Gay news, gay acceptance Netherlands, scouts can discriminate, bullying law passes Senate, bigots at Twin Cities Pride

24 06 2010

The accepting of gay people in the Netherlands still leaves a lot to be desired. According to a SCP poll gays are not excepted well by religious people, lowed educated one and Turkish and Moroccans(surprise, surprise) More than half on gay teens has thought about suicide. I can relate, so did I. Still think overall it is pretty good with the acceptance here, but we are not there yet.

A federal court ruled in Philadelphia , that the Boy Scouts can still discriminate against gays even though that goes against the city’s anti-discrimination law. They cannot be kicked out of a city-owned building and do not even have to pay rent, all because of their First Amendment rights. I do not know the specific details about this case/the U.S law enough to know if the city could even get them out with the First Amendment rules in mind but it is ridiculous that gays are still not allowed at the Boy scouts.

After being 9 years in the making New York finally passed an anti-bullying law though the Senate that now only needs to go to Governor Paterson’s desk for a signature. It passed 58-3, except for 3 Republicans. It is only for public school and applies to events on school grounds and school events and will prohibit harassment and discrimination based on gender, sexuality, color, religion and more. Took forever but great is passed.

Am anti-gay Evangelist couple Johnson is allowed to distribute bibles and anti-gay leaflets at Twin Cities Pride. The organizers paid the city 36.000 for the day and want to decide themselves who can have a booth at the parade and want to ban the Johnson’s trough a court-ruling. The religious law firm ADF filed a complaint and say they should be able to be there and speak their hate. The Johnson’s were banned last year but showed up anyway and got arrested. Here is a clip from last year before the arrest. I dunno about this one, there is Freedom of Speech, but these people are just doing it to hate and cause trouble.

Bus driver suspended for praying

9 11 2009

A bus driver in Atlanta has been suspended for 5 days after he forced his passengers to pray with him. The man stopped the bus at random and asked his passengers to hold each others hand and pray. It took 5 minutes and nobody knows why he did this. I have been in the bus once in the U.S from New York to Philadelphia and me and girlfriends were reprimanded by the driver to talk softer, he even stopped the bus to tell us that, multiple times. Never ever heard that back here in a bus or car or whatever. So bus drivers are from now on freaks for me!!

gay news

23 07 2009

The oldest independent gay bookstore in the U.S., Giovanni’s room in Philadelphia needs help to guarantee its survival. A wall has to be rebuilt from the ground up costing $ 50.000. The store will stay open during the construction because it can’t survive without customer revenue around that time. Hope it does not end up like Oscar Wilde bookstore in New York, one of my favorite stops in the village until it closed earlier this year.

There have been many gay people on Big Brother’s all over the world and some of them even won. But this year in Britain they have the first gay couple in the 10 years the show is on. I have not seen clips but I think it’s good for straight people to see a gay couple falling in love on live TV. Just to show we are just like them!

This weekend the World Outgames begin in Copenhagen, nearly 200.000 participant are expected. It brings back sweet memories to the Gay Games in Amsterdam back in 1998. I was still in my teens, clubbing and  partying. I really had a great time there with some many gay people visiting from all over the world.