Woman tries to flush baby

9 07 2010

A woman in New Delhi, India delivered a baby on the toilet and tried to flush it. The baby was found in the toilet  after the plane was landed and was bought to a hospital with the whole toilet included. The baby is still in critical condition. The 22-year-old mother(a doctor!!) first denied she did it but later admitted. Seriously disturbed.

Maggots force U.S Airway flight back to gate

2 07 2010

A flight left Atlanta,  but the pilot had to turn around quickly back to the gate because maggots were falling out of the overhead bin. Gross!!! People were asked to stay calm and in their seat, while flesh-eating little worms are falling all over them. One of the passengers had a bag with rotten food with him which caused the nastiness.Who takes rotten meat with them on a plane???

Gay news, I am mad!! ,gay KLM stewards not to Iran. Mary Cheney WTF

1 06 2010

I read an article that was published in the Reformatorisch(pretty extreme  protestant Dagblad(daily newspaper) in the Netherlands today. It said that the president of Malawi should not have bended so quickly to the western world while he pardoned the gays from 14 years in jail and hard labor. They thought it was good a country with such christian values still existed. WTF!!!. Reading that in the Netherlands was totally shocking to me and I decided to give them a call. They told me they would come up with another article today because maybe the sentence was too harsh but they were not in favor of homosexual acts. That is all fine, but agreeing with them going to jail is just ridiculous I told them. He told me to wait for the new article, I am very curious. Everyone, including politicians have reacted with outrage.

Gay stewards from the KLM have told the company they do not wanna fly to Iran anymore because they are afraid to be discriminated there or even worse. As everyone knows there are strict rules against gays in that country so I can totally understand the reasoning. KLM does not agree with them though and only has a list of women that do not have to fly to Iran because they do not wanna wear a head-scarf or have been in uncomfortable situation there. Worker’s unions think this is unacceptable. I do not understand why KLM flies 5 times a week to Iran period when so many people have issues.

Mary Cheney is the daughter of former Vice-President Dick Cheney and she is lesbian with a daughter. Mary is endorsing and working on the election of Bill McCollum as Florida Governor. Yes, the Bill McCollum that hired and supported George Rekers, he who thinks gays can be cured and he who is totally against gay parents. She is super conservative but this comes as a total surprise. What a self-hating cunt.

Pulling a plane with you eyelids

22 05 2010

No, not smile with yo eyes, like Tyra Banks tells her models every season, but pulling a plane with it. Chinese Dong Changsheng, a Chinese martial arts specialist, pulled a 1234 pound plane at a festival in China. he has done a car before as well. Ouch!!! Do not try this at home, haha.

Women try transporting dead body in airplane

7 04 2010

2 German women wanted to make a flight from Liverpool to Berlin with a dead man in a wheelchair. They put sunglasses on the man and said he was sleeping while checking in. Later on in the plane stewardesses thought it was suspicious and found out he was dead, already for more than a day. The women probably did not wanna pay the extra dead-people traveling money. Freaky!!