Gay news, Anita bitch back, gay basher in NY gets nothing, Today Show and the gays, Broadway Bares

10 07 2010

The original Carrie Prejean, anti-gay beauty queen Anita Bryant will be back in the public eye. She will be in Yukon, Oklakoma for a patriotic performance. It is basically for a group against muslims and gays(cause they are similar?!) It will also coincide with the local Tea Party. Prejean ,who of course is not nearly as bad as Bryant was, got married last weekend to pro football player San Diego quarterback Kyle Boller. She did it in style, at the hotel of anti-gay Doug Manchester.

Driton Nicaj assaulted 3 gay man in 2009 and only got 45 days, less than Lindsay Lohan. Two men required stitches and one men even a metal plate in his skull while he used anti-gay slurs. Apparently the judges think this is not severe. Unbelievable. And why is it so often in civilized places like the Netherlands and New York a non local sounding name?? Those people should go back to their own countries if they cannot be civil in ours.

The Today Show got a lot of slack from pro-gay people by not letting gay couples enter their ” Modern Wedding Contest”. They eventually agreed it was not fair and opened the contest for gays as well. Now of course the right-wing bigots are all up in arms. The American Family Association for instance wants people to boycott the Today show from now on for promoting this “sinful behavior.” Poor Today Show, can’t do it right for everyone. But they did the right thing in my eyes.

Broadway Bares is a yearly show from Broadway Cares in which stars of the theatre strip and dance for HIV/AIDS. They raised an amazing 1 million dollars this year. I have never been but after seeing this footage, count me in for next year!!

Gay news, Malawi couple free, another reason to out closeted politicians, gays afraid to kiss in public, hate on U.S radio show

30 05 2010

Some great news from Africa yesterday. The president of Malawi Bingu Wa Mutharaki pardoned to gay couple previously sentenced to 14 years in jail after talks with UN leader Ban Ki-moon. He still thought they did something that was a crime against the country’s culture religion and law but out of humanity pardoned them even though he does not agree with what they did. Seems like the foreign pressure did help.

California Senator Roy Ashburn, who recently was outed as gay admitted in an interview that during his career he voted against gay issues out of fear his secret would be revealed. He said with it he denied gays basic rights and was ashamed of it. Another reason closeted politicians need to be outed.

A survey in the U.K showed that 61% of gay men are afraid to show affection in public. They are hesitant to kiss/hold hands ,only 6% of straight couples feel the same. Pretty bad, wonder what that is in the U.S. I never hold hands with my boyfriend in public but do kiss upon seeing him. Not slobbery, just a hello kiss and that should be fine.

A Minnesota christian ministry, tied to tea-bagger favorite, the horrible Michelle Bachman, praised the Muslims for their call to execute gays in the U.S on a radio show. The host Bradlee Dean goes on about gays being predators, destroying lives and God raising an enemy for the U.S to kill the gays. Such loving people.

Anti-gay muslim girl denied to host racism event

26 05 2010

The organization of Rhythm against Racism, an event in Amsterdam has decided they do not want their original host muslim girl Jihad Alariachi after protests from several internet-sites and magazines. The event is about tolerance and solidarity and Jihad hosted a show on dutch tv called Girls from Halal a few years back in which she said she does not accept gay muslim and Islam and homosexuality do not go together. Her show was about some (not too smart) muslim girls in dutch society, all in full burka and it was super annoying. People like her ruin it for the normal muslims in the Netherlands. Good she misses out on some extra cash trying to promote tolerance that she absolutely does not have herself. The funny thing is she is super pissed about the while thing and whines it is unfair because she might not accept gays but does not want them beaten up. How sweet huh. I put a clip of the show on here, but it is in dutch so just to get an idea.

Body scan not for muslims!!

16 02 2010

The Fiqh Council of North America said about that last week during a convention and made it a fatwa. They do not want women and girls going through the scan because someone sees them naked then. Yeah right, they are the reason the body scan needs to be there!!. Last time flying to the U.S I was nervous the whole time because there was a muslim guy in a dress behind me. I am all for the body scans. If they do not like it, then they should not fly.

It should not get any crazier then this, Race Riots in the Netherlands

7 01 2010

Yes, you read it correct. Not in Africa or Asia but in the fucking Netherlands. In the town of Culemborg in the centre of our country groups of Moroccans(Islam) and Moluccas(a christian island group of Indonesia) are fighting each other.It is so bad that people are not allowed congregate in groups bigger then 4 on the streets over there. For years there have been troubles between these groups but since last september when a Moroccan and Moluccas guy got into a fight in a restaurant things have gotten out of control. A 15-year old Moluccas girl identified a Moroccan guy that put a car on fire to the police a few weeks ago and as a retaliation a group of 5 Moroccans in a car drove into a group of Moluccas with the 15-year old girl in their midst. Now people out of both groups from all over the country have promised to come to Culemborg to fight. A small group of Moluccas were a problem in the Netherlands in the 70’s but since then they have integrated very well into the dutch society unlike a lot of Moroccans. But the Moluccas are not taken any crap from anyone unlike lots of dutch people who keep on sugar-coating Moroccan behavior and that is why there are altercations now. Hope the dutch politicians finally learn something from this and take actions before it is too late.

