Global warming???

10 01 2010

In the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain there is more snow and colder temperatures than we have seen in years. Airports being closed, weather alarms almost every day, not enough salt to make the roads less slippery. Combined with the extreme weather in the U.S where such as in Key West there were temperatures in the 40’s, colder than in 150 year you got to wonder how bad the global warming is. The earth overall might get a little warmer but there is no proof that the cause is man-made. With the economic crisis and the terrorism threat there are a lot more important things too worry about then the Al Gore bullshit. Wonder if more people disagree with all this or agree.

Key West

13 12 2009

My bf and I left for Key West 2 weeks ago and even though we are back for a week already it is still hard to get adjusted to the New York life. Key West is simply awesome. We went there last year and had  great and active time. We saw a lot of the old houses that are restored into mini-museums now, like the Hemingway house. We went on a dolphin tour and saw cute young dolphins swimming right next to our boat, we para-sailed( scary but lots of fun) and visited the small butterfly conservatory where there is just an explosion of color and movement. This year though we took it easy at our great rental house Viva on Duval, a huge white 2-story house with 3 bedrooms and private pool. It’s an old cuban house with great wooden floors and antiques. If you have the money and it’s available, this place is a huge recommendation. Bring your earplugs though because in Key West, chickens en roosters walk around free and are not afraid to go into your private garden at 5.45 in the morning to wake you up. The weather was perfect for most of the time, sunny and warm(mid 80’s) but not humid like it is in the Netherlands or New York with that temperature. Our two favorite things about Key West are the open-mindedness of the people shown for example in the piano-bars and the many drag-cabaret bars across town.. And number one the fantastic food. We ate at great people watching spots with delicious food like Martin’s( with lots of german-inspired fare, like the irresistable apple strudel) and 915(try the tuna dome!!). For great outdoor seating right next to the ocean bring a visit to Louie’s Backyard in a monumental renovated old house. One of the best lamb-dishes we ever had was at Cafe Marquesa where they also have the nicest staff on the Island. At Pisces they have great french cuisine with a modern twist. Key West has really stolen our hearts and will remain there for a long time, together with Provincetown it is my favorite place in the world.

anti-gay bigot parade, NFL player, Joe the Plumber and more

28 10 2009

Yesterday I watched the fantastic musical Hairspray in the Netherlands. The dutch version really rivals Broadway and was hilarious. Watching this and so rooting for the right thing, aka equality between white and black to happen, it’s very annoying to read the following two examples in the news.

First the african american NFL player Larry Johnson, a running back for the Kansas Chiefs, who told two reporters to get their faggot asses out of the locker room and later directing similar language to a fan on Twitter. He apologized after pressure from the Kansas Chiefs but only to his team and kids that see him as a role model. Not to gays of course. He has been arrested for beating up girlfriends so he was not much of a role model to begin with.

And then an african american woman who goes biblically nuts at the Washington D.C. marriage equality hearing using God, reproduction, calling gays dogs, using the devil, demons and slavery to make her point against gay marriage.

Of course there are also white bigots. Proof yesterday was the interview with Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber. He was at Joy Behar’s show and she did definitely put him in his place, but what an idiot!. He calls homosexuality wrong, does not want his children to be around gays and says basically all pedophiles and that being gay is a lifestyle choice. When Joy asks him why people would wanna be gays if they are chastised by people like him he act like he has nothing against. The guy is stupid, a homophobe and why is the loser even famous?? People should not even interview him anymore

World’s best/worst lovers

2 10 2009

A survey under 1500 well-traveled woman over the world shows where they think the best and the worst men to have sex with live.  I will type them down and after that i will do my own top 5, I think I have a very wide variety of countries under my belt so I can do this just as fair as these ladies. Obviously gay man and straight man are not the same. I disagree on many occasions, I think German’s aren’t stinky, I like that American’s are a little rough and I think both French and Spanish lovers are selfish and uninteresting. I do agree that the Dutch aren’t that great(except for myself of course!! and Brazilians are fantastic in the sack!!

Women’s best         Women’s worst                      My best                    My worst

Spain                              Germany                              Brazil                        France

Brazil                              England                               U.S                              Spain

Italy                               Sweden                               Germany                  Poland

France                          Holland                                 England                   Dutch

Ireland                         America                                Australia                 Norwegian

Gay news; Catholics to fast against gay marriage, anti-gay assault in Hell’s Kitchen and justice in Salt Lake City

28 09 2009

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine is encouraging the State’s Catholics to take part in a 40-day prayer and fasting campaign to convince God to stop Gay Marriage. In the Netherlands the Catholic church would not even say things like that anymore for being ridiculed, the one in the U.S. seems as strict and anti-gay as the Vatican. I think that a God that made people gay, would want them to be able to get married.

In the Hell’s Kitchen area of NYC right in front of McCoys bar, a gay man and his friends were attacked in an anti-gay assault. A cigarette was thrown at them and when they turned around a man told them” Keep moving, Faggot”. words were exchanged and then the man threw one gay man against a car, denting it and punched another one a few times on his lip. That this happened in a gay-friendly part of Manhattan is a shock in itself but more so that the NYPD came and did nothing, no arrest not even taken the guy’s information. I knew cops all over the U.S treat gays badly but in Manhattan??

In Salt Lake City a gay man,D.J. Bell has been acquitted of burglary and kidnapping charges in a case jurors called a waste of time. Two kids age 2 and 4 came to their gay neighbors house because their Polynesian family Latu had a rowdy drunken party all night and the kids could not sleep and felt unsafe. When the family later found out that the kids were at the gay couple’s house, they severely beat up the gay couple. The defense team is now looking into filing charges against Bell’s attackers. It’s unbelievable this case even went to court, the Latu family should be going to jail themselves.

Hitler and safe-sex

9 09 2009

There has been a lot of commotion in the Netherlands about a safe-sex ad where two people are making love in a soft-core setting and focus and in the end the face of the man having sex turns into that of Hitler with the message ‘Aids is mass-murderer’. There are also posters with the face of Hitler and the same message. I thought it was a very powerful and great ad but most people(80%) at my parents’ local radio station thought it was inappropriate and so did my parents. Too many people here have been in some way badly harmed by Hitler’s politics and it brings back negative thoughts for many dutch people. Seeing Hitler pop up like that is for them to much. But they can’t avoid seeing Hitler period at certain TV-shows or magazines is my thought and why is this so much different. But the bigger issue for me is even though it’s a powerful ad, does it really make people have more safe-sex??

gay news; Ru Paul’s drag race, Hurricanes

23 08 2009

One of my favorite tv-shows, Ru Paul’s drag race is coming to the Netherlands. I watched all the American episodes religiously but can’t wait to see it here on TV as well. Ongina, Chanel and Nina Flowers were my favorites. We actually had a drag show on TV here over 10 years ago but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as the American version. A great blend of Project Runway, America’s Next Top model and drag-queen bitchiness. 

The evangelical church in the U.S. has lifted it’s ban on sexually active gays and lesbians serving as ministers. 68% of the 1000 members of the national assembly agreed with the lifting of the ban. That is some great news for some but doom for others. According to John Piper, pastor of the Bethlehem baptist church blamed the tornado that hit Minneapolis last week on the assembly even talking about allowing gays. We gays sure are powerful with nature, blamed for Katrina, tsunami and now this.