Sleeping burglar gets caught

10 11 2009

A burglar in Australia got caught in the act this sunday by the police. He did not notice it himself though because he was asleep!. The 35-year old man used iron thread to open a shopping centre in Perth. The next morning the police found him asleep with the iron still in his hands. Earlier he had robbed a pharmacy and probably took too many sleeping pills!!


Penis size matters to man due to locker room syndrome

1 10 2009

According to a study from the Victoria University in Perth men are way more likely to worry about penis size surrounded by other males, then alone or with females.  In the latter they are mostly satisfied. The study followed 500 men between ages 18 and 76, in 42 different countries. Flaccid the average length is 3.4 and hard it’s 6.3. Men who measure above average had higher body satisfaction and overall health. They were also less likely to use Viagra or online dating. Not surprising but interesting nonetheless.