Gay news; 3 stories about people that get discriminated themselves, but do the same to gays

16 10 2009

The Muslim football team that first refused to play a gay team, then said they would and then again backed out are being kicked out of their local Paris league for discrimination. Well done Paris, this was just too ridiculous. Muslims always yell that they don’t get any respect. Well, let them show others respect for a change.

ABC news had an interview with a latino thug that was friends with the guys that beat down Jack Price this weekend, something I blogged about earlier this week. The guy is proudly showing of his tattoo with the Leviticus quote, “A man shall not lay with a male as one does with a woman, it’s an abomination”  and then says it was not an anti-gay hate-crime and that the Price had it coming for blowing kisses at him and other guys in the Queens Area.Luckily Price is out of his coma now. I get so sick of the gay panic defense/hiding behind religion that is used as a stupid excuse for such violence. Well with a tattoo like that you are not very believable as it comes to not hating gays!! And if there is a God he would certainly not accept beating up an innocent man like that.

A lesbian woman was the victim of some anti-gay abuse at the National Equality March by a group of black teenage skateboarders. They threw a jug at her and her girlfriend and when she asked who did it, one girl came forward and asked if she had a problem with that. When she answered back “yes, why did you do this” , the black girl answered that she was a bitch and a dyke. The lesbian woman started to reason with the girl and told her she was black and her great-great grandparents might have been slaves and then all hell broke loose. The black girl started screaming the lesbian called her a nigger and  a slave and started to hit her and the gf with her skateboard and the other group of skateboarders came aggressively closer as well. Luckily police showed up and arrested the black girl. As much as I hate to say this, behavior like this seems to be pretty common in the black community and they should be fucking ashamed of themselves. Most gays have always stood behind acceptance of black and what do we get in return. My acceptance personally is getting less and less

Gay news, Muslims refuse to play against gays, drag queens beat up thugs

8 10 2009

A football team in Paris consisting of gays and some heterosexuals of all different races and religions was refused by a team mainly made-up by Muslims, called Bebel, for a friendly match. According to the Muslims it was against their principles to play against gays. WTF. What does playing soccer against gays have to do with principles?? Everybody has to accept Muslims, but they can’t accept others.

Some thugs in Swansea, Wales wanted to pick a fight with some drag queens, but they picked the wrong ones. The drag queens were actually cage-fighters on the town for a stag night and punched the thugs a few times in the face before teetering off on their high-heels only to stop to gather the purse they dropped during the fight. Hilarious!!

American Footballer Scott Fujita, a New Orleans Saints linebacker, has talked during an interview on how he supports the National Equality March and equal rights for gays in a great articulate manner. I think it’s great American Footballers also finally start to speak up for gays. I think that is very important for the way some people view gays. These men are really role-models for Middle America.

Gay news; education leads to gay tolerance, Lil Mama, gay&Muslims

3 09 2009

In Florida a study that was done after the passing of the anti-gay marriage Amendment showed that education was 5 times as important then race in support of gay marriage. It found that each additional one percent increase in bachelor’s degrees in a county correlated with one percent increase in support of gay marriage. Meaning education leads to greater tolerance. Not a surprise here, most anti-gay people are just dumb idiots. And now that is even factual.

Rapper and judge of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV, rapper Lil Mama has issued an apology for grilling a transgender dancer from the fabulous groups Vogue Evolution a bit too much. She told Leiomy ,who was acting like a real bitch/diva behind the scenes that her behavior was unacceptable and is she was gonna become a woman she should behave like a lady. Lil Mama said her comments were never meant to be disrespectful to the transgender community and I totally believe her. I mean I love Vogue Evolution(can’t wait every week to see on YouTube what they have come up with) but Lil Mama was right here in the first place. Some gay groups want an apology for everything. She even said in a previous episode that it takes a transgender woman to bring to femininity of Beyonce. 

At a conference on Islam held in Indonesia, moderate Muslim scholars issued a statement calling homosexuality normal  and created by God. They say there is no reason to reject gays homosexuals under Islam and that the condemnation of homosexuality by Muslims is based on narrow-minded interpretations of the Koran. A small step in the right direction but right away 2 conservative Islamic groups responded by condemning gays. Still a very long if impossible way to go there.