96-year-old bungee jumper

14 04 2010

Mohr Keet  made a 210 meter jump from the Bloukransbridge in South Africa. It was his fifth overall jump and the 4th from this bridge. His 72-year !!!old daughter jumped right after him. The bridge is the highest bungee jump bridge in the world. Pretty cool for an old guy like that, I would not do it even at 31!

Bread from 1821

2 04 2010

A granny from England has the world’s oldest piece of bread. It is an easter bread baked on Good Friday 186 years ago. According to granny Nancy it was baked in the bakery of her ancestors and they never ate it because it was a present. Even though the bread is rock hard it has no mold on it, just like the legend tells you what happens when baking on Good Friday.

Dutch men do not change their socks every day

26 02 2010

Gross. For 50% of dutch men changing socks every day is not a given. 15% does not even change their underwear every day. How disgusting is that?? I definitely do and I think younger people I know do as well, for older people it might not be as standard. Curious how it would be in France!!

Gay marriage news;same-sex marriage in the Netherlands, marriage equality vote cancelled again in NY, Age very important for gay marriage

11 11 2009


The New York Times has an interesting article about how same-sex marriage has worked in the Netherlands.It has been legal since 2001 here, so there is enough time to see what impact it had on society. First of all there is no evidence that same-sex marriage changed how heterosexuals saw their marriage, an argument often used by anti-gay people in the U.S. I talked to my parents about this and they could not understand how people could say that in the U.S. Those people must not be secure about their own marriage was what my mother said, my parents were really stunned about this argument. The only thing that has changed in the Netherlands is how straight people see gay couples. They encourage gay couples to get married and think they should get married now that they have the opportunity. Unfortunately some states in the U.S are more than 20 years behind.

For the second time a promised marriage equality vote was not held in Albany New York yesterday. This summer it was promised by Patterson and senate and last week as well, but it has been postponed until 16/17 november. The Senate promised (again) they would vote on it this year. I am starting to have my doubts, they are so flaky over there.

According to some statistics it will only be a matter of time though before there is gay marriage in the U.S. Younger people 18-29 are in all but 12 states already in favor of gay marriage. In states like Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island those younger people are in favor between 70-75 %. People over 65 are only for 30-35% in favor of it. In the worst states like Utah, Mississippi and Alabama there is still a long way to go though. Young people favor gay marriage 30% and 65+ favor it with only 10%.


Gossip; Miss Jay a dad!!!??? Madonna meet the in-laws, Sharapova’s new boyfriend, Kidman and Paltrow play lovers

11 11 2009

The next headline came as a huge shocker to me. Miss Jay from America’s Next Top Model is a dad!!! He and his ex-boyfriend were asked by a french lesbian woman to donate their sperm. Jay’s ex is the real dad but they both see their son regularly and Jay already loved it that the 7-year old has a great sense of fashion.

Madonna is in Brazil this week to meet the in-laws. A funny detail is that Madonna could technically almost be the mother of her boyfriend Jesus’ mother. Jesus’ mother got her son age 13 and is 15 years younger than Madonna. Wow, I wonder what she thinks about that affair then. She probably likes the fact that Madonna is rich, talented etc, but the age thing could be an issue for any mother.

Maria Sharapova has a new boyfriend, she is dating L.A Lakers guy Sasha Vujacic. She is 6’2 and he is 6’7, so they will get some huge kids(if they ever will of course)!!  I heard rumors that Sharapova was a lesbian but I guess those are not true.

Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow will play a couple in the new movie, the Danish Girl. It;s about one of the world’s first transsexual people Einar Wegener. Paltrow will be playing the role of the wife instead of Charlize Theron, who I personally like a lot better. Kidman can play a good tranny I think. There is something off about her face anyway after all the botox, so…



Gossip; Rosie split, Lindsay Lohan looking old, still mystery surrounding Gately’s death

22 10 2009

Rosie O’Donnel and her partner Kelli Carpenter have really broken up and already don’t live together for months. Kelli and their youngest daughter Vivienne(who Carpenter carried) live in a New York condo, while Rosie lives with other three adopted kids in Nyack. According to Rosie they will stay a family though and still love each other very much. Hope they patch things up. I like Rosie but living with her seems very difficult. 

I just saw some new pictures from Lindsay Lohan and the girl looks at least 15 years older than she is. The wrinkles the receding hairline, fake lips and the tired eyes. Same goes for her sister, that girl is 16 but looking 30. I think that all the partying and having a set of awful parents is catching up with those two. I bet both will use botox before they hit 25, they already could use it now!

After the funeral and good-bye parties everyone was waiting for the results of Stephen Gately’s will. His boyfriend will get 11 million now that he Stephen passed away!. Giorgi, the Bulgarian student both men took back to their hotel room says he is on-the-run for the press, but not before leaving a cryptic message. According to him the circumstances surrounding Gately’s death were a little bizarre. First they were partying , then they went back to the hotel, did not have sex, but what happened after that he can’t say except that is wasn’t normal. Mmmmm?

100-year old Granny wins gold

14 10 2009

Australia’s Ruth Frith won a gold medal at the World Masters Games(Olympics for the oldies) in Sydney this weekend. She did not have to do much, because she was the only participant in her age category, 100-104. She threw a ball 4.07m. To get to this she bench presses, does not smoke or drink and does NOT eat her vegetables and advises everyone to leave the veggies off the plate!!