Netherlands in final World Championships soccer

7 07 2010

I am not a big soccer fan, even though I played it as a kids for 8 years, but this is worth mentioning. The Netherlands made it to the final of the World Championships 2010 in South Africa and an estimated 3/4 dutch people watched the end last night. They won every match they played so far and beat Brazil and Uruguay in their last 2 matches. The win over Brazil was definitely very memorable. Holland has never won a World Championship, but did win the European one in 1988 with Gullit and Van Basten. I hope the final will be against Germany, their old-time rival. Germany is probably the better team and definitely mentally often has the upper hand, but anything can happen in a final. I will be watching sunday-night because I am invited to a soccer party. Last matches I watched were those of my nephews who might eventually become good enough for the dutch soccer team in 2025 or something. At least that is what they all think!! Love the fact that my boyfriend in New York is all into the soccer. He is a bigger fan than me for the Dutch.

Steffi Graf’s children’s tennis rackets

26 03 2010

That is a coincidence. Just on the day I am gonna buy my nephews 4 new kids’ tennis rackets because the big ones do not work that well yet, I read Steffi has them as well. She has a line called Steffi 21 for Head. Graf has always been my idol so I buy everything Steffi, unfortunately I doubt they are already in dutch stores. Look forward to seriously teach my nephews how to play tennis.