. In 2007 there were 71 incidents and in 2008 double as many. Later probably even more but those date have not been released yet. Gay organizations say this is only 25% of the real numbers because many men do not go to the police after anti-gay crime out of shame. Not surprised, have blogged about a lot of hate in Canada in the last year. Shame of such a great country.

Cute gay McDonalds’ ad

3 06 2010

Very sweet/subtle.

Fired for cheese

26 01 2010

And not cutting it!! An employee from McDonalds in the north of the Netherlands was fired for putting an extra slice of cheese on the burger of another employee. The woman sold it was a burger but it was a cheese burger and that is more expensive(25 cents), reason enough for Micky D’s to fire her ass. How pity can you be??? She went to court and won because the court thought it was ridiculous to fire someone for extra cheese and also because the other employee asked for it before she did it.