Gay news, Malawi couple free, another reason to out closeted politicians, gays afraid to kiss in public, hate on U.S radio show

30 05 2010

Some great news from Africa yesterday. The president of Malawi Bingu Wa Mutharaki pardoned to gay couple previously sentenced to 14 years in jail after talks with UN leader Ban Ki-moon. He still thought they did something that was a crime against the country’s culture religion and law but out of humanity pardoned them even though he does not agree with what they did. Seems like the foreign pressure did help.

California Senator Roy Ashburn, who recently was outed as gay admitted in an interview that during his career he voted against gay issues out of fear his secret would be revealed. He said with it he denied gays basic rights and was ashamed of it. Another reason closeted politicians need to be outed.

A survey in the U.K showed that 61% of gay men are afraid to show affection in public. They are hesitant to kiss/hold hands ,only 6% of straight couples feel the same. Pretty bad, wonder what that is in the U.S. I never hold hands with my boyfriend in public but do kiss upon seeing him. Not slobbery, just a hello kiss and that should be fine.

A Minnesota christian ministry, tied to tea-bagger favorite, the horrible Michelle Bachman, praised the Muslims for their call to execute gays in the U.S on a radio show. The host Bradlee Dean goes on about gays being predators, destroying lives and God raising an enemy for the U.S to kill the gays. Such loving people.

Gay news; Calendar of horrors, hospital should be ashamed, Canadian gays unfairly detained in Dubai

30 09 2009


A new calendar comes out for 2010 that will not be featured in many gay households for sure or maybe only as dartboard. It’s called Great American Conservative Woman calendar and features beauty queen Carrie Prejean, hate monger Ann Coulter and bigot Senator Michele Bachmann. Barf, barf, barf.

  The Federal Court dismissed the lawsuit from a lesbian mother, Jessica Langbehn,(who could not be with her dying girlfriend) against Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Her girlfriend suffered an aneurysm on a Rosie cruise and even after a power of attorney naming Langbehn was sent to the hospital, she was still refused access to her partner. She was only able to see her partner when a priest was giving last rites. According to the Federal Court the hospital did not have any obligation to let Langbehn see het partner. I only have one word for this, ridiculous.

A gay couple was detained for 28 days in Dubai for having arthritis drugs with them. The couple was only staying one day in UAE after being on vacation in India and before flying back to Toronto. The custom official probably thought they were gonna be partying in Dubai and that this was drugs to do that with. Both men were not given a chance to contact a lawyer, slept on a filthy prison floor and were held an additional 11 days after being declared innocent!!. A good reason to never visit Dubai, no matter how cool it might be!