Gay news, gay attack Staten Island, gay/celebrities, Latvia not in EU anymore?

11 07 2010

A gay couple was harassed by a couple of teenagers Wednesday at a White Castle restaurant in Staten Island. A group came in and when one of the guys looked at the group they told him:” What are you looking at fag.” When the gay guy replied: What are you looking at,” the group left. A few moments later one of them felt a bob to the head and they quickly ran out. Outside they got separated and one guy got hit and was semi-conscious and bleeding. He needed stitches at the hospital. Hope the cops found the fuckers.

Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, says she is a gay man in a woman’s body. That is why she loves fashion, glamour and Lady Gaga. So David Beckham is partly gay, haha. One can dream. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo gets more and more gay rumors as well. The purses, baby through a surrogate, painted toenails, and now dinners with Lance Bass. I dunno ,probably just very metrosexual.

A European Parliament’s member from Democrats’66(my party) thinks that Latvia should be dismissed as a member of the EU for their anti-gay law. Great idea, but I think it would be better to let the whole EU go.

In 2009 there were 43% more complaints about gay discrimination than in 2008. By far the most is in Amsterdam( and you know who does it) Police does not know if it really increased this much or that people find filing a complaint easier. Probably a bit of both. Bad news though, Amsterdam with the closing of the mayor discos like Exit, Cockring etc and violence like this is really losing its gays capital title very fast. Berlin and Paris are already much better in Europe.

Gay news; big gay ice cream truck, swine flu and gaydar

13 08 2009

The big gay ice cream tuck is rolling through New York!. Doug Quint, a New York bassoonist decided to do something fun this summer and serves Mister Softee style ice cream with special toppings like Nutella, Nilla Wafer, Salt, Wasabi and Olive Oil. Sounds yummie!!

According to Malaysia’s state- run news agency people should quit having gay sex and masturbation in order to avoid getting swine flu. Normal sex is absolutely safe!! 

A New York Post article talks about how gaydars are not working anymore because straight men dress and act more gay and gay men act more butch. Because straight men now also wanna hang out with gay men and are more groomed and better dressed then ever it’s harder for woman to see who is gay and who just metrosexual. Luckily for us gays the gaydar is still working. A little tip from me; it’s all about the eye contact. Straight men don’t look at you longer then a fraction of a second, gay men on the other hand much longer.