Gossip, Ke$ha, Johnny Weir, Perez Hilton, Jackass a jackass??

17 06 2010

Ke$ha says that after taken her dogs out to poop she sometimes keep the full plastic bags to wrap them up for people as presents. Maybe she visited my sister-in-law who found a turd in the dressing room at the store she works.

Johnny Weir might follow in the footsteps of his arch-nemesis Evan Lysacek and will be on the next series of Dancing with the Stars. He already has a partner. Karina Smirnoff is a big fan and wants to dance with him. You will be sure he will bring the sparkle in his outfits.

Perez Hilton is in some trouble. He posted a pic on his twitter from Miley Cyus getting out of her car implying she did not have underwear on. After Miley was pissed and people said this could be considered child pornography, Perez quickly removed the pic. He now says she was wearing underwear to downplay the controversy and all the new Miley posts on his website have been super sweet. Not a smart move by him but this is hardly pornography.

Jackass star Bam Margera was beaten with a baseball bat by a crazy woman outside of his bar in West Chester, PA. The woman, his neighbor was arrested and Bam had to go to the hospital. Apparently she constantly calls the police, threatened Bam and his wife before. She calls him a jackass and uses the oldest trick in the book. The race-card. Hope the woman serves some time in jail

Gay news, Carrie Bradshaw not sexy, $20 mill for perez, Travolta baby, Bristil Palin for hire

20 05 2010

After last year being named the least sexy woman in the world, this year Pincer Wodka did a poll under man who from Sex and The City they would like to sleep with. Number one was Charlotte, number 2 Samantha, 3 Miranda and 4 Carrie. She sure is not sexy imo either, but it is not that bad… Probably too scrawny and whiney.

Perez Hilton apparently got an offer from Avid Live Media and 2 other gossip bloggers to take over his website for $20 million. $18 million up front and $2 million in escrow over a year. Perez’s role himself in the new project is unknown. Last year the site was already worth $34 million but I would still take the money.

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston, 47, are expecting their third child. She is a little old imo but after the tragedy last year when they lost their 16-year old son Jett  and last week when they lost 2 of their dogs in a freak accident, it is great they have a little happiness coming soon.

It should not get any weirder than this. Bristol Palin signed up to get work as a guest speaker. She wants to talk about abstinence, youth, and pro-life and wants $15-25 thousand for 1 appearance. So getting banged and unwanted pregnancies makes people qualified to be a speaker on important issues.

Gossip news, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy split, Brett Favre GDILF, Edie sues Desperate Housewives creator, Murray/Michael Jackson

7 04 2010

Actors Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy broke up after being a couple for almost 5 years. Too bad they seemed like a great match. Maybe Jim loved kissing Ewan McGregor so much he will be switching teams, haha.

Brett Favre, the constantly retiring and come-backing quarterback became a grandpa yesterday. His 21-year-old daughter Brittany got a son named Parker Brett. I agree with Perez Hilton, he certainly is a GrandDILF.

Nicolette Sheridan, from Desperate Housewives is suing the series creator, openly gay Marc Cherry for 20 million. He apparently slapped her in the face and unfairly fired her from the hit show. She is suing for assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination. I am team Nicolette.

This week the court case against Conrad Murray started, the doctor who some believe killed Michael Jackson. Murray won the first battle and can keep his doctor’s license in California. His defense says Michael gave himself the extra lethal shot of Propofol. I dunno if that is true but I do believe Michael Jackson himself is to blame for his own death.

Gay News, GLAAD stupid again, homosexual a slur, man sues for “I’m Gay” license plate

13 02 2010

While there are many gay organizations doing good things GLAAD proves to be stupid again. While in Africa this week gays have been beaten up, they have a super anti-gay law coming up there and in the U.S there are every week also anti-gay crimes, GLAAD focused on this: John Mayer, a gay ally that has stood up for gay rights many times, told playboy he gave Perez Hilton the dirtiest, tong-iest kiss ever, almost as if he hated fags. Now GLAAD want him to apologize for what he said. Just stupid, pick your battles!!!!!

A CBS/New York Times poll on DADT revealed that many Americans respond more negatively to the word homosexual then to “gay men and lesbians”. When they were asked if homosexuals or gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military 44% favor homosexuals and 58% favor gays!!!  I am not surprised by this because (Republican) bigots always use the word homosexual and not gay because they know it sounds sexual and that is a turn-off for a lot of people. So I think from now on politicians should all use the word gay!! Will not happen though.

A guy from Oklahoma is suing his state because he cannot use the license plate that reads: “I’m Gay”. Oklahoma Tax commission turned him down because the plate might be offensive to the public. Using straight sexy though is allowed, so kinda double standards. I do not think it is necessary to have your license plate read I’m Gay, but it is not offensive and definitely not more than STR8SXI.

