Olympics day 9,openly lesbian Ireen Wust wins 1500m, another gold for Holland, biathlon

22 02 2010

After the beginning of this week for the speed skater at the Olympics were a little disappointing, since thursday everything changed majorly. 2 Gold, silver and bronze. Wust is a former olympic winner, world and european champion and came out last year. Her form the last 2 season was not always great but she brought it when it mattered most. I was hoping for a medal for her but did not expect gold. The favorite for me was Kristina Groves from Canada and she took home the silver. Martina Sablikova had a phenomenal last round and won the bronze. Wust’s race was perfection, fast opening and also a great last round. Margot Boer from the Netherlands was the number 4 and is pretty unlucky with a 4th, 6th, and 4th place. Both Canadian and Dutch TV pointed out her girlfriend and showed them hugging, NBC of course did not.

At the biathlon it was a great day for the German Girls at the Mass Start, my favorite race. Magdalena Neuner won her second gold medal and Simone Hauswald Denkinger won the bronze. In between them was Russia’s Olga Zaitseva.

Gay news; new Will&Grace, rugby against homophobia

19 08 2009

The murderer of New York transwoman Lateisha Green gets the maximum sentence of 25 years. The murderer 20year old Dwight Delee says he is a young man, no monster and did not mean to kill her. But he did , so I think he deserves every year of his sentence. According to witnesses he used anti-gay slurs before shooting a precious life.

Members of the Australian National Football team are fighting homophobia in a photo campaign. Players are holding signs that say “All gay men are weaklings?? reject stereotypes accept people”. And “Everyone deserves a sporting chance, stand up against homophobia.” It is certainly time for some American team to do a similar thing. “Manly sports” like rugby in Australia and soccer in Europe have done the same, now it’s time for the NFL.

NBC is producing a new sitcom revolving around two male best friends. One is straight and the other one is gay. Former Will& Grace executive producer and co- showrunner Gary Janetti will debut the show. I still love watching old Will& Grace re-runs, so if it is anything like that I will certainly tune in.

Bruno being sued by bingo player

4 06 2009

Both Sasha Baron Cohen as NBC universal are being sued by Richelle Olsen. She says Bruno hit her and thanks to him she is now in a wheel chair. After she was displeased with his vulgar talk during a bingo game she tried to get his microphone and during a scuffle, she fell on the floor and was attacked by other crew-members. She passed out and according to her suffered 2 brain injuries. 

If this is all true it is really sad for the woman, but I doubt this is the whole story. Also ,why did she not sue earlier since this apparently happened in 2007.