Gay gossip news, Roseanne attacks Marie Osmond/mormon church, Christian Siriano, Barbara Walters/Ricky Martin

7 03 2010

Roseanne has not made herself popular with the Osmond family and mormons in general. She attacked Marie Osmond for being part of a church that hates gays and destroyed Marie’s gay son. She thinks Marie should distance herself from that church and should not talk about how her faith helped her through all this. I love Roseanne but maybe this was not the time to do this, so shortly after the death, besides Marie has been vocal in her support for gay rights and her lesbian daughter. I do agree that it is toxic for gay kids to be raised in a mormon church though and i love how Roseanne has always stuck up for gay rights.

Christian Siriano, everyone’s favorite pocket-size fierce person, is getting his own reality show on Bravo. The winner of Project Runway will follow him as he sets up a new shop and launches his clothing line.

Barbara Walters has some regrets about interviews she did with her Oscar specials, like interviewing the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles(wtf). The question she regrets most in her entire career is pushing Ricky Martin hard to admit he was gay. according to her people say it destroyed his career. I think she gives herself too much credit here. Ricky has just not made good music like he used too and no one thought he was straight anyway.

Gay news, Crazy mormons, Buju Banton afraid of losing more money, Gay student wants teacher fired

14 10 2009

A good example of ” How dare you” came last night when I read that a Mormon elder(pretty high ranked) delivered a speech at the Brigham Young University claiming that the backlash from gays against the Mormon Church was similar to the way blacks were treated in the South during the civil rights movement. He probably forgot about all the money the Mormon Church put into their fight against gay equality everywhere in the U.S. What a buffoon.

Homophobic singer Buju Banton, the dancehall artist that sings about killing gays in one of his songs, talked to some SF gay activist last week. While some gay bloggers call it a step forward, I think the man is just feeling the financial backlash of all his cancelled concerts in the U.S because of his lyrics.

An Illinois gay student wants his teacher fired for some very anti-gay comments. The teacher was discussing with his students about the National Endowment for the Arts and said, “How would you feel about your tax dollars going to pay some black fag in New York to take pictures of other black fags. He made the same remark to all his students that day. Hope the asshole gets fired, he is not a role model to students in any way. Does he even think for a seconds he has any gay kids in his classes. Guess not or he does not care.

Gay news

21 07 2009

It was Pink Monday again yesterday at one of the biggest carnival fairs in the Netherlands. Every year since 1990 Tilburg turns pink for 300.000 gays, drag queens and lesbians from all over Europe riding the swings and bumper cars. The theme this year was Be Gay for a day.

Gay and Mormons clashed at a third demonstration over the kiss at a Mormon owned square in Salt Lake City( I have reported about that before on this blog). According to the gays is was just a modest kiss and according to the Mormons it was lewd behavior. This was the third kiss-in that was organized by the gay community and 100 gays came to the square to protest. This time though the Mormons had some counter protesters that kept going on about that is was bad for kids to see gay people kissing. Kids don’t care about men kissing at all, as long as their parents talk about gays in a normal way.

A  gay teen was bullied at a 4H camp in Virginia while counsellors were outside at the porch and not checking in on the kids for the 1.5 hours the teasing went on. Feel sad for the 15y old kid. I was teased about my sexuality at about that age as well at school. It never made me cry but it did turn me from a sensitive and caring boy into a person with a shielded outlook that did not care about others at all for a few years.

Gay kissing in the US ends in handcuffs again

13 07 2009

And not in a good way… Two men were handcuffed and briefed last Thursday in Salt Lake City after kissing on a plaza owned by the Mormon church. WTF and why this happening in America. Of course the police and a church spokesperson act say it wasn’t because they were gay. I think everyone that knows the Mormon church knows better then that by now. The LGBT community held a kiss-in as a protest today at the Mormon owned Main Street Plaza.