Dog shoots owner

14 07 2010

A guy in New Zealand got shot by his dog last friday. He and his friends butchered a pig and were ready to go home in their truck. The dog owner was sitting in the back of the car next to the gun and doggy got a little too excited and jumped on the gun, shooting the guy in the left cheek of his ass.

Town for sale

26 06 2010

Want to own a little town?? You can! For half a million euros you can buy a little place in New Zealand with a train station, cafe, school, city council and 18 houses. The former owners bought it in 1998 because they felt sorry for it but are getting too old to take care of it now. The town is in a national park and I think it is a bargain.

Eating at funerals

4 06 2010

Most people hate going to funerals but not a certain man from New Zealand. He went to 4 a week of people he did not even know. And that all for the food, he ate there and filled up  his Tupperware and it was off to the next one. Seems a bit like someone on Six Feet Under. Besides since when is there anything else than dry cake or nasty sandwiches at funerals.

Top 10 meat-eating countries(per capita)

31 05 2010

The number 1 is the world’s smallest Island nation called Nauru. These Pacific Islanders do not eat local stuff though but mostly processed fatty meat ,shipped in from neighboring Australia. 78% is obese!!

2 Argentina( not surprise), 3 Australia, 4 Portugal, 5, New Zealand ,6 Austria, 7 Greece(surprised, also lots of fish I thought),  8 Monaco , 9 U.S.( not a surprise) 10, Ireland. I am surprised Germany is not on the list. I gotta say I love my meat as well, in that way I am more American than Dutch.

Selling virginity is legal

4 02 2010

A 19-year old girl from New Zealand auctioned it off on the internet for 23.000 euros. She wants to pay for her university education with the money. Prostitution is legal in New Zealand so authorities could not do anything about this. Good for her, if she needs the money it is an easy way to get it.

13 year old girl wants to sail solo around the world

30 08 2009

Dutch Laura Dekker wants to sail across the Atlantic, along Australia, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean in 2 years. All by herself. Her parents support her, but the Dutch Government does not. The girl has been on the water her whole life, at 6 she already sailed alone over lakes and this year she has already sailed alone to England. Because the Dutch Child Protection Services want to lower the power of her parents to make decisions Laura wants to move to New Zealand(where she was born) to fulfill her wish. While I already think it’s irresponsible to let your 13 year old sail alone for a week to England, I guess the fact that she is really mature for her age and an experienced sailor makes up a bit for that. But no kid in their puberty should be alone for 2 years no matter how good they can sail. What when there is no wind for days on parts of the Ocean, you don’t move and are going through puberty mood swings?? Or pirates try to kidnap you?? That is hard enough for grown-up men. I thought at 13 as well I could do it all alone and would be fine all by myself, and boy was I wrong later years proved.