Gossip & News; John Edwards sex-tape, Bristol Palin no sex before marriage, fatties less discount at Whole Foods, Pope into self-harming

29 01 2010

Apparently there is a John Edwards sex-tape around that he made with his mistress Rielle Hunter. One of his ex-aides talks about it while promoting his up-coming book, The Politician. And apparently he not only is a big…., he also has one. What a fraud he turned out to be, my boyfriend was right from the beginning. Luckily his wife is now smart enough to break up with him.

Bristol Palin was with her mother talking to Oprah on her show and the little hypocrite is now promoting abstinence-only. So she can be fucked by her former bf but other girls can’t. Oprah was wondering how she could now say she was not gonna have sex until marriage even though she did not know when she was going to get married but Bristol vows to be celibate!! I predict she opens her legs for the first available boyfriend very soon.

The CEO of Whole Foods has been in the media a lot lately with his critique of Obama and the health care reform and now he is at it again by giving bigger discounts to skinny and healthy eating employees than the fatties, 30% instead of 20%. I agree with him on this one because an organic health store like Whole Foods looks better without fatties working there, they can better go work at McDonalds.

The former Pope, Johannes Paulus 2 used to hit himself with a belt regularly and also often slept on the ground. That way he tried to achieve christian perfection. Slawomir Oder writes this in a biography about him. Pretty weird.

Sport, Rio host of 2016 Olympics and Sharapova back on track

3 10 2009

Rio de Janeiro as a host for the Olympics 2016 was a great pick in my opinion. It was never before in South America, the people are crazy about sports and most of all it was the best of the candidates. Madrid only made it to the final 2 because of the plea from former IOC head Antonio Samaranch and Chicago was never a great candidate to begin with. The people from Chicago were not as much behind it as in Madrid or Rio and the U.S. had troubles hosting the Olympics in the past. Both Atlanta and Salt Lake City had their issues and were not a huge success. And Obama and Oprah Winfrey standing behind Chicago did not help either. Besides what does Oprah have to do with sport, she does not strike me as the athletic type. That she influenced who became President of the U.S. was bad enough as it is. The rest of the world luckily does not care much about what Oprah thinks.

Maria Sharapova won the big tournament in Tokyo beating Jelena Jankovic by retirement. A not so nice ending to a great week for her. Sharapova did not have to beat many top players herself to win her first tournament since her injury, but most of them were there anyway. Serena and Kim were the only top players not there in Japan. This week Sharapova showed back her old serve to great success. To help her shoulder she tried a new serving technique for a few months but with a lot of double faults and very little aces her serve became more of a liability then a weapon. Good decision to go back to the old serve. Slowly but steady 2010 seems to become a great and exciting season.

Gossip; Patrick Swayze, Whitney on Oprah, Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Liberace movie

15 09 2009

Some truly sad news to start. Actor Patrick Swayze died yesterday, age 57, after a 2-year battle with pancreatic cancer. He was only given 6 months initially by doctors but called himself a”miracle dude” after living much longer and even shooting a TV-series in the following months. He seemed to be a truly great person and has some amazing films behind his name. He played a drag queen in Too Wong Foo, Thanks for everything and who hasn’t seen the great movie Ghost ,with Whoopie Goldberg and Demi Moore. But he will be most remembered for his role in the musical Dirty Dancing. He sure made many girls and gays fall in love with him in that role, what a hunk.

Everybody was interested in the outcome of the interview between Oprah Winfrey and Whitney Houston but it wasn’t all that. Some interesting tidbits though were that Bobby spit on her during a fight and she hit him back three times under the watchful eye of their daughter. She was addicted to Bobby and could not do anything without him. He resented her more and more for her success and even cut her head of pictures and other childish things like that. Nothing we all didn’t more or less know after seeing “Being Bobby Brown”. Whitney seemed to make up answers as they spoke sometime. Will she stay sober for much longer??, my guess is no.

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon will play the lead characters in the biopic of Liberace. Now that is a movie I would like to see. And Matt Damon was apparently also behind the prank on George Clooney at the Film Festival in Venice where a man stripped and asked for a kiss.

Sport, gay and gossip news

3 08 2009

The tennis tournament in Stanford was not won by a Williams but by hefty french woman Marion Bartoli. After Serena Williams already lost in the quarterfinals to Samantha Stosur, Bartoli took care after Jelena Jankovic in the quarter-finals and Venus Williams in the final with 6-2 5-7 6-4. Bartoli played a terrific match and is surprisingly quick with her hands but Venus made 59 unforced errors and that is obviously way too much. Outside of Wimbledon the Williams sisters are just not the same.

During gay pride in Amsterdam five American-Dutch gay couples were married by mayor Cohen. All five couples had at least one living in New York and the marriages were partly done as a criticism against some U.S states like New York that don’t allow same-sex marriage. I knew about this for a few months and always thought it was a great idea. Could have been me and my boyfriend. We would have fit the criteria perfectly. Maybe next year, but hopefully things in New York have changed by then for gay couples.

On Perez Hilton you can read a sneak-peek of the first book by Kathy Griffin, named ‘Official Book Club Selection’. She rips Oprah Winfrey apart in her familiar ways in her foreword and if this is any sign of the rest of the book it will be hilarious and I can’t wait to read it! Nobody is funnier then Kathy in my opinion.

Marion Bartoli

Marion Bartoli

gossip; Eminem, Oprah, Seinfeld, Jackson’s

1 08 2009

Eminem is in a war of words with Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon. He has dropped a track calling Nick the F word and also mentions he has naked pics of Mariah and making her look like a slut. Nick Cannon replied on twitter with quotes about how sad Eminem is. I think Eminem is a loser and going way to far with a song like that. Probably needs some publicity after his latest single bombed.

Speaking about bombs, there was a suspicious package found at Oprah Winfrey’s studios in Chicago at around 6 am yesterday morning. Luckily it wasn’t a bomb so all the media fuss was for nothing.

Maybe some old news for some, but the Seinfeld cast will be reuniting for the first time in 11 years on the show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. They will star as themselves in the show within a show script. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer will be in 5 episodes as well as the finale which will focus on the cast reuniting. My boyfriend and his family are huge fans so they will be very happy.

Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have reached a custody agreement over Michael’s kids. Katherine gets custody and Debbie visitation rights. But allegedly she also got $4 million dollars. Michael had promised her a million every year, but that was not on paper and even though Michael’s brothers did not want any more money to go to Debbie Rowe, Katherine Jackson agree to the $4 million.