Gossip; Jordan already divorcing after 4 days? Housewife Tamra already a new man, Kirstie’s new show, Perez calls Levi doughy

9 02 2010

Apparently already 4 days after marrying, her cage fighter/drag queen Alex Reid aka Roxanne is already thinking about divorcing Jordan. I love Jordan but this marriage seems like a huge mistake. They have only been together for short while and have broken up before as well. Maybe they wanna be the next Dennis Rodman/Carmen Electra or Britney and wanna be married less than a week.

Real Housewives’ Tamra Barney already seems to be having a new man. Her ex husband Simon’s  best friend Eddy. Simon saw them together in Vegas holding hands and dropped to his knees from the shock. Those trashy bitches are just so entertaining. I have caught up on episodes from when he was in the Netherlands the last few days and all of them are so lovely fucked up. Horrible mother and pilled up Lynne, slutty/bitchy Tamra, fun/slutty Gretchen, horrible Alexis and crazy Vicky. What a bunch!

Kirstie Alley will have her own reality show on A&E and it will be about her losing weight and her “interesting” life in general. I will probably watch an episode or 2. She can never do wrong for me after reading in her autobiography that she once needed to take a dump while driving,  took a diaper from her kids and did it in there!!!

Pot. Kettle. Black. Perez Hilton’s reaction to the cover of Playgirl magazine with Levi Johnston, saying that Levi was a little doughy for his taste. That coming from such a blubbery pudding is just ridiculous.

Gossip; Anna Nicole Smith, Mackenzie Phillips, Amy Winehouse

23 09 2009

Anna Nicole Smith’s former psychiatrist and Khristine Eroshevich and internist Sandeep Kapoor are in deep trouble. Both were having extremely unprofessional relationships with Anna Nicole. Khristine was seen naked in a tub with Anna and Kapoor shirtless and kissing with her. Both had also asked so many drugs for her that three pharmacists refused to fill their prescriptions for Anna because they thought it might kill her. It’s a pity Anna did not get the professional help she needed, those two people failed on all accounts. The difference between Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson is that I think Anna would have been able to lead a fairly normal life with the right people around her at a later age and Michael was probably already too screwed up from his youth.

Wow, MacKenzie Phillips from “One day at a time” and daughter of the founder of The Mamas and the Papas, John Phillips, told some shocking details of her youth to Oprah. She and her father had an incestuous relationship and he was also the first one to inject heroin into her arm. No wonder she is still so screwed up and a druggie, girl never had chance in hell to a normal life.

Amy Winehouse has been terrorizing school kids in Camden!! She stormed into a school in South London yesterday and confronted the bully of god-daughter. She cursed the girl out and later spat in her face. She then started screaming at some of the other kids at the school before cooling down and signing some autographs. Perez Hilton called her a bad role model and she is but I can kind of understand her. If one of my nephews would have been teased at school I might have done the same, except for the spitting/signing autographs!! that is.

Showbizz; reality star dead, Miss Universe, Lindsay Lohan and more

24 08 2009

Lindsay Lohan was back in the news twice the last few days. Yesterday her house got broken in for the second time  and a couple days before she had an incident at a New York deli. She left her blackberry on the counter and when the deli guy ran out and found her he wanted to know if it was hers and asked for her number. Lohan is not that stupid and tried to grab it out of the guy’s hands. She was too slow, started sobbing and then called 911. Police verified it was hers and gave it back. The deli guy said he did not know who she was!! With all the magazines they are selling there??? 

Reality “star”Ryan Jenkins, from “Megan wants a Millionaire”and the cancelled before it was shown, “I love Money” was found dead in a hotel in Canada. The main suspect in the killing of his wife, model Jasmine Fiore committed suicide. Cops could only recognize his wife last week on her breast implants because the murderer had removed her teeth and fingers. Everyone was already convinced he killed her(he had abused a woman before) and now it’s about 100%. What an animal, probably best off dead.

British tabloid star Jordan is in the news almost every day lately. First the constant back and forth bickering between her and ex Peter Andre on who is to blame for their break-up. Then she upped her security because the mafia had plans to kidnap her. And now her new boyfriend cage-fighter Alex Reid is apparently shooting some hard-core porn. Several media outlets including Perez Hilton think that this makes him a bad person to be around Jordan’s kids, but I have seen clips and pics of him interacting with the kids and they seem to love him. That is more important then him doing porn.

Two big pageants were held this weekend and they could not have been more different. First the Mister Gay Europe pageant with Spain being the winner. The winner was pretty hot but most guys were really mediocre looking, especially the one from the Netherlands. 75% of the people in my gym in New York David Barton are better looking then this lot. No then the Miss Universe pageant with too many hot ladies to count. Miss Netherlands is really good-looking and seemed to be a big title candidate in the polls, but the real winner was for the second year in a row Miss Venezuela. Ps. why was Heidi Montag performing?? she can’t sing or dance and is good-looking but nothing compared to most ladies in the pageant. Is she even famous outside of the U.S.???