Gay news, Malawi couple free, another reason to out closeted politicians, gays afraid to kiss in public, hate on U.S radio show

30 05 2010

Some great news from Africa yesterday. The president of Malawi Bingu Wa Mutharaki pardoned to gay couple previously sentenced to 14 years in jail after talks with UN leader Ban Ki-moon. He still thought they did something that was a crime against the country’s culture religion and law but out of humanity pardoned them even though he does not agree with what they did. Seems like the foreign pressure did help.

California Senator Roy Ashburn, who recently was outed as gay admitted in an interview that during his career he voted against gay issues out of fear his secret would be revealed. He said with it he denied gays basic rights and was ashamed of it. Another reason closeted politicians need to be outed.

A survey in the U.K showed that 61% of gay men are afraid to show affection in public. They are hesitant to kiss/hold hands ,only 6% of straight couples feel the same. Pretty bad, wonder what that is in the U.S. I never hold hands with my boyfriend in public but do kiss upon seeing him. Not slobbery, just a hello kiss and that should be fine.

A Minnesota christian ministry, tied to tea-bagger favorite, the horrible Michelle Bachman, praised the Muslims for their call to execute gays in the U.S on a radio show. The host Bradlee Dean goes on about gays being predators, destroying lives and God raising an enemy for the U.S to kill the gays. Such loving people.

Gay facts and numbers

17 05 2010

4 out of 10 gay men does not like anal intercourse, there goes the term butt-pirate.

Gay men into kinky sex are mostly found in the District of Columbia, (all those politicians) they are number 1 in almost all. Minnesota is are number 2 into role-play and watersports, 7.4% are popular in New Hampshire. In Oregon 13% of  gays like exhibitionism.

One in 5 king-pinguin is gay, 18% of gorilla-monkeys have gay tendencies and 8% of male sheep prefer the company of other males.

Gay News, GLAAD stupid again, homosexual a slur, man sues for “I’m Gay” license plate

13 02 2010

While there are many gay organizations doing good things GLAAD proves to be stupid again. While in Africa this week gays have been beaten up, they have a super anti-gay law coming up there and in the U.S there are every week also anti-gay crimes, GLAAD focused on this: John Mayer, a gay ally that has stood up for gay rights many times, told playboy he gave Perez Hilton the dirtiest, tong-iest kiss ever, almost as if he hated fags. Now GLAAD want him to apologize for what he said. Just stupid, pick your battles!!!!!

A CBS/New York Times poll on DADT revealed that many Americans respond more negatively to the word homosexual then to “gay men and lesbians”. When they were asked if homosexuals or gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military 44% favor homosexuals and 58% favor gays!!!  I am not surprised by this because (Republican) bigots always use the word homosexual and not gay because they know it sounds sexual and that is a turn-off for a lot of people. So I think from now on politicians should all use the word gay!! Will not happen though.

A guy from Oklahoma is suing his state because he cannot use the license plate that reads: “I’m Gay”. Oklahoma Tax commission turned him down because the plate might be offensive to the public. Using straight sexy though is allowed, so kinda double standards. I do not think it is necessary to have your license plate read I’m Gay, but it is not offensive and definitely not more than STR8SXI.

It should not get any crazier then this, Race Riots in the Netherlands

7 01 2010

Yes, you read it correct. Not in Africa or Asia but in the fucking Netherlands. In the town of Culemborg in the centre of our country groups of Moroccans(Islam) and Moluccas(a christian island group of Indonesia) are fighting each other.It is so bad that people are not allowed congregate in groups bigger then 4 on the streets over there. For years there have been troubles between these groups but since last september when a Moroccan and Moluccas guy got into a fight in a restaurant things have gotten out of control. A 15-year old Moluccas girl identified a Moroccan guy that put a car on fire to the police a few weeks ago and as a retaliation a group of 5 Moroccans in a car drove into a group of Moluccas with the 15-year old girl in their midst. Now people out of both groups from all over the country have promised to come to Culemborg to fight. A small group of Moluccas were a problem in the Netherlands in the 70’s but since then they have integrated very well into the dutch society unlike a lot of Moroccans. But the Moluccas are not taken any crap from anyone unlike lots of dutch people who keep on sugar-coating Moroccan behavior and that is why there are altercations now. Hope the dutch politicians finally learn something from this and take actions before it is too late.

Hypocritical politicians

24 06 2009

While this is almost redundant, 2 cases the last couple days really stand out to me.

Family values campaigner Brian Blair, former pro wrestler and now Florida politician is someone who is against “homo’s opposing their lifestyle up on our children”. Meanwhile this father’s day, he beat and choked his 17 and 14 year old sons who then called the cops and they arrested Blair. Yep, beating your kids is better then letting them see a gay couple get married.

And then Nevada GOP Senator Ensign, who has been a vocal opponent of gay marriage and famously attacked Clinton for his extramarital affairs, acknowledged he has had an extramarital affair with a former campaign staffer. Well apparently his marriage is so much better then any gay marriage could be and cheating on your wife is only bad when you don’t do it yourself.