Gossip, Janice Dickinson on Celeb Rehab, Paris Hilton arrested for pot, Lady Gaga/Westboro Baptist Church

18 07 2010

Janice Dickinson, the world’s first supermodel and reality star will be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab to be treated for an alcohol addiction. Good she is looking for some help, but it might also only be for publicity. She certainly is the show’s biggest star and will get a nice paycheck.

For the second time in a few weeks, Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of marijuana. First at the World Cup in South Africa and now in Corsica at an airport. Both times she was released very quickly. I was so jealous after seeing the massive bed she has in the jet she travels with that I would not mind seeing her behind bars for a few days.

Some protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church of Fred Phelps showed up at a Lady Gaga concert in St. Louis. They had previously recorded a clip on YouTube in which they call Gaga a whore and more and now they try to ruin the fun for people at the concert, because Lady is pro-gay. She asked her fans to ignore the morons and most of them did. Some brought banners saying God loves Gaga/Gays and God for Everyone.

Gay news, Osbournes Pride Marshals in LA, homophobia in Asylum system, Prides in Rumania and Slowakia, lesbians raped in South Africa

24 05 2010

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne will be the Grand Marshals for the Los Angeles Gay Parade. They have spoken out a lot of gay issues and have always been very supportive of the gay community, so great choices. Better than Paris Hilton and her mom e few years back. Saturday Sharon hosted an Equality California event at their mansion to celebrate Harvey Milk Day.

U.K. gay rights group Stonewall just finished an extensive study that shows that almost all gay and lesbian asylum-seekers are returned to their home-country. Many are send back with the words they should just live discreet. Even though in some countries in the middle east and africa gays are really being killed for their sexuality. I totally an in favor of thorough vetting of asylum-seekers also in the Netherlands. But we do accept too many that do not need to be here and can go home and do not accept others that are in danger of their lives and would totally integrate in our society.

While Gay Pride in Rumania this weekend was a success with hundreds of participants and no violence, Rainbow pride in Bratislava was a disaster. Thousand people had accumulated on the centre to celebrate when 80 extremist skinheads started to throw stones and smoke bombs. Police only caught 8!! After the incident police asked for the Pride to be cancelled.

South Africa is all in the centre of the news because of the upcoming World Championships soccer in a few weeks. Groups have asked for people to be aware that a lot of women are being raped there because of their sexuality, being gay is still a big taboo there. One in every two women gets raped and the rate is highest in the slumps of Johannesburg and Capetown. There men still think they can “cure” women and make them straight by fucking them. Repulsive.

Gossip; Andre Agassi’s hairpiece, Dita von Teese’s fake tits, Joe Jackson, celebrities on Halloween

1 11 2009

Not only was Andre Agassi a meth user but he also wore a hairpiece back in the early 90’s. I think many girls and guys that were drooling over him in the 90’s feel a little nauseous about that right now.

Burlesque Dancer and ex of Marilyn Manson, Dita von Teese, also liked the drugs back in the early 90’s when she was sort of a club kid experimenting with LSD and XTC. It got so out of hand that she lost a ton of weight and got breast implants after a few years because her body was ravaged by the drug years. I think she took a little more than only those 2 things, because as far as I know they don’t make you lose that much weight. I always thought her tits were real.

Joe Jackson proved what Michael really meant to him by saying Michael is making a bigger impact now that he is dead and is worth a lot more dead then alive. What a loving and grieving dad.

Of course many celebrities dressed up for Halloween as well and here are some of the better ones. Both Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug went as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, fashion designer Michael Kors as a Hillbilly cowboy, Matt Lauer as Luke Skywalker, Perez Hilton as Lady Gaga, Heidi Klum as a raven(very cool), Kelly Clarkson as Stevie from Family guy(cool as well) and Elisabeth Hasselbeck as Countess Chocula.

Gossip; Ellen new AI judge, Rosie/Star’s reality show, baby news

10 09 2009

The big news yesterday certainly was that Ellen DeGeneres will be replacing Paula Abdul and becomes the fourth permanent judge on American Idol. During audition rounds they will have a few rotating judges like Victoria Beckham, Shania Twain and Neil Patrick Harris. I think Ellen is a great choice, she is funny, caring and knows show business.

Rosie O’Donnel and Star Jones, former ‘The View’ enemies that now bond over their hatred of Barbara Walters might get their own reality show together. It will be a combination of Oprah and Gayle’s cross-country trip with bits of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie’s Simple Life thrown in. I would so tune in for that!!!¬†

Speaking of Nicole Ritchie, she became a mother for the second time yesterday this time from a baby boy named Sparrow James Midnight Madden, what kind of name is that??? And Katherine Heigl, comedy movie actress and star of Grey’s Anatomy is adopting a baby girl from Korea called Leigh. She seems like a total bitch so I feel sad for the baby!!

Gossip; Britney, Lindsay, Amy, Chris Brown

26 08 2009

Amy Winehouse is suing her former mother-in-law Georgette for copyright infringement and wants 50.000 pounds. While former hubby Blake was in prison she used to write him love letter and mom got a hold of them and tried to sell them to the highest bidder. I dunno, it was a bad thing from mom to do but suing is a bit much.

Britney and her former lover/paparazzi Adnan Ghalib might still have a future together. Apparently if there would not have been a conservatorship they would still be a couple. Brit is still in love with the sleaze bag. She has a new boyfriend now but he is more pushed on my her daddy because he is such a good guy. And we all now Brit loves the bad ones!! I feel the crazies coming back to Britney really soon!!

All the secrets of Lindsay Lohan might be on the street soon. During the robbery of her house some very incriminating pictures and videos of her have been stolen along with legal documents that could cause great embarrassment. Poor girl.

Chris Brown got off really lucky in the sentencing of his beat-down of Rihanna. He only got 5 years of probation, 1400 hours of community service and a year of domestic abuse classes. Community service will be cleaning graffiti and washing cars in his home-state of Virginia. He should have gotten a lot more, Paris Hilton had to go to jail for driving without a valid license and he only gets probation. It’s not like this is his first time being violent.


6 08 2009

Tomorrow the movie with Meryl Streep playing icon of the kitchen Julia Child will come out in cinemas. I am a big Food Network fan and I have seen specials about Julia and she was the real deal! Can’t wait to see that movie.

For the second time nude pictures from Zac Efron’s girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens have leaked on the internet. For a Disney star the girl surely likes her nude pics a bit too much.

Super hot welsh movie star Gerard Butler confessed in a 2004 interview he is bisexual. He has not only had sex but even serious relationships with both women as well as men.

Fuck the recession, Paris Hilton had a $ 325.000 house built her Tinkerbell and her other dogs. It’s 300 square feet and a miniature version of her own house. It has two floors, central heating, clay-tile roof and crystal chandeliers. WTF


14 06 2009

This week Paris Hilton broke up with her boyfriend of a couple months(wow, couple months!!) and partied the night away with soccer player Ronaldo. Carrie Prejean is acting all sad and surprised after being dethroned as Miss California, even though for everyone to read were her emails to her former bosses that showed her as a diva-bitch that had it all coming. Adam Lambert came out of the closet(huge surprise) and Milk and Big Love screenwriter Dustin Lance Black had very personal pictures from himself posted on the Internet(by a jealous former lover), nude and having sex. Not a biggie to me, but maybe to others!?