Gay news, 14-year-old gay basher caught, GOP Montana thinks gays are criminal, Supreme Court rules pro-gay again, anti-gay Tariq Ramadan sues Rotterdam

29 06 2010

In Amsterdam police arrested a 14-year-old gay basher. He was one in a group of 3 to attack 2 gay men back in early june. They spit on one of the gay man and when he was saying something about it they hit him in. The other 2 are still on the loose. He was not Moroccan for a change, but black.

One of the issues on the new platform for the Republican Party in Montana is to keep gay sex illegal. Cause being gay is criminal people!!! Ridiculous for a U.S state in the year 2010.

With a 5-4 vote the Supreme Court has decided that the University of California’s Hasting Law School can deny recognition of the School’s Christian Legal Society because it refuses to admit gays. They think that is against their core belief. Hastings’ thinks no campus group can deny people based on sexuality. Totally agree. Judge Kennedy was the swing vote and might be important if the same-sex marriage debate gets to that court.

Tariq Ramadan, the fired integration adviser of Rotterdam wants 50.000 bucks from the city. Ramadan has been extremely negative about gays in the past which led to an investigation after which he could stay but that caused the Libertarians to get out of the city council. A while back he was eventually fired because he also worked for Iranian government financed TV. Now he feels his dignity and honor is lost because of what happened. I think he should get lost.

Over 50% of Moroccan youth commits crime in NL

25 06 2010

According to a survey done by criminologist and migration researchers for a criminology magazine over 50% of Moroccan youth under 22 has committed a crime in the Netherlands. They are the youngest on average when they come in contact with police, 17.6 years and most often, 4.1 times. Not a surprise, still shocking numbers though.

Gay news; homophobic attack in Amsterdam on straight man, Anne Frank diary deemed to filthy for school, Obama keeps disappointing

30 01 2010

A straight older man in Amsterdam who works above the store Gays&Gadgets was standing in font of the store holding a bag from the gay store when 2 younger guys(look Moroccan) started shouting abusive things to the guy and when he walks after them to confront them one of the guys kicks the older guy who kicks back, falls on the floor and the Moroccan guy starts kicking him some more. This was all on camera and that is another sign only cameras at gay hotspots does not help. More police and heavier sentences for the homophobes are the only things that might help.

A revised version of the Diary of Anne Frank called “The Definite Edition” has been pulled by a school system in Virginia. The book that was published on the 50th anniversary of her death in a concentration camp and had according to a parent it had sexually explicit material and homosexual undertones referencing to a passage where Anne has a crush on another girl. Such an important book, one of the most important in the world ever and people complain that their teens read something about a girl-girl crush. Ridiculous.

Obama keeps disappointing the gays by only making promises and not doing anything real. He has promised once more in his State of the Union that Don’t Ask, don’t tell will be repealed, but he did this already before and still nothing has happened on this issue. And during a Town Hall meeting when he was asked about the issue of gay marriage the only thing he came up with was the old and boring gays should be able to go to the hospital when their partner is dying. Dodging the question because he is against it and does not want to upset the gays even more. Especially as a black man he should be in favor of equality.

Chasing the devil out

6 11 2009

Parents of an 18-year old Moroccan girl from Antwerp, Belgium, who tried to chase the devil out of her were arrested this week. The girl who came out as a lesbian was possessed by demons according to her parents. During an Islamic cleaning ritual they poured extremely hot water over the girl who later died as a burn victim. Super super sad, hope the parents rot in jail the rest of their lives.

Organizer gay pride Amsterdam beaten

24 07 2009

Hugo Braakhuis, former owner of gay bar Montmartre, was kissing a friend after a night out at the Rembrandtsplein in Amsterdam when he and his friend here called faggots. His friend was then pulled on the street and was kicked multiple times, suffering bruises and cuts. The police was there and arrested 4 men. Surprise, surprise, almost all were Moroccan. Shame this can happen in gay capital Amsterdam.

10 Moroccan boys arrested for inappropriately touching girls

18 07 2009

This happened in a swimming pool in Ridderkerk in the Western part of the Netherlands. They were in the ages between 12-15. Problems of this nature with young Moroccan boys have been happening for a couple years now every summer in swimming pools all over the Netherlands. This is what happens in a culture where men are allowed everything and are being treated like little princes. When I used to go to gay establishments back home there were often Moroccan men that would not take no for an answer and kept following and approaching me, after making very clear multiple times I wasn’t interested. Seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here.

Amsterdam taxi war costs lives now

6 07 2009

A 44 year old customer got killed by a fist in his face by a 37 year old taxi driver. He fell to the ground and was pronounced dead right away. This incident is the fatal low-point problems at taxi stands like Leidseplein and Central Station for years. Taxi drivers don’t wait for their turn and steal other taxi driver’s customers. The often foreign tourists get screwed over by mostly Moroccan taxi drivers that refuse short drives or ask ridiculous prices for it. I have had the same problem with my boyfriend sometimes. We talk English while getting in the cab and the driver(Moroccan) asks for a ludicrous price for a ¬†short drive or we have been refused as well. During this incident the customer wanted to go to a place 10/15 minutes outside of Amsterdam in the middle of the night and the driver asked for 50 !! Euros. The customer made a fuck you sign and then the driver stormed towards him and punched the guy. Hope the local government is really gone do something about this right away.