Ex-gay penguin contracts life-threatening disease

5 01 2010

Harry, the San Francisco penguin who first became famous for having a monogamous relationship with another male called Pepper and after two years moved on to female Linda, is severely sick. Since two weeks he has been coughing and has a small appetite. He contracted aspergillosis, a potentially fatal respiratory infection. Linda is by his side while Pepper is at a totally different area of the zoo after Linda and Harry attacked Pepper a while back. Maybe he needs his Pepper though to pepper him back to good health.

Gay penguins break up after 6 years

14 07 2009

Harry and Pepper from the San Francisco zoo are not together anymore. They were a couple since 2003 and even were allowed to incubate  an egg from another penguin. Skanky penguin Linda stole Harry from Pepper!! The new couple announced to poor Pepper they were a couple and Harry even attacked poor Pepper. First you lose your man and then you will get beaten up as well. According to the zoo there is chance Harry and Pepper get together again. I think Pepper deserves better. Gay animals are nothing new but definitely an interesting phenomenon.