Gossip, old lezzie pissed at cops, Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Weir not skating this coming year, Cheryl Cole sicker

9 07 2010

81-year-old Judith Slade was going 164km/h( fast) down a highway in Victoria, Australia when the cops pulled her over. She did not wanna stop at first though, because her secret lesbian lover(half her age) was driving in front of her and she did not want to be separated. Now she might lose her license and already lost her car. That does not stop her though, she already told media she will just buy another car so she can follow her young girlfriend! That is real love!!

I cannot help but feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan now that her dad is trying to make some more cash out of her problems by giving retarded interviews. That she is semi-sane with such a dad is a shocker. Of course it was not very smart of Lindsay to have fuck-u painted on her nails while she was getting her sentence in court. Now her lawyer quit and after seeing what she all takes medication-wise she needs some rehab asap. She uses 2 antidepressants(I thought only 1 at a time helps), also Dilaudid ( a heavy painkiller) and Adderall(basically meth) All that is allowed in jail but she will have random drug testing for a year because she tampered with her SCRAM bracelet twice. Wow…

Johnny Weir will not skate competitively this coming season, but he will not retire just yet though and hopes to be back 2011-2012 and also at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. Johnny has a new book coming out, a music single, a second season of his hit TV-show, a clothing line and lots of skating exhibits. I think it is wise with all the media attention he has been getting to take a year off, to just do fun things and keep training and reinventing himself as a skater. He has been doing so much media that he already would be far back in training right now and that would have meant a bad season anyway. As long as he does indeed come back!

U.K. singer and presenter Cheryl Cole’s condition is getting a little better and she left ICU earlier today but still needs to be in the hospital for quite sometime. She even had to go to a specialist hospital better equipped to deal with malaria a few days back as she kept getting sicker and sicker and that seemed to be the only logical option.Cole has the most deadly form of the illness, called cerebral malaria or brain malaria. Because of this she has fluid behind her lungs and is at risk for blood entering the lungs which could stop her vital organs from working. Hope she will be fine, I saw her once during a dinner at London’s Blue Elephant and this woman is one of the most hottest ones in the world. Even a gay man can tell that!!

Gay news, Malawi couple broken up, GENDA suffers defeat in NY senate, Ted Haggard

9 06 2010

Just 3 weeks after being pardoned by their president one part of the Malawi couple, Steven, previously sentenced to 14 years in jail is engaged to a woman named Dorothy(what’s in a name) He says they never even had sex and it was all a miscommunication. The other one,  Chimbalanga,  says he is still gay and is looking for another boyfriend. I can totally understand Steven trying life with a woman no, it beats years in prison. Chimbalanga is a total hero though for just being himself.

The gender-identity non-discrimination bill known as GENDA, has suffered a nasty and maybe surprising defeat in NY senate committee with 12-11. All Republicans and that asshole Ruben Diaz voted against it. It would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity but conservatives acted like it was just a chance for men to get in women’s bathroom facilities. What a shame, def for New York.

Former mega church pastor Ted Haggard, the one of the gay and meth scandal) has started a new church in Colorado Springs with his wife Gayle. It is all-inclusive even for sinners that are gratefully redeemed. He talked to Joy Behar(love my Joy) about it who made it very clear to him being gay is not a sin. 160 people showed up for his church, at least 1 of them was gay. Or make that 2 with Haggard himself.

Gossip; Andre Agassi’s hairpiece, Dita von Teese’s fake tits, Joe Jackson, celebrities on Halloween

1 11 2009

Not only was Andre Agassi a meth user but he also wore a hairpiece back in the early 90’s. I think many girls and guys that were drooling over him in the 90’s feel a little nauseous about that right now.

Burlesque Dancer and ex of Marilyn Manson, Dita von Teese, also liked the drugs back in the early 90’s when she was sort of a club kid experimenting with LSD and XTC. It got so out of hand that she lost a ton of weight and got breast implants after a few years because her body was ravaged by the drug years. I think she took a little more than only those 2 things, because as far as I know they don’t make you lose that much weight. I always thought her tits were real.

