Gossip; Sir Elton John to become a dad, Barton not crazy but ‘just in pain”, sex toys sale illegal in Alabama

13 09 2009

Elton John might adopt a baby from the Ukraine. Little Lev lives in a foster home in the east of the Ukraine and has stolen Elton’s heart. Even though his partner has wanted kids for a long time Elton did not think it would fit with his lifestyle. Now he has changed his mind, but I wonder if it will all work out. At least in the Netherlands there is an age limit for people who want to adopt and Elton is already 67. I hope it works out for them though, he seems like a good guy.

Mischa Barton came to “the View last week to discuss her mental breakdown and institutionalizing a few weeks back. According to Mischa it was all due to problems with her wisdom teeth. She had surgery gone wrong and a lot of tooth pain and stress from upcoming work. Well, I had my share of tooth problems a few times and even though it can be terrible at times it does not make a sane person go literally insane. Doing too much drugs though, definitely can.

Selling sex toys is still illegal in Alabama. The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 to uphold the ban because selling sex toys is morally offensive. People can have them in private but distribution is not allowed. What age do they live in over there!!??


17 07 2009

Actress Mischa Barton is involuntary held at a psychiatric ward in Cedars Sinai. It’s under the same code Britney Spears was held last year. She is rumored to have a huge drug problem so it’s not a surprise. The way her weight fluctuates in short periods of time was already a strong indication and had cranked out behavior of course.

Tito Jackson claims Michael’s kids are his biological kids. Who still believes that?? They look nothing like him and have not an inch of African American blood in them.

Amy Winehouse got officially divorced from her terrible husband Blake. He was such a terrible influence on her so good it’s definitely over now.

Two people got killed and several injured during the build up of a show from Madonna in Marseille, because the podium crashed. Of course the concert was cancelled.

Josh Waring, son of Lauri from the real Housewives of Orange County got arrested again from drug dealing. He was on probation from his last arrest so will go to jail for a long time now. Lauri did such a good job on her kids, bitch was too busy getting botox and going to playboy parties.