Gossip; Who likes Rachael Ray?? Prejean has to pay back fake titties, Sex and the City spoiler(sort of)

20 10 2009

I love U.S. TV, but how is it possible that Rachael Ray’s talkshow is already being picked up for a 6th season and won two day-time Emmy’s already. I really hate this woman and don’t understand her appeal at all. She is fat, not funny, annoying, dumb and uses the worst word jokes ever. Who watches that crap?? Even on the Food Network she is hardly watchable but at least she can cook a little. But a full hour of hearing her yap about nothing. Yuck!!

Carry Prejean has to pay back her fake titties to the Miss California pageant organisation. They are suing her for 5200 dollars. Carrie wanted them back in April to be more competitive at the Miss U.S.A. pageant and was supposed to pay them back, but never did. Well, she has a book coming out that some wingnuts will buy, so that way she can pay back her fake tits, like God intended. Fake tits and lying, just the way God intended.

It’s been a while since we saw and heard anything from the “Sex and the City” set, but I have a little update/spoiler. This time though, don’t hold your breath because it’s not huge! ¬†Miley Cyrus and Samantha Jones have a fashion face-off when they end up at a party for Smith Jerrod, both wear the same outfit and clash. Bet it looks better on Samantha even though she is 35?? years older ,or something. Hopefully the next spoiler will be a bit juicier, people.