Joe Jackson proved what Michael really meant to him by saying Michael is making a bigger impact now that he is dead and is worth a lot more dead then alive. What a loving and grieving dad.

Of course many celebrities dressed up for Halloween as well and here are some of the better ones. Both Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug went as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, fashion designer Michael Kors as a Hillbilly cowboy, Matt Lauer as Luke Skywalker, Perez Hilton as Lady Gaga, Heidi Klum as a raven(very cool), Kelly Clarkson as Stevie from Family guy(cool as well) and Elisabeth Hasselbeck as Countess Chocula.

Andre Agassi a meth user

28 10 2009

I almost feel backwards off my chair reading that this morning. The American winner of 8 grand slams admitted to having used the drug every now and then since 1997. In his upcoming memoir he says he even tested positive once, but lied to the ATP that is was in a drink that he had and a mistake. Pretty stupid of the ATP to believe him while the WTA suspended Martina Hingis for a dismal amount of coke. Both drugs will not make you play much better so I don’t consider it real doping.

After the first time he used he felt regret for a second, sadness but immediately after that a gigantic euphoric feeling(like everybody else, he only forgot to mention the huge come-down). The reason for using was the bad break-up with Brooke Shields he was going through and his terrible results on court at the time. In 1998 he met my idol Steffi Graf and they have been married every since.

Gossip; Travolta extortion case; Stephanie Tanner’s druggie memoir, Gerard Butler male slut from Hollywood

26 10 2009

What a travesty of justice that the John Travolta extortion case ended in a mistrial. Probably that Bahamian Senator Pleasant Bridgewater(one of the extortionists) still had some friends in high places. Otherwise I can’t explain this. a whole month of trial for nothing. Rumors have it that Travolta wants to take the case to the U.S. He will probably have a better trail here and more fair.

Full House cast member Jodie Sweetin aka Stephanie Tanner tells some fairly interesting details about her drug abuse  in her upcoming book. She puked from drugs at the wedding ceremony of co-star Candace Cameron, was high as a kite at the Olsen twins New York minute premiere, was high while speaking at a “just say no” campaign, drove a car with her daughter while she had been boozing, used ecstasy in high school and cocaine in college. Seems like your typical druggie, nothing too special, except that she was famous. I have heard and seen worse!!. All the lovely things drugs can make a person do!!

I am the first one to understand this because the man is hotter than hot, but seriously how many famous woman can a movie star date/fuck in a few years time? Gerard Butler is the person I am talking about and boy does he enjoy himself. Now it’s apparently Jessica Simpson he bumps his sticky parts with and before that Jennifer Aniston. Then there is Naomi Campbell, Shanna Moakler, Rosario Dawson and Cameron Diaz. He has a great body, sexy accent, nice masculine face, is smart and funny, so if I was a famous woman I would know what to do!!

Viva Mexico

22 08 2009

A new law went into effect in Mexico last week that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD and methamphetamine. People caught with drugs for “personal use” will not face criminal prosecution but will be required to complete treatment programs if they are caught for a third time. Basically 4 lines of coke, 4 joints are legal. With this law Mexico hopes to be able to focus more on the big drugs traffickers and to help protect minor offenders from the corrupt police. In the Netherlands being caught with small amounts is not officially legal but they do not make a big deal about it. I think it’s a great new law!! People should decide themselves if they wanna do drugs!

90% of dollar bills full of cocaine traces

19 08 2009

Yesterday I read in a dutch newspaper that 9 out of 10 dollar bills in the U.S. have traces of cocaine on them. People from the University of Massachusetts  did checks in 30 cities all over the world. In Washington DC it’s even 95%. Two years ago it was only on 66% of the bills. Analysts think that maybe because of the crisis people use more coke. I dunno coke is pretty expensive, so I would expect more people in the U.S. to use meth instead. In Canada and Brazil also a lot of bills have coke traces between 80 and 85 %. In China only 12% and Japan 20%. They did not test Europe but it will be about the same as in Canada, I guess. The myth from people in the U.S. that people in Europe use a lot more drugs then they do is officially nonsense with this research I think. Well after living in San Francisco I already knew this was the case myself.