Gossip, Cynthia Nixon, Barbara Walters,Tom Cruise/Scientology, Bethenny (RHONY) a mom

12 05 2010

Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon’s partner is a very very masculine woman called Christine Marinoni, really short hair, no make-up, men’s clothing etc. In an interview with gay magazine the Advocate she called her girlfriend basically a short man with boobs and that is how she likes them!! Pity for her Selma Green from Big Love is not a real person, haha. Just kidding, I love that there is one for everyone out there.

Leading lady of the View, Barbara Walters(80) is having heart surgery. She shocked the audience this week that she has a faulty heart valve repaired. She will be recovering for 3 months and then back to the View. Hope she will be fine.

Tom Cruise’s “friend” and Scientology leader David Miscagive secretly taped the confession Tom made during his divorcing of Nicole Kidman and showed the tapes to his friends as entertainment. I bet they were super funny. Cruise must be so full of insecurities and self-hate.

Real Housewives from NY, Bethenny Frenkel became the mother of a baby girl this week. The kid, Bryn Hoppy was tiny ( 4 lbs) because Bethenny still wanted to stay “skinny”, I guess. I loathe that bitch so badly. I cannot understand why people seem to be on her side in the fight against Jill Zarin.

Gossip; Miss Jay a dad!!!??? Madonna meet the in-laws, Sharapova’s new boyfriend, Kidman and Paltrow play lovers

11 11 2009

The next headline came as a huge shocker to me. Miss Jay from America’s Next Top Model is a dad!!! He and his ex-boyfriend were asked by a french lesbian woman to donate their sperm. Jay’s ex is the real dad but they both see their son regularly and Jay already loved it that the 7-year old has a great sense of fashion.

Madonna is in Brazil this week to meet the in-laws. A funny detail is that Madonna could technically almost be the mother of her boyfriend Jesus’ mother. Jesus’ mother got her son age 13 and is 15 years younger than Madonna. Wow, I wonder what she thinks about that affair then. She probably likes the fact that Madonna is rich, talented etc, but the age thing could be an issue for any mother.

Maria Sharapova has a new boyfriend, she is dating L.A Lakers guy Sasha Vujacic. She is 6’2 and he is 6’7, so they will get some huge kids(if they ever will of course)!!  I heard rumors that Sharapova was a lesbian but I guess those are not true.

Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow will play a couple in the new movie, the Danish Girl. It;s about one of the world’s first transsexual people Einar Wegener. Paltrow will be playing the role of the wife instead of Charlize Theron, who I personally like a lot better. Kidman can play a good tranny I think. There is something off about her face anyway after all the botox, so…



Gossip; Chaz Bono, Mugly attacked and more

20 08 2009

Chaz Bono(Cher’s former daughter, now son) and her girlfriend Jennifer Elia are hoping to start a family soon. The couple is looking around with the help of Cher for a sperm donor. The donor has to be creative, handsome and intelligent!!! Anyone??

The mother of Levi Johnston might go to prison for 5 years. Sherry pleaded guilty on possession of painkillers with the intent to sell. She suffered chronic back pain and had the OxyContin delivered per mail. She did not need that much though cause at three different occasions she tried to sell them to undercover police. She will be sentenced in November. Hope for her the judge is not a Palin supporter.

Project Runway starts with a bang this year and a totally wrinkle-free forehead. The sixth season begins with a 2 hour All Star Challenge with 8 of the favorite contestants of previous years. That will be awesome! And the guest-judge will be none other then wax figurine Nicole Kidman.

Britain’s ugliest dog Mugly was attacked this week by a group of teens. The almost hairless dog was kicked, punched and hit with a stick. Luckily a woman saw the attack and saved the dog. He is home now with bruises, cuts and is extremely shaken up. According to his owner he loves people and probably first thought it was a game. Poor thing, hope the bastards go to jail for